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Weird Moments At Each Time


It started out in a small town in South Dakota. My parents told me that they found me as a baby who hadn't crawled yet in the middle of the room (on the floor) outside of crib one morning. They couldn't figure out how I got there. Other time I remember screaming from the crib until mom and dad got in my room. I screamed and showed them that I didn't want all this stuffed animals with me that they were moving and scared me. At around the age of 3, I lost my hearing which now I wear hearing aid. Without hearing aid, I'm deaf. While as a little girl, I had lots of weird moments. While in bed overnight, I awoke and found myself that I was out in the space with all these stars everywhere. I tried touching the wall behind, the table next to me and they weren't there. I got scared and then covered myself with blanket going back to sleep.

Almost on most mornings, when I woke up, I watched any kind of movies up in the air above me. When I looked down on floor next to my bed, they looked like secretaries in office waving at me while doing their business like in the open basement. On the dresser across from me, while I stared at dollhouse with little people (toys), I swore that little people were like family moving around there. One morning, when mom came in my room and noticed about this 'mother' little doll, she asked what happened to my arm? This arm had moved to other position. I told her I didn't know and didn't know how to tell her that whole family as 'little dolls' which we called them little people did move about in dollhouse while I was watching them alone.

One time, when I was on the way to my room, I couldn't get in cause it felt so electrifying static there that hurt my skin strongly. I remembered having to get my dad to check it out there. He came right walking around into my room and said nothing is wrong there. I decided not to go there for awhile. Then it wasn't static anymore.

The other time I was on the way to my playhouse in the backyard and found dark, scary face staring at me from the window. I had my dad checking it out and said no one was there. After vacationing in Jamaica with family, I assumed that this Jamaican woman with big plate of bunches of fruits on her head and bright, pretty dress followed me to my aunt's home before going back to our home. She was always smiling at me while dancing and waving at me. I remember her so well and when I mentioned that to my mom, she said it probably was all in my imagination. At grandma's home, while playing I got so dizzy and I ended up seeing egg shaped earth rotating in space. Then she put me on sofa to rest. I remember myself flying around in house like a bird and around in small town outside. It felt so real but I have to say I was dreaming.

So many other weird things happened when I was little. Now I'm in 40's and I have very few moments happening during the last 3 years. I heard someone calling my name with my hearing aid on and no one was around. One night I had my foot hanging out of bed while sleeping and someone hit it hard. I woke up looking to see what was there. It was only me in my room. That happened many times also when I was little. In other place, I had this weird dream. I love watching 'Ghost Whisperers' shows. So, recently from this dream, an old lady with long grayish white hair came to me and lied down next to me. We talked little about how I love hearing stories about spirits. Then I was asked if I wanted to be a portal. At first, I said yes without thinking and then I hesitated into 'no, I don't want to be a portal'. While I had my foot hanging out of bed, someone hit it hard. I woke up but while in dream and saw a little dark shadow walking up to me. That got me screaming at the top of my lung. I screamed and screamed until I found myself leaving my body. I got scared and refused to let go of my body and said the prayers while forcing myself back into my body. Then I woke up and looked around. It was only me and my husband. I asked him if he heard my screams, he said no.

Other night, while dreaming, I was curious about my first house. I went to my mom's bedroom and into her closet. While in closet, I looked up into the attic and out came the angry, horrible looking like demon as an angry Indian grabbing me. Immediately, I said the prayers. He let me go. When I go to sleep, I can see many different faces go by me within seconds (not always). I don't have much weird moments like I used to when I was little. I have been pondering over this for so long that I have to ask here. I can sense people's feelings or what they are thinking but it's mostly my intuitions. Sometimes my intuitions are wrong. Can any explain what are all this about and what abilities do I have? I find that I have very little abilities and many times, nothing happen until few moments of weird experiences happen about twice a year. Sorry this is long that I want to understand myself better. I would love to work on developing my abilities but I have so much going on in my life. Thanks

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