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Sleep Paralysis And Demons


I am 19 just starting out college and I recently became spiritual during the last summer. This is when I started getting sleep paralysis. I have only had about 4 and from what I read I thought they were good because when I start to go into sleep paralysis mode I get a intense rushing of vibrations that feels like it's going into my crown chakra and down to my root chakra, but when this happens I feel evil and in danger. I can barley move and can't speak. If I open my eyes it stops and slowly dies off. I don't feel in control. I get scared and try my hardest to wake out of it and I always do. I get mad because I feel like I'm stopping the energy flow.

However the last time I went into sleep paralysis I actually let it go on for a little longer then I usually do. I started trying to get out of it and tried picking up my arm, but it was much harder. The scariest thing is though when I looked up it was like looking threw a set a different eyes. I didn't see my room. I couldn't really make out where I was at. I only knew that it was dark and abandoned. Against the wall the dark black wall I could see 2 black figures that were hanging on the wall, just sitting there, start to move. Like they noticed I was there. They started making a weird sound like a heavier grudge like sound. These "things" started crawling down the wall. They were human shaped but all black no mouths no nothing just all black. No face. I was struck with fear. Then as I panicked I opened up my real eyes.

That night I felt fatigue going to sleep. Sweaty, uncomfortable, tossing and turning, but when I woke up I felt alive and rejuvenated full of energy. Can anyone tell me what's going on and who these dark figures are. I would like to know what's happening, and what's going on.

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shaundra (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-09)
I often have sleep paralysis episodes. The first few times I was always in a panic, trying to move but couldn't. I had to get up because someone was coming to attack me or something. After I woke up, I would realise there was nothing to be afraid of, I was just afraid because I couldn't move and this would cause me to hallucinate states of panic.

Eventually, I started entering the state with an open positive heart and knowing that I was in a state of sleep paralysis. After I was able to do this successfully once, it happened everytime after that and it has since then always been a pleasant experience.

I can usually just lay back and easily drop into a lucid dream from sleep paralysis. Its all about relaxing, acknowledging the dark figures and telling yourself it is now time to go dream.

This can often trigger an entire nights worth of lucid dreams. I once lived 20 years in a lucid dream. I was lucid for so long in the dream that I started believing the dream was reality until finally I woke up and realised I was full of balogna.

Hahah anyway, important thing to remember: acknoledge the sleep paralysis and allow yourself to fall into sleep. At least, in your dreams, you can run away from the demons:D
Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-11)
Hey Bruce
What usually happens to every day normal people (more often young teenagers), is that they sense something around them or even see something. They do a few searches (because they are curious) on line and depending what they read, immediately think it is dark witchcraft. They become very interested and think that if they want their abilities to increase that they should follow one way of thinking. Which is the dark way, Satan etc. Unfortunately people are not aware of the other good side to spirituality, angels and spirit guides God etc. Which is also very affective way to experience spiritual phenomena, orbs spirits, nice friendly ghosts, your spirit guide and angels etc. Question to your answer is that there are quite a lot of confused souls and they think they have worked it out, don't believe everything. If it doesn't make sense, that is because its wrong. In your heart you know what does.

You are suffering from sleep paralysis not because of a blocked chakra (silly) but because your chakras are open and the evil ones are getting in. You have to close them. When you learn how to achieve this, your sleep paralysis will cease to exist. I have had a few episodes myself and I know exactly how you feel. I have helped quite a lot of people. Close those chakras down, that is the secret!

That experience (sleep paralysis) is absolutley evil, 100% evil.

Love and light
Ruth (medium)
Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-13)
Please see my website
It has everything you need to know about sleep paralysis.

Love and light
Ruth 😁
sinfire777 (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-10)
meditation, and the experiencing this side of existence to me is just, existing to me. Really ha I wouldn't bother judging, to judge means nothing its just a dumb word. (in my opinion)

If your confussed about the satan stuff teaching peace and stuff, its only because every belief system is just that, a SYSTEM nothing more. People who believe it make it really only for them.

We ultimalty determine our realities. Just as we chose this life. Everything is just an aspect of us.
Thats why its pointless to hate. Unless you want to, then that's your free will and choice.

Personally I don't even think there's a right or wrong. I think its all just an illusion. We just can't understand it like this.

But I still believe in caring for others, as ourselfs, and that the whole idea of a savior, is just an opinion. I feel nobody needs to be saved from anything. Because there's nothing to be saved from, nothing to fear. Nothing but what we choose to.
sinfire777 (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-10)
well, I didn't have the experience myself, but I doubt whatever spirit that was, the indian. I doubt it was a positive being.
See our spirit guides would never put us in a hazardous situation. So it was probably a lower being itself.

My experience on the astral side let's me know this, whatever we suddenly feel or focus on. If we pay too much attention to it, we will attract that scenario.
Thats why its best to think about ourselves and what we want to do rather than, other thing we see or may be around us.

As for the jesus, and satan topic.

Well first il say. I no longer acknowledge jesus as a savior, and I stop bothering to care if the being existed or not, the same with satan.

I no longer view the world religiously. Now I only believe in being good and I believe in infinity. That EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And that no one is doing wrong or bad because they are different.
Like how you said satan is a fag, well I'm not attrated to guys, but I don't hate gay or bisexaul people nor do I hate any being. Even the evil ones. Because to hate, is to be evil. I just think of everything that's different to me as just "there" that's all.
Bruce_Willis (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-03)
I also have one more question... So I believe in Jesus Christ... But... I meditate... And stuff... And I hate satan obviously... Hes a fag... So were I'm trying to get at is why does it say all over utube
-Satanic Meditation (Third Eye) Updated - YouTube
Satanic Meditation Sounds - YouTube
SATANIC MEDITATION " The Voice of Satanism- when most of these videos is about love and being positive and other stuff... I don't understand
Bruce_Willis (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-03)
Thank you! I completely understand how my root chakra could be blocked out sinfire777... Thank you for your advice. I also have one thing id like to ask a question of. When I went into the atral plan and I mentioned I was dreaming I was wondering about the dream. I was setting on the edge of a beautiful pond. And I was next to a native american. He was talking to me and was telling about something but I didn't know what. He picked up a misquetto and