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I See White Patterns At Night


I am very new at this all. I think that I am finally awakening to the spiritual world. When I am lying in bed at night I see white patterns in the dark. It looks like a spider web/fingerprint. When I blink or look away it disappears. When I focus hard and concentrate I see sparkles flying in it. This only recently started to happen. It is hard to see something and you don't know what you are looking at. I would really appreciate anyone who has experienced the same, or someone who knows what this might be.

In daytime I see sparkles, white dots floating around, amoeba objects and wire objects floating everywhere. The always changes shapes and sizes. I once tried to photograph it to see if there actually was something or if this was all eye related. I found two different images once photographed. The one seems like flashes of light and the other seems like a red dot, once zoomed in it looks like a red cross. This shows me that I am really seeing something, and that it isn't eye related.

I would appreciate any help regarding this. Has anybody experienced something similar? Thank you I am looking forward to your responses. It is nice to know that other people experience magical moments too!

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IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-28)

I hate to clog up this thread with our conversations. Maybe I just need to post something and talk about the geometric shapes and see if others comment.

I should clarify about my own "orbs". It's something I see often, pretty much all the time before I go to sleep, between sleep or when I'm relaxed.

At first I paid attention to how many there were, where they were placed, etc. But eventually I just came to believe they are representation of my guides--there were four.

The realization that one of them was "me" came from doing Bringing Down the Light and seeing one of them "light up" or become bigger or change color based on what I was doing in the visualization.

And then it was difficult to distinguish "them" from "me" --and I realized it doesn't really matter. We are all "from" the same Source, even our close source (our Soul Group/ Oversoul/Whatever You Call It!).

Especially at night as I am calming down I will see orbs not in Third Eye with my eyes closed, but in regular vision. Usually, there will be this blue orb just kind of hanging out to the side of the TV --especially when there is a documentary that I really connect with. For instance, I watched a documentary about Mongolia and felt this very emotional attachment to it. I'm sure I had a life there. That heart kind of emotional feeling for me means it is some part of me/who I am.

I started researching the blue orbs and stumbled onto what is called the Blue Pearl. It represents a gateway to your higher self.

It will pop up whenever I am being more of who I am--thinking about how I love my kids, working with animals, etc. So, when I see it in Third Eye, I sometimes ask it questions. It is like asking a part of me a question, really, but sometimes it answers by flashing on. (Then I ask--What does that mean?:))

I have never been able to "follow" them or enter the orbs I see. The white ones move quickly. They are just visual representations to me that "someone" is around, and that is reassuring.

But then I get too hung up in it. So, what I realized is that they appear when my consciousness is "close" to my physical body. But once "I" (in orb form) move out of Third Eye--it seems I am out and about. That's why I no longer see them. So I am really delaying getting out and exploring by constantly calling them back.

At least that's the way it seems to me right now.

And as to my theory about the geometric stuff--I think I'm wrong. It doesn't have to do with left-brained, I think. But your synesthesia may have something to do with it.

And that's what it seems for the other people who saw them. Those people more often would tend to hear music when entering the "white light" (in a near death experience) instead of seeing colors, which most do.

I do see that Sacred Geometry is at the base of most things--the shapes are created in nature, as the crystalline structure, the structure of most things physical have those geometric shapes.

But that's the thing--it seems to represent physical matter. I don't know if those shapes represent the same in non-visual higher dimensions.

There are also people who see geometric symbols, like Pi.

I guess what I was wondering is if these Sacred Geometry-type shapes represent a class of things. Someone once said they thought they are representations of concepts, ideas (which is totally different than I just said!). That's why I'm confused--not that I don't see the shapes physically and theoretically in everything.

When I researched the Oval, like I saw in my dream, it represents birth and rebirth, like an egg. And that made sense in the context of my dream, which was about a new child in the family group.

The funny thing was that the child who slid down the slide with the Elders arranged around this double white oval shape--was a dark little kid with brown straight bangs and a little blue and white striped shirt and red shorts. But my family are very Scandanavian looking, very light. My daughter married a Peruvian guy, so I'm waiting for some deja-vu moment where their two-year-old slides down a slide!

