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My Friend And I Can Read Each Other's Minds


For 8 years, Dianne has been my best friend, and for at least 6 years, my only friend. Now she is not my only friend, and I hang out with others, but I have never experienced anything like this with any of my other friends. One day Dianne and I were bored, so we decided to try and guess what the other was thinking, as a game. She sat on one side of my room and I sat on the other, then the other person would write their word down and think it. (we also did this with colors, sounds, and numbers) we did 25 from each category, and in total, I missed 3 and she missed 4.We were extremely shocked when this happened because some of the words were really weird (ex. Dorsal fin, trombone, jungle) We've always been really close and been able to tell what the other was feeling, but we thought that was normal. We both get gut feelings, but I'm pretty sure everyone does. Dianne sometimes has dreams that come true, and sometimes I think something before it happens, but only a few moments before hand, so I don't think that is anything physic. I'm not sure if Dianne has had any other physic experiences, but I've always had this weird thing where I can pick up on how a place "feels", and I'm pretty sure I can feel ghosts. (not constantly, but in certain places like at my grandma's house, which is over 100 years old and she no longer lives in because she fell and doesn't feel safe living alone after that) Why do me and my friend have this "connection"?Do you think this is physic, and why can't we do it with other people? Why are we just now able to do this? Any comments or suggestion about this is appreciated!

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flaminice (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-03)
well even me and my friend can reach each other's minds. We have the same ideas and we think along the same lines and work in perfect sync. Was it faith that brought us togather I mean he was born in karachi pakistan and I was born in malta
SpiriFall (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-06)
Yep, you can only read each others mind because you have a strong enough connection to each other and are psychic. If you want to hone your abilities look around you can find many meditations free on youtube or other places. In all my searching I've never found a better source than this The meditations and exercises work very well, and you can figure out if you are good at any other ability. Everyone has the power to do this. But it just depends on how open they are to it. It is easier for some to start than others.

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