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Seeing Patterns Of Energy


It's been a while since I posted a new story but I could really use some help with this one.

Some background info that might or might not matter is that as a child I was always terrified of the dark. I can remember being 3 years old, attempting to sleep in my own room (which I really wanted to do), and not being able to do it. It's embarrassing to admit that even in my teens, I often crept into my parents' room and slept on the floor after waking up feeling too scared to be alone. When I moved out as a young adult into my own apartment, I often felt scared and had a hard time sleeping. So this fear has pretty much always plagued me.

As I've really come into my abilities and learned to understand them in the past couple of years, I realize there is a lot of energy and negative entities around me trying to cause fear (in addition to all of the wonderful light beings as well). Nowadays I meditate daily and do a psychic protection that works perfectly. My fear of the dark is so far gone that I can sit in the garage in my car, in the dark, and not feel any fear whatsoever.

Here's what I need help with. The other night, I had a horrible nightmare. Not that it was bloody or anything like that, but in the nightmare, there were evil entities trying to cause terrible fear in me. I was scared out of my mind. Suddenly (thankfully) I woke up, but I felt sheer terror. I wanted to scream and run to my parents. It had been a very long time since I'd felt that terrified. I kept trying to close my eyes and tell myself it was just a nightmare, but each time I tried, I felt like I was leaving my body and beginning to float, so I'd open my eyes. The thing I don't understand is that when I opened my eyes, I saw all kinds of things. Normally if you close your eyes or if you are in the darkness, you will see colors and all kinds of little shapes. That's just normal eyesight. But when I woke up, I saw all sorts of bizarre patterns. It's as if all of the energy (which looks chaotic and undefined, by nature) was suddenly in perfect alignment. Everywhere I looked, I saw perfectly neat patterns of energy, kind of similar to this, but I can't remember the exact shapes. It was rows and rows of these little shapes, and it was everywhere I looked, my ENTIRE room was filled up with this kind of stuff:

/ / /


/ / /

* * *

The room felt thick with energy. I prayed and asked for protection. I quickly felt 4 angels standing next to my bed: Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Haniel. Once they were at my side, I was immediately able to fall asleep.

I've noticed these energy patterns in the middle of the night before, but until the other night I chalked it up to hallucinations and fell back asleep. Now this time the patterns were so clear and so obvious, I even took some time in the middle of my fear to stare at them in wonder. I even told myself that maybe there was nothing to be scared of at all. I have no clue what these patterns are! Can anyone help me with this?!

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-07)
Thank you all for your comments. I was able to figure it all out, but it would be way too long to write here. I will tell you just a few things. It turns out that I have been visited by the Pleiadians, who are beings from the star system called the Pleiades. They have rainbow auras. The shapes I was seeing were Pleiadian language. Several weeks after all of this stuff happened to me, I had lunch with a girl I know from highschool. I hadn't seen her in over 10 years and knew almost nothing about her as an adult. We had a deep talk, and I ended up telling her about all of this. It turns out that about 8-10 years ago, she had alien visitations and saw lots of rainbow energy at night... And she wrote down a ton of shapes and characters. She was shocked that I pretty much described the same shapes and characters that she saw too. It's all very, very strange. Also there were other entities in my room who were evil and who were trying to stop me from communicating with the Pleiadians. The Angels came to my side and saved me from any harm.
amymarie (2 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
vanillabean, fear will always be with you. You've been strong enough to conquer a childhood fear, which is an awesome feat! Fear is a tricky thing, and will try desperately to give you back what you successfully overcame. My advice, would be stay strong and know you are FIERCE enough to overcome any negative energy that comes near you. As for the patterns, I'm wondering if it was the yang to the fear's ying, if that makes sense. Light and beauty, darkness and fear, go hand in hand. Awesome dream though, I hope this helps!

P.s. I've always been scared of the dark too:)
FireBorn (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-30)
I read one mre guy telling something similar and then he had energy fealings. Maybe those things causing fear and madness maybe I gues they give energy or something like this you can never know
barry2962 (2 stories) (104 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-29)
At happythoughts23... You are very wise... If we didn't choose to see it that way... The game would be over.
happythoughts23 (1 stories) (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-29)
we create reality and the only reason this reality feels more real is because we agree on it to be that way... This is my opinion.
barry2962 (2 stories) (104 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-28)
I am beginning to see energy patterns on everyday experiences as well. I have been meditating and asked to see True Reality... Ask and you shall receive. Sometimes even the walls of my room become patterns of energy that I can see. The other night, I was on the computer and the monitor started changing forms and appeared to melt away... As if into a black hole or something. If you think about it... The world around us is created by our senses. Without our senses of taste,touch,smell,hearing and seeing... The world would not exist. The secret is unfolding for you... And thus will help you create a better future.
Sisyphus_Of_Comprehension (2 stories) (69 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-27)
The subconscious parts of our mind act against us on a daily basis, you should be aware that fear-causing entities live both inside and outside of your mind. I encountered something similar one night, I felt like it was a spirit guardian or something that belonged to my energy, but its nature was swirlings of static and patterns. I can't help you with what it is -- only know it's related to that fear-filled psychadelic part of your mind, and that such fear is not fully resolved.
happythoughts23 (1 stories) (32 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-27)
I see these little shapes or little explosions everywhere. I never noticed them until I took mushrooms one time and now I see them everywhere I think its like molecules or atoms moving. Like you said I believe its energy around us.

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