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Cloud Bending Or Atmokinesis


I'm Clarence and I already posted 1 story here. You can see all my abilities on my first story. I am a very powerful atmokinetic. Whenever I pull my psi energies from my abdomen all the way to the top of my head the sky above me will change (Just the sky above me) whatever type of weather it is. I can make clouds for 30 seconds (even in very clear days, without any clouds). I can also do aerokinesis, well If my psi energy moves at the very top of my head the sky will change and it will obey what I think. So if I am walking down the street the clouds follow me or sometimes avoid me and if I am already gone on that area the clouds will go back to normal. And my winds are different they are hard. They are so hard that I can knock down branches from trees and people but I' horrible in controlling it (I use to make the energy go through my arms to control it but I cannot be an expert all by myself. One time I was so angry to my friends I went to our rooftop (it was a normal day) and I yelled as loud as I could (2 times) and then after 30 seconds the sky started getting darker and I heard the loudest thunderstorm in my life constantly It was so loud and after 30 more seconds rain started to fall so hard (the droplets were really big) but the wind wasn't affected (maybe because I didn't focus on my energies. Whenever I use my energies It feels like a god, like I'm the god of weather and wind. I can also make wind blasts when I'm indoors If I make those wind blast strong (I mean chi charge) I believe I could blow the person down. (I just relax my hands and arms and fell the energy flow and if I do the blast it is stronger (I still cannot control my chi 100 percent). And what I do to stop the atmokinesis? What I do is ground myself on the ground the sky goes back to normal again. Do you know how my clouds look like? They look like they would end the world. These may really sound ridicules but yes powers are real and I am not forcing you to believe me. If you want to see my other abilities look at my other post (aerokinesis and weird aura) for now I'm grounded to the ground.

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Clarence (2 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-08)
Im sorry but I cannot help you around these days because we have our test coming up but I can give you a little advice for you and for others in here. First of all you have to know how to be one with yourself with your energy and the question is how. The answer is NOW. What do I mean? This is what I mean: Ask yourself where am I? What time is it? When you ask yourself you answer back, I am right HERE and the time is NOW. It means get out of your mind focus on your life on the now (whats going on now?) Dont focus on the past neither on the future but NOW because youre here. In order to do this try to forget about what you are thinking (focus on your breathing if you cant) then focus on the now. By being on that mode you become one with yourself your spirit you yourself, it calms your mind from chattering by that you will feel the movement of your chi (energy you need). Try it NOW. You seewhen you do it you can feel your abilities being controlled why? Because it needs you your attention so you have to focus on the now. So when you do it you can channel your energy and also by focusing on the now you can feel the ground that means you can ground (lock power) if youre done using it (grounding takes at least 3 sec.) Remember to do any of this be NOW first. You can apply this NOW in every moment of your life or if you would just use youre abilities.
SpiriFall (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-06)
Ah, man great! Even if you have your abilities under control this has more on your abilities. And how to develop others.
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-05)
Thats awesome soltris. Did you make a list of your abilities because if you don't you might forget some of them. I too have many experiences but I forgot most of them. Well thanks for sharing your experience with everyone. 😁
Sotiris (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-05)
I believe I have many types of abilities but I expirience little of all the posts in this site
For this post when I was with some friends in my house I sitted on the floor in a close room in front of me in a distance of 3.5 meters I putted a candle and I metitaded on my own in a stretch of my hand the candle blowed of instandly all my friends just stand and looked at me I have no idea how I did it...
Many times I find my self walking instide a small body size tontado around me just moving with me when am outdoors when I try to power up the tornado by will it expants and disapiers
Thats what I have to say so I believe in you clarence:)
Sisyphus_Of_Comprehension (2 stories) (69 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-03)
Aerokinesis was probably the first psychic ability I thought I recognized in myself, but I was filled with a lot of doubt at a young age... Atmokinesis is something I haven't honed or even manipulated, I find such changes scare away all the little things but make the larger metaphysical entities target you on certain levels. We swim in an ocean, where you may be a whale, others are giant squids. I keep my wind wrapped tightly around my arms and body like a great tether of some sort, if I choose to change the pressure it is immense to me, but making that area large with that degree of control would require me to meditate, and some people do not feel the physical sensation of wind passing along my body as I do (somehow this is possible). If you feel the wind around you is strong, but you can't control it very well, make your body a kite and progress gradually from being fully grounded to up in the air, and try to master control instead of power. There is so much that you can achieve with a steady balance of both.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-02)
AustinT, you can't use your powers like a sword with it being able to be drawn at a moments notice. It is nearly impossible. What you can do is find out what triggers it and being able to control your chi. If you do this you will be able to strech your times and the chances of you using kinesis. Also if it really important and you are in danger and then usually that is enough to be able to use them. Just keep on practicing.
Agstorms (183 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-02)
Lol don't worry just read that your a teenager! I need to be more observant:/
Agstorms (183 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-02)
Oh also just a question that will confirm something are you 21 or over?
Agstorms (183 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-02)
You sound naturally strong, my aerokinetic abilities depend on situation (and never use negative emotions to fuel your abilitites you could end up killing a lot of people) good luck!
AustinT (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-02)
can you help me with my abilities? I mean because I want to use them on command not when they want to please help me. Should I put my email down here? ❤

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