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Not sure where to begin. First off, I never thought I would be writing anything on one of these forums. And second off, my family (especially my dad and his side of the family) have always had experiences with spirits and ghosts and more. It's been like that for generations, my father was born with a "veil".

My father recently passed away in September and since then I have been experiencing weird and unusual things. I had a few experiences where while laying in bed my body became paralyzed and I could not breathe, but I was fully aware of what was going on, I was not asleep, and then it happened again, this time I was lifted out of my body and thrown to the floor, but being stopped just inches away from the floor, flipped over onto my belly and dragged by a black shadow figure.

I spoke with my mother and she gave me a Saint Benedict medal, since then, I have not had anymore episodes.

The other night, while lying in bed, my eyes were open, I started to see some form of smoke and clouding, got freaked out and just laid in bed with my eyes closed. When I opened them again the smoke was all around me and in the middle this orb of light. The smoke continued to revolve around me and constantly move.

I ended up calling my mom. And she told me it could be my dad. I went back in bed and it continued, I said to the mist, if your here in the name of Jesus, ok, but if you're not then get the hell out. It slowly left but it was back about 5 minutes later. Same orb light in the middle (looked like a bunch of golden wires all jumbled together, was not a perfect circle) The smoke was white and gray (not sure if that makes a difference).

I am not extremely surprised because of my family history, but I am just wondering if I am going crazy or if maybe I am starting now to experience these things? I am confused.

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telekineticdude891 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-15)
In your situation with the shadow figure it is good that you were stopped before the floor you could have fallen through and not come back up. However I have no advice for you as I have not experienced this, "sensation".
1truth (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-14)
It is seriously good that you are relying on God. Keep doing so. God's name is stronger than the names of his prophets, however, so I would recommend just sticking with God.
Life_Feeder88 (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-11)
Whew. Thanks Anne. You've probably helped them a lot, and now I know that it wasn't my demon slipping off at night looking for a soul. Thanks! 😊
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-11)
Paralysis and inability to breath may be a surprise to you and have you confused and startled but this is actually commonly reported (most people don't talk about this as they suspect they are going insane, just like you are, but it's not too uncommon). You're new to sites like this but that's one of the more average thing happening to a person (just two posts ago called "Am I just starting to see spirits at age 27?" is a case in point, but we get posts like that weekly if not more). It's called the catatonic state and every so often we become conscious while in this state. It's when our physical body is slightly out of alignment from our astral and etheric. It's very frightening because not only can you not move your physical shell but you are also now vibrating up several notches and can see, hear and feel low level spirits (higher than the earth's frequencies but the very lowest in the astral). You're actually in it every night when you sleep but for various reasons throughout our life, we can enter this while still "awake". The shadow figure is reported commonly enough that I wrote an article about it here:

The medal your mother gave you may have helped some with the catatonic state (more mindset than anything so don't be too disheartened if you get into the catatonic state again as that's actually as common as going to sleep - it doesn't mean you've been forsaken by St. Benedict) but you're still seeing smoke and orbs. Who and what this is is really only conjecture at this point. Could be your father or any number of energies floating around in the lower astral.

I understand your confusion but if you piecemeal this all out, it will logically break down as follows: You and everyone else is more than their physical body (your family seems to acknowledge this by admitting the spirit or orb could be your father who has passed on). I think all religions talk about various planes (dimensions, realms, heavens, whatever you want to call them) so to experience the lower plane which is right next to earth dimension shouldn't be surprising either. And if the "lower" planes are reserved for low level beings and energy, it's not surprising here either that you were drug off the bed. That surely doesn't sound like your father unless he was trying to send you a serious wakeup call! But only you know your father on this level.

A recent poster on this site said how frustrating it was not to be listened to. Can you imagine how spirits feel? They try and talk to us all the time but we simply (most of us anyway) cannot hear or see them. This is why when we finally get conscious in the etheric or astral, guess who is screaming in our ear and trying to get our attention now that we can finally hear them? This is why 99% of astral projections get sabotaged the first 30 seconds of separation.

As far as if you're crazy or are these things indeed happening (and also insert "why now?"), since so many other people report nearly identical experiences, it's my opinion that you are perfectly sane and are just experiencing what western society has shut down and closed off. You're okay! As far as why now, being that I've had a spiritual/paranormal/metaphysical presence on the web for many years, I must say I'm seeing an uptick of typically more closed off people (usually due to religion, age, worry over judgment, etc.) reporting "new" experiences which rather suggest to me that there is something vibrationally shifting here on the earth plane. If this is at all true, then it means the veil between this dimension and the next is narrowing and these happenings are now just the beginning of something bigger to come. Something for all of us to think about.

Thanks for sharing.

Life_Feeder88 (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-11)
I want to clarify something about what I said. When my hunger gets so big, or a certain time comes, I feel like I'm moving at night while I sleep. I have had experiences with my demonic guardian controlling me. I want you to tell me If this shadow figure had: large claws, yellow eyes, grey eyes, long black or brown hair, a spike on the head, fangs, and/or a dark/creepy aura. Please describe it!
Life_Feeder88 (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-11)
Hello. I have one thing to say about the shadow figure dragging you from your body. Uh oh. I have always had a demon guardian that has began lusting for souls. At a young age, I found it was fused to me. Since then, I have always lusted for blood and souls. Don't poke fun. I can't help it. Can you describe what the shadow figure looked like?

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