I had that dream about 3-4 years ago, so I'm still waiting to see who he is!

I think your intuitions about the hexagonal shape and the hydro/hydra are right on. Yes, crystals are already used for communication.

The water purification idea is fantastic. I have begun to feel like our own efforts to cleanse the earth are sort of lame. I even wonder about things like the solar flares and the aurora borealis --whether they don't have some cleansing function for the atmosphere. They go to the magnetic poles, but those also happen to be where the atmosphere is thinnest. I just wonder. I think Earth does have her own ways of cleansing herself that we're ignorant of. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't be kind and careful of her, like we would a person.

Anyway, I'm going on. Thanks for indulging me. I am going to watch the documentary you recommended.

Maybe it's right that the geometric symbols represent concepts, not just formations of physical things?

Thanks for the conversation.

Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-28)
At Voter (Lora)

Forgot to mention... Seeing the hexagon shape was in a dream and I was told repeatedly that it was hydro or hydra and the voice I guess just kept going between the two of these things. Which made me think that it meant both hydro AND hydra - it told me that it could be used as a form of communication and that I would use it. I did research some things and I kept coming back to hexagonal cystals for some reason, crystals can produce electricity (hydro) (used in atlantis), they are a form of communication, meaning I think if you set them up properly they are almost like a cell phone tower. And if you put them in water (hydra) they expand their reach. It is said that there are giant crystals or crystal rooms in atlantis and the burmuda triangle and under the great pyramid... That these were used for communication. Just not sure if they were hexagons in shape. I did buy a quartz crystal piece for myself and thought it was strange that all the crystals were cut with 5 sides to them but in a point, still 5 sides.

There is also the concept of "speaking" to water or transforming water from polluted to clean simply by speaking positivitely to it or playing classical music to it, a Japanese researcher has well documented this fact. Often the shapes that the water crystals form are hexagons at their core but tend to look like snowflakes in their very purified state.

If we are all vibrational energy, then so is water and the effect that positive emotions and music have on water will purify, so if we also speak positively to each other and play beautiful music, it's almost like that will purify us as well... Interesting concept.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-27)
to At Voter (Lora)
Thanks! It is facinating to me as well, as are your experiences! I honestly did not know anything about anything to do with conciousness or sacred geometry or religious things at all. Complete babe to all of this! The only thing I knew was that I have seen things before and I did do an online test and was amazingly accurate at remote viewing. I am pretty much a scardy cat when it comes to "seeing" things so I always ask that I NOT see things, that if they want to tell me things, tell me in my dreams and nothing scary! Seems to work!

Very interesting to hear that sacred geometry seen by more left brained people... Although I mean I went to summer school way back for mathematics lol so I'm not sure if I would really be left brain dominated. From what I understand sacred geometry is the foundation of all things, all from the "flower of life" and ancient. It is the beginning of all things and based on the elements of air, water, fire, earth, and spirit. It's something we "inherently" know in our conciousness but in a sense have forgotten. It is born of the alpha and omega, of the creator. If you are seeing these things I would think that you are getting to the root of your conciousness.

There is a documentary called "Wake Up" by Jonas Elrod, I have not seen it but he also had a similar experience seeing sacred geometry, spirits, orbs all of a sudden and went to see many gurus, native indians, even the doctor to see if someone could explain it to him... It's a gift, an awakening... I plan to watch it someday soon. He was on Oprah's radio show talking about it.

My understanding is that a sphere is the shape of female, of life, the flower of life is a circle. Oval like a donut is called a toris I believe and I believe that it refers to multidimensions. I am no quantum physicist by far but those are terms you may want to research.

I thought that was sooo cute the "yoo hoo" to the orbs:) lol! I have that too sometimes where I want to see something or experience something and it just doesn't happen. I think you just have to be open to it all the time. I also think there are times when the magnetic energy of the earth is higher or lower and I think during higher times is when we tend to see these things, they are easier to see. I also think meditating helps a lot, completely clearing your mind of all positive and negative, past and future, all thoughts, visualize a dark screen and just see if anything comes to you, I tried this with remote viewing and it was amazing. Also having a lot of love in your heart I find works very well.

