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It all started when I was about 8 or 9 years old, when I witnessed my great grandma pass away. My mom told me that after her burial I stayed at her gravesite and it looked like I was talking to someone, but she said that no one was around for me to talk to. A couple weeks after her death, I started sensing her in my room and around me and such, that would occur for a few months then it just completely stop. Around late February I was laying in bed on my left side and I felt as if someone was rubbing my back and I turned over and there was a large indent on my bed like someone was sitting there and I know no one was in my room because I would have heard the door open, but then I realized it was her because she would always call me pain in the butt and I heard that so we talked until she had to go. Usually she'll still make an appearance on her birthday, and death date and sometimes my birthday. As I started getting older I would be sleeping over friends house and such and I'll never forget my very first sleepover I walked into the house and felt complete sadness and I picked out the room in my friend's house where her mom passed away and no one told me about her passing, and that would keep going if I went into a house I'd sense how I would feel and I would usually figure things out like if something bad happened or sad etc. If I felt like I was in danger I would sense it. My three most recent encounter's happened when I went on a paranormal investigation with my college to Gettysburg we went to the Orphanage and Jennie Wade house, the paranormal crew let me go in first with the tour guy and it was only me and him and he didn't tell me anything he let me pick it out, I picked out the spots where I sensed bad things happened and I would close my eyes and see what happened, it was one of my greatest experiences. The next one was when I went up to visit a girls memorial site that passed away last January in a car accident and where the accident occurred there were no lights so we had to stick together and watch out for bears and such. When we got their I kind of drifted into my own world and started walking around and my friend couldn't find me at the time and they started looking for me and another friend I was with flashed his light looking for me and found me on the ground crying so he came over to me asking what happened why I was crying and I kept repeating this is where she died this is where she died she didn't suffer though and I stayed there for about an hour, then when we got in the car I was the complete opposite from when we were coming up there. My most recent one happened a couple months ago, my boyfriend brought me up for a week to the winery he works at and we stayed in a really old house and I was never there, but the first night we stayed in the house by ourselves we were sitting their laying down and he knows how I get when something is wrong so he asked me what was wrong I told him I didn't feel safe and I was absolutely terrified and I begged him not to leave me alone the next day he told me I had to stay alone because he had to work and I didn't even sleep I kept hearing whispering and I was scared to the point where I actually asked my boyfriend's boss if he could give me a job that'll keep me out of the house. Later on that night it was me, my boyfriend and another worker staying down at the house and me and my boyfriend ended up having to go upstairs and sleep and before all that happened he wanted to see take me around the house and such. When we went upstairs to the very first room I started shaking and he took my hand and kept asking me what was wrong I told him crazy voodoo crap happened here and walked down to the next room said a baby use to sleep in this room walked down to the next one and froze for a couple seconds and said 2 people were murdered in here and then ran down the stairs crying. His friend asked if I was okay, after I calmed down my boyfriend told me everything that happened and told me I was pretty much right about everything and I asked him if Heather and Miranda had anything to do with his boss because those names kept popping up. Now I'm not saying I am a psychic but I have a small feeling I could be, sometimes I see things and hear things and I could sense when something is in my presence. I posted my stories on here so maybe someone could explain why I'm like this or if I have abilities please someone explain thank you.

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