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I Ache With Each Breath


I am not one for labels such as psychic, clairvoyant, fortuneteller, etc. I am just me. Sometimes I just know things, I feel things, I see things. My minds eye flashes clips like seeing a quick blurb from a movie, choppy and quick but then I feel the rest. I do not judge people but I can tell what kind of person he/she is. I feel emotionally and physically other people's emotions as then tell me stories about their experiences. My senses are very sensitive. A little intro, now my story...

I was at a restaurant last Sunday night. I have seen the waitress around town a few times in the past year but never had a close encounter with her and do not know her or anything about her. She is very pretty but that is that. I am in my 40's and she could be a teenager to early 20's. I don't know don't care. I am dining with my parent's who are visiting from out of town. The waitress takes our order, brings drinks, then food. I was short a steak knife and asked her to bring one, she did. She brought the steak knife to the table and stood there with the knife cupped in her two hands. When I took the knife my skin touched hers, she smiled and walked away. That is when it happened. I was struck, nailed, hit hard, do not have the right words to explain... I was overcome with a pain in my chest just above my heart. The pain radiated down both arms with each breath, but only when I breathed. I felt this feeling about 18 to 20 years ago. Another woman. I had dreams about a hand. The palm of a hand. Held up like telling someone to stop. A week or so later, I was talking to a woman who held up her hand like my dream, and I raised my hand to meet hers. When I did I felt the chest pain, and she gasped, grabbed her stomach and said she felt like she was full of butterflies. The same chest pain but not as extreme as this time.

The pain this time increased with time. I maintained my internal turmoil at the table and kept it to myself. I could not eat much of my dinner. I felt like I knew the waitress, who she is, what she is going through in her private life.

I went home and the pain increased, with each breath. I even considered seeking medical attention thinking this might be a medical condition. I could not sleep until about 2:30 am. When I woke in the morning and went to work, the pain had not subsided. With each breath I ached. The feeling now in the upper left side of my chest, radiating down each arm, now was traveling down the front of my legs, a pain, a tickle, a flutter, but so strong it hurts.

How can the slightest brush of another's skin cause this? I see things now, a rose, a child, California, pain, searching, confusion. This waitress was actually beat up last night by a group of girls. I still have this feeling, morning, noon, and night. What is this? The muscle on the left side of my chest is so sore, I rub it and it feels bruised. I am physically feeling something I felt once a long time ago but so intense it almost scares me. I went to the restaurant on Monday to eat again hoping that something might happen to change this feeling, same waitress, conversation, no change.

Our paths have crossed for a reason, and has effected me in an extraordinary way, but why? I feel that this woman needs some kind of help. I feel heartache, depression, pain, unhappiness, restlessness, searching, needing, craving, yet love so strong it hurts. This is what I feel with each breath.

Sometimes I can look at a person and know that they need to talk, or need some help, I just know it, I feel it. I can make this claim because I talk to these people, I help them. I have been doing this since High School. This time it is so intense. Has anyone felt something like this? What did you do?

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Anna (1 stories) (14 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-11)
I think that you do the right thing by talking to people, they do need it and maybe this is your mission here. I talk to people a lot too, and can listen, and I have a lot of people around me who need it, but they are all older then me, and sometimes it's hard for me because I'm afraid that they will just disregard all that I tell them. But it's very rewarding, except for one thing - when you need to talk about something - it's very hard to find somebody who would listen to you...😊 And about this girl, you need to talk to her. Don't scare her, don't tell her what you felt, just find an excuse and say something, let her know that she is not alone and if it is Love, then I tell you one thing Real Love doesn't know any boundaries. And what you felt... It's just amazing and in a way even beautiful and maybe you met her in your previous life and this pain is the sign that she is the one, or maybe someone important. Don't ignore it please, better to regret something that you did rather than wander all your life what would happen if you would. Wish you Best of Luck! 😊

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