I love that your orb is en francais! A french orb! How cute! Next time say "parlez vous anglais?" (do you speak english). Try slowing them down next time they are around, be firm in your mind and tell them to slow down and just see if anything happens... I think I at the time that this happened to me I was just sort of upset and frustrated so I was rather demanding in asking it slow down. I was also ready to see what they were going to show me...

I understand that migranes are a form of the pineal gland opening or that your body is preparing itself for higher conciousness. From what I understand the entire earth is going through a dimensional change and many people are feeling these effects. I did not have migranes but I did start an all natural detox program a year prior to this all occuring, I eliminated all meat and dairy, detoxed my liver with lemon water and eat an organic plant based diet now. It was almost a year to the date that I started this that all of this happened and I heard that if you detox it does take literally a year to a year and a half before your body is sort of like "new". I did this for health reasons, not because I was trying to achieve higher conciousness, but you can raise your vibrational energy this way, and by being a positive loving person - these things raise your vibrational energy and apparantly that can lead to higher levels of conciousness. I get a tingling in my head sometimes, a bit of buzzing or ringing in my ears which yes I do attribute to higher energy level or chakras opening up.

The idea that one of the orbs was you was very interesting... It probably was you! You may already be experiencing floating between dimensions. I understand that we sort of go between dimensions, one part of us is spirit, the other our bodies and that our spirit can travel great distances, maybe yours travels in an orb? I woke up one morning and heard someone breathing heavy in my bed, like they were sleeping, but I was the only one in the bed, I thought the sound was coming from outside... Then I realized that it ME who was still sleeping even though a part of me had woken up and knew that I was still sleeping! Gosh this is freaky stuff!

I have this thing called synesthia which is a cross wiring of the senses, I associate colours with letters, numbers, people, calendars. And I also have a spacial form of synesthia where I see calendars, number lines etc in 3D space around my body - it's automatic, uncontrollable, and documented. Through deduction I in a sense feel that the brain is sort of like a computer, because everyone who has synesthia has different colours for everything except 1 and 0 which are ALWAYS neutral white or black in colour - 1 and 0 is binary code, like a computer, basic form of communication and computer programming. Also the spacial stuff around your body appears sort of like a hologram in what's called "astro space" around your body... So it's like you are projecting this somehow, how?

The multi coloured lights that you see, I wonder if that is a form of synesthia as it can appear in numerous forms. I associated the blue and purple flashes I see as either electricity charges or magentic charges - but I don't know for sure, that's a big guess.

I am facinated by all of this as well, I haven't told too many people, honestly just my immediate family who think it's amazing and would really like to find other people who have experienced this or have interest in it. I will put a post up about it on here maybe this weekend as yes I also would like to know other people's opinions about it all.

Btw, it is my understanding that everyone has these types of abilities in them, everyone! Just some people are more open to it than others.

Take care xo 😁
IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-27)
[at] NewbiePsychic--

Fascinating experiences. I have seen orbs (smallish dots of energy--white, blue, yellow or orange) for quite a while--not necessarily flashes at the periphery--although I have lately also seen just blinding light move from one side (of third eye) to the other, but as if it is a spotlight being reflected off of some surface.)

You got such great insights. I am especially interested in the geometric shapes and the information you received about what they mean.

I have heard of others who, in out of body experiences or trances, see geometric shapes, but I've always been sort of mystified as to what they each mean.

I have a theory, and you can help verify or not, that some people who are, maybe left-brained, see the geometric shapes, understand them sort of implicitly.

I explained in other post about my understanding of an oval shape with what I perceived as my Elders announcing the addition of a baby to our Soul Group.

I have studied Sacred Geometry a bit but don't have a feel for them. Do you? Have you ever studied them?

Do you think that the symbology is unique, designed for a spacific person, or do you think they have universal types of meaning?

I have had what others with migraines call a scintillating scotoma. I don't have migraines but this was a spiral pattern of zig-zag lights--each zig (or zag) being brilliant blue, yellow, red or green. Mine was almost a complete circle with a foggy center to it. The image was visible both with eyes open or closed. It lasted over 10 minutes and moved from one side of the room to the other, getting slightly larger each time.

As I said, I don't have migraines and I've only experienced this once. I found it enchanting. People with migraines learn to dread them because it is the precursor, for them, for migraines.

Honestly, I had been on the computer all day and I had taken off my glasses and read close to the screen, so it could be some form of healing.

I'm wondering if the pineal itself gets damaged that "they"--some healers--step in immediately.

I have been told by others that orange orbs are often healing sent by "aliens"--and I have other reasons to believe that might be true.

This whole subject is fascinating to me. I would like it if you would post a story about this to see what others have learned as well.

But it sounds like you have learned a lot. I'd like to hear more.

I've not been able to really communicate with the orbs--well not exactly true. I have before asked what is called a Blue Pearl if it was my higher self and it flashed on and off. And the orbs will move (quickly) into my third eye area when I ask. [They move off just as quickly! Like they're in a hurry, don't want to draw attention to themselves.]

And in some ways I have verified that one of the orbs in my vision is me! It is apparently me heading out.:) Which also explains to me why this phase (of seeing the orbs) doesn't last all that long.

I used to call and call to get them back. When I don't see them, I was feeling insecure. One night I kept asking, "Is anyone there? Yoo hoo! Orbs... Is anyone there."

All the sudden I hear "J'Ecoute". Had to review my French to verify if it was "I hear you" or "I'm listening." (It's --I'm listening.) So I call that entity J'Ecoute now.

Long post but terrifically interesting to me. I hope you will open up the subject more.


Isle - Lora
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-27)
Hi, I have been seeing these same sorts of white flashes everywhere, corner of my eyes usually but actually last night they showed up on my computer screen as well. Been going on the last couple of months. This will sound crazy but I was getting tired of seeing them and not knowing what they were so when I saw one, I don't know how I did it, but I sort of commanded it in my mind to "slow down" so I could see it... And it DID! Whoa! And to me it looked like a whispy ghost sort of thing but it was in the shape of a 5 pointed star with a circle around it and a tail on it... I asked in my head "what is it", I was told the 5 points are the 5 human senses and the circle around it is the "spirit" or SIXTH sense and the tail is what leads to the next "sense" or "dimension" and that that is where I am now, in this other dimension where I can see these things... Hmmm Then I started having a massive wave of dreams being shown hexagons and told this is hydro (electricity) or hydra (water) and that it can be used for communication? I was shown "in a flash" by this white cyclindrical light being that we are all vibrational energy, we are all connected, humans, plants, the earth, the atmosphere, and all levels of the spirit world out into infinitity (and apparantly this includes aliens I was told OMG aliens!) - told that there is no time or space and that pretty much did it for me, I woke up in a jolt after hearing that and felt like I FELL into my body again. Then a bunch of biblical dreams, kept hearing the words "on earth as it is in heaven", a lot of words from the Corinithians "way of love" passage and shown Jacob's ladder and omg it just went on and on... And I am not religious at all. Anyway, did a lot of online research and determined it is basically "awakening" and realizing we are all one, all connected. So don't ignore the orbs and lights - I see white orbs (always tons of them show up in photos around me) and I see blue flashes of light, some purple as well, all the time now. Don't ignore the orbs, they are there to tell you things, they won't hurt you, ask for protection and you will receive it, just from asking. I think it is very beautiful 😁
Forrest (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-31)
Most anyone can and probably has see things like this. I have my whole life before I go to sleep. Rub your eyes hard and it happens too or may create dramatic color and/or shape changes. Remember, your vision is ultimately translated in to electrical current which is translated by the brain. Likewise, part of your brain's function is to "fill" in gaps in your vision... So other parts of your brain have a direct effect on what you see beyond just current from your optic nerve. Likely this part of the brain is partly involved in the colors and images you see with your eyes closed.

