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I'm Saille, and I've been seeing the future since I was three. Occasionally my brain will spark. When it happens, whether I'm sleeping or awake, I see through time.

Dreaming visions are easiest. I fall asleep, see the future in very random images (i.e. I saw Bugs Bunny and a helicopter from a movie three years in the future), and then wake up. No side effects.

Waking visions, or daydreams, are harder. My brain sparks and sends me into a trance. Depending on how deeply I go, I start to tap out a pattern with my foot or hand. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. Then I see a very bright mist and move through it into another reality. EVERY sense is used, and I'm suddenly months or years older, acting out another time. Then I wake up.

I had these in cycles until eleven years old. When I was eleven, I hit puberty, and the cycle sped up. I found out some valuable things: The time between a vision and it coming true can last anywhere from a week to nine years, there was a cycle of visions, nothing, and then coming-trues, and that I couldn't control the visions.

Then they stopped.

While they were stopped, I found out that my dad was an abusive jerk. I ended up suicidally depressed, which may have contributed to my visions being gone. A few weeks ago, they came back.

At the moment, there are a few key differences in my waking visions. The first is that I can activate them through meditation\ energy manipulation. The second is that instead of a white mist, there seems to be darkness around the scenes.

I'm not sure what all this means. I'm trying to record any patterns I spot, though. My hope is that I can analyze my powers to the point where I can control and use them to help people, or at the very least start finding out what Seers can do.

Has anyone else had these kinds of visions? Do you notice patterns in them? Please let me know--I'm not sure why my visions are different, and I'd like to find out!

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Lebastet (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-11)

It sounds like we are in about the same situation. I keep battling with a bad depression but it seems like over the last year dreams visions senses are all on over time. Its like being rubbed raw and having someone touch you.

Would love to keep in touch and see what you make of it. For some reason I end up picking up patterns. Some are good and funny some very dark and scary on top of normal daily lifes strifes. Good luck Erin
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2009-11-10)
Hi Saille,
You bring to light a very interesting point about patterns. I take it you write your dreams down? I do and have shared with others on this site how important it is. It's much harder to track and disseminate what's left to memory alone. If we wrote down our dreams (or visions) we'd realize we forget more than we remember.

Home life can indeed affect our subtle vision ability. I hope that you're able to get out on your own and get into an environment more conducive to working with your energy. As you so accurately stated, it's mediation and energy work that take us to the next level. Though I work in the city and have a long daily commute, my home is a beautiful woodsy sanctuary of peace and calm. It's so important that our energy is smooth where we live. I know this is next to impossible to control when you live with parents, but even when I was in my early teens, my room became my sanctuary. Make the best of what you can but the good news is that, this too shall pass.

My visions don't come to me in the same way yours do but since we are all unique, I think so too shall be the ways in which the higher self communicates. Techniques aside, you've got great fundamentals and I think you're onto something with the pattern theory. Should you have something documentable, I would be happy to post that article under our Article section.

Best to you,

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