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Psychic In Need


As some of you may have read already, I am having serious issues with my psychic mind as of late. I have been through tough times and have started encountering strong spirits, environmental disturbances, physical and mental fatigue due to loss of control.

I have been doing some centering/meditating on my circumstances and so far have come to the conclusion that I have drained myself fighting a spirit that plagued my life for 5 years. So far spirit has yet to return. So as I am meditating a presence has been in my mind. I am desperately searching for my spirit guide but my mind becomes clear then I start to feel lifted and then whiteish green shadow enters and then it all goes bad.

I started saying, "If you need something from me now is not the time." I envision myself moving from that mental position, again and again it returns. I do say other things to it but nothing seems to change. I don't feel positive from the image but it's not negative either. Still I can't "fill" my psyche because of it; I think. I am so drained I don't even feel like trying to overcome this new presence. It is so distracting so I give up, again. I still do the basics common skills easy and I don't feel worn out by it, but the constant interference with the other side and the strong vibrations I get from some people are braking me down.

I was in the store and spotted someone across the way and boom almost like pure anxiety hits me, not like "I'm mental" anxiety but the kind I feel when this person has something I need to know or find out, bad person stuff. I find myself turning away because I don't have the energy to deal with that at this moment. I get depressed and I feel like I may be taking energy from those around me just to function sub-normal. They seem more tired and cranky as they spend more time with me. It used to be the exact opposite.

Does this make sense to anyone? I really hate retyping what else is going on so feel free to read my other "stories" to get more of the picture. I need help or guidance. Looking for anything that might work. Feel like I am losing it.

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