As for the sparks (I have seen these as well for much of my life too) you may find this an interesting read.

As for your photographs, I would not read too much into it or make fast assumptions... Could be photograin, but who knows.
Jordi1715 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-23)
Hi:) I'm 15, also south african and since I was very young I've been seeing auras, but mostly the same as what you see. I see little tadpole shaped dots and dots spinning in circles, and wire shapes that bounce around when I move my eyes. I was reading a book on Auras and colours the other day by Paul Lambillion and found a section describing this same thing. The book describes the small dots darting back and forth as etheric/energy particles, which pulse around you and in everyone, flowing through your etheric (energy) body. It says that they are most abundant if you look up into the summer sky (away from the sun) at about 2pm, although I find them most common at night. Just thought I should let you know cause this always bothered me too:)
Stoker679 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-29)
I'm going to say what happens in hopes that someone will find an answer. Since I can remember I could see these lights. Different colors, shapes, and sizes! In the beginning it started off slow only seeing them at night while lying in bed, as I grew older I began to see them more frequently day/night. By the time I was 8yrs old it got to the point where I couldn't wait until it got dark so I could run around my room jumping from dresser to bed trying to catch them. I waited until it got dark for two reasons; I could see them better, and nobody could see what I was doing in the privacy of my own room. What's weird looking back upon this is even though I was very young. I never told anyone about it; almost as if I somehow knew no one else could see them. To this very day I find myself asking how I could have automatically known that at such a young age?... This is kind of weird; I have never told anyone this before! So many of you share the same experiences so I guess you can say I feel safe writing it here. Any way during my late teens it kind of halted; only catching them on rare occasions. I wondered what happened to them. I wondered if I grew out of it, kind of like an imaginary phase I was going through. About six months go by and no lights; but I started to have intensely vivid dreams. Nothing of the future but of an entirely different world's altogether! I could go into detail but that would take pages to finish. Till this very day I dream every night of different places, sometimes revisiting the same place; which never fails to end with a sudden awakening of shortness of breath almost as if I just resurfaced form being underwater. The only reason I mention this is because it has been about four years since I have seen any lights until this morning. I was woken up during a vivid dream which by the way has never happened. Only to find so many lights grouped together forming a blanket so thick for a brief moment it blocked my view. Naturally when I got up I questioned it and began the searches which lead me here. Anyone have a clue what this is?
jjenny (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-31)
I am very interested in this as well. I have had similar experiences of seeing a white sparkling light. However, most of my experiences are from when I was a child and a teenager. As an adult I really haven't had many. Lately I've been very intrigued by what I saw as a child and would desperately like to know WHAT exactly was happening to me. My most vivid memory is from when I was about 10 or 11. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a bright, round light that seemed to sparkle and almost move. By bedroom was located in the very back of our house, somewhat secluded. I had one window facing the apple orchard we had behind us. There was no real source of light that could have shined through into my room. Plus, the location of this light was on the far end of my room where even if someone did shine a light it would be impossible to shine it on that particular wall. I did not feel that the light was bad by any means. As a matter of fact it felt loving. BUT I was scared none the less. I ran into my older brother's room and told him what was happening. I have other experiences with light and spots green and white as well. Does anyone have any idea as to what this phenomanon is?
vnat (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-13)
is still someone following this post? Because actually this is the only place I found someone who also sees these sparkling dots.

I've never been spiritual aware or a believer although 5 years ago I started seeing these white and green sparkling dots, they are so real that it looks like I can actually catch them.

At the beginning I though it was some eye illusion, something in my lashes etc although I saw them in different places, at different hours and with different lights. After that I started to think I probably had a brain tumor or something like that, did lots of exams and nothing is wrong. Now I've been searching and this is the first and only place I found people who share this with me.

Is such a relief know that there is people out there who see this too 😊

*sorry about my poor english.
azshadow92 (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-02)
This happens to me as well. If I concentrate enough on all the whirling lights, I can have an OBE (though I've only been able to pull my astral self halfway out), have premonitions, see people/things in other rooms, see the past of the place I'm in and more. Theres nothing to fear in these lights!
Lavenders (2 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-15)
wow...It's good to know that I'm not the only one who see's odd things.

