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Any Insight To These Experiences?


I am not sure what this is but here are a fee of the experiences I have had.

1. When I was 15 I had this dream that I was slow dancing with my boyfriend. I looked down to see his gray sweater covered in blood and I knew that it was from me and I felt this immense embarrassment. A week or so later I was at his house. He gave his gray sweater to wear while we snuggled watching a movie. When it was over I got up and blood was all over his sweater and I felt the same immense embarrassment like in my dream.

I have had many incidences like this. Or I know things as if I was told them only to find out they haven't happened yet. Or others don't know yet.

2. My mother called me and was talking about my brother in-laws uncle and I said 'well I thought you told me he died last week?" and she said no no he is alive. The week later she called to tell me he had just died suddenly.

3. Once I congratulated a girl I worked with on being pregnant. In my mind I truly thought she was I thought my husband had told me although as soon as it was out of my mouth I thought 'uhh oh it just happened again'. The girl thought I was a nut bar I am sure. However a week or so later my husband reported that she just found out she WAS pregnant.

4. My parents were away in Hawaii. My husband came into my room and what I though he said to me was this "your sister called and she talked to your parents call her right away your dad is really sick".

What he actually said was, "your sister called and wants you to call her."

So I called my sister and said, "OMG what is wrong with Dad?"

She said he is fine how did you know I even talked to mum?" I started to tell her what my husband said and then I got that "oh here we go again..."

My sister, knowing this happens to me, got worried so she called my mother back in Hawaii. Yes my dad was very ill and in the hospital there but she didn't say anything to my sister because she didn't want to worry her.

I sense things about people or what is going to happen. I also knew I was pregnant the moment I conceived because I has some sort of knowing. I don't really know how to explain it. I also feel other people, their energy and how they are feeling. In my marriage I actually think this causes issues. My husband is an angry, negative energy... Even though other people will think he is charming and positive. He acts that way... But I feel him. It affects me.

There are a few other things, like I have always heard someone calling my name. Even when I was very little. Not sure what that means if anything.

So...does anyone have any insight as to why these thing have happened?

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Jessica-Rose (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-23)
Wow! I am way younger then you but can relate immensily. I willd o something before someone even asks me too. Or I will know something before anyone says it to me. It's not always easy for me and it's quite scary sometimes. Do you know about the goverments plan for 2012 or what's going to happen because I sure do. Anyway I'm happy I found your story. It let's me know I'm not loosing my head. ❤ 😲

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