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The Unknown


I will start by saying I can remember things from my life going back to when I was three years of age. I don't know why at times I thought I was crazy thinking maybe it was dreams I could remember or fantasies as one would say. When I was three years old I could remember very vividly my uncle Ruben visiting my mother at our home. I felt his presence way before his image presented itself. Then before we knew there he was saying good bye to my mother who he was very close to. She couldn't respond to him she was just frozen with tears coming down her cheeks. My mother passed away when I was 17 years old from cancer. Before her passing I just wanted to confirm a lot of experiences I had when I was very young to find out if it was really true or if they were just dreams I could still remember. To my surprise my mother confirmed all of them however she was very puzzled and ask me how in the world could you have remembered all of this you were just a little girl. I answered to her and told her I could remember lots of things through my life and very vivid.

One thing I failed to ask her was how and why can I remember all of these things. Why do I see spirits? Why do I hear voices in my sleep? I am unsure of why people find it so easy to talk to me and why I can sense when someone is unhappy or confused or needy. Why I can sense death when it is near to people in my circle of life. To add to this I just want to share a very low point of my life.

When my mother passed away I didn't recover from it too well. After a year I tried to commit suicide by swallowing Aspirin. I was in my room alone and I had locked my door (we had a lock to keep other siblings away from our hairspray etc.) I began to pray and started swallowing as many pills as possible almost all the bottle. I laid there on my bed feeling dizzy and my legs began to feel tingly along with my arms and finger tips. I remember I could no longer move my body and I began to feel heavy. All of a sudden I felt my body lifted off my bed and the door opened and there I went down four stairs. It was so noisy that my older brother came up to find me laying unresponsive on the floor. He and my Dad rushed me to the hospital where the doctors explained I was very lucky because I should have been dead. The aspirin had already traveled in my blood stream which made it very dangerous at that point. Until this day I really don't share that with many people because I can't explain who or what picked me up from my bed and saved my life. From that moment on I believe I am here for a purpose I am just not sure what that is just yet. Can someone explain to me what happened or why do I have these experiences?

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
14 years ago (2009-05-13)
Hi your story was an interesting one full of life experiences.
You definitely show psychic ability.
See spirits is clairvoyance:3rd eye active.
Sense death precognative. Empathy:sensing others need/unhappy.

Sounds like it was normal to your mother, not something new. Could it run in your family? Thats how it is for my husband.
You being levitated and thrown was devine intervention. Sounds like you have an awesome angel that intervened. "Please know you are blessed".
Could it be you see because it runs in the family. Voices in sleep or seeing spirits is because we are working with them even while sleeping. To sense death is only a blessing I've found since it prepares me before it arrives...blessings

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