I see sparkly dots during the day if I concentrate and they always zoom everywhere and there's a crap load of them too. I only see it when I stare at the sky though. I think it's also really pretty looking but I never told anyone because I was sure it was just me imagining things. I also see those swirly nexus/galaxy like things at night also except mine are black liquid like dots... Almost sorta like oil on water but the water is invisible and so it just leaves the dots to be visible only.

I see colors too and it feels like I am zooming through them in the middle so they are always circle like.
Chantal09 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-05)
i recently started seeing these white dots but they appear to me like how fire flies do but there more white and they disappear into the walls.
mmstick (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-24)
I see them all day every day.
I have done so since I was born.
It's more than just white lights that look like stars.
They form intricate patterns and shapes. I see symbols, characters, pictures.
Normally mixed in with some red.
Along with these huge galaxy-like "portals" in which the a long design comes out of formed with red stars.

I have been able to use this to predict future events by seeing clocks and time.
Or getting messages in very bold, golden, underlined text.
Most notably was the one about 9/11 which warned of an unforseen force.
I found this to be the Illuminati as I often see these All seeing eyes.

Waiting for 2012 people. It's coming
josh (2 stories) (19 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-16)
i also see the white dots thing I see them day and night sometimes it goes sometimes it doesn't it gets annoying sometimes like one time I was trying to look at someones face but couldn't see them because of the dots were that bad
chocolatesushi (8 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-09)
i can see a lot of the sparks during the day (although, now I think I'm going to try to see them at night) anywho, I always believed that those things are a type of energy...i'm at the point where I don't even have to concentrate too hard to see them in broad's weird... But also nice to know that others out there have the same experience...
CloudyCloudyCloud (51 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-22)
I was meditating last night, trying to visualize stuff because a friend asked for my help. It was very dark in my room. While I stared up at the ceiling, I suddenly saw a flash of white light the size of an apple. When I told my friend about it, he sent me a link to this site and here I am.
There are other topics I'd like to discuss, and I am enjoying reading about everyone else's experiences.
monarch1975 (3 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-14)
When I look for the light I see it at day and night... The more you meditate on it... The more light you see... You start to see things moving in it... It is easier to see the light at night... But you can also see it in the day... I have always thought of it as life's energy in which we are all connected as one living energy and the whole is creation (god)... I don't know if that is true - that is waht I have always thought when I see it... I see the entire world as trillions of tiny sparkling lights when you really look at it... It is beautiful... I don't know many people that see it... Enjoy
brooks (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-14)
Hi Chanelle,

What you are probably seeing are astral lights. Astral light is perceivable by the physical eyes at night. It usually appears as gross whirling dots/electricity. It is possible to shift entirely to your astral body by concentrating on the sparkling dots. Then, the gross light and dots will start to change in a luminous and a more speedy light and your room might appear as temporarely unreal because that's how physical life is experienced from the astral body. The light is safe and just another part of our nature. I'd enjoy it!

hales3 (9 stories) (115 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-13)
I've never heard this before, but it's really neat... This sounds crazy, but ever since I was little I could see the germs on my eyes... I could see the different shapes of them, how they moved, I thought I was crazy or something. I have to look a certain way to see them, it's like I have to focus on it and then I see them. I've asked other people if they could see them on their eyes too but everyone was like "uhm, no..." Hahaha. It's hard to believe because you can only see germs under a microscope but I swear on my life I see them on my eyes.
Crazyornot (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-11)
NO Way! I do too! I thought I was going crazy though. Since I only see them when its dark and lying in bed plus there just white dots of light that like twinkle and move around and there all different shapes and sizes. Acutally I focused on a moving dot of light it turned into a the shape of a butterfly and continued moving around in small circles! Of course I freaked and just ignored it and I saw it slowly fade away? I only see the dots of light occasionally now and the butterfly thing has happened at least 5 times. The last time was like 2 months ago. Though what the heck does it all mean? I wish someone knew T^< 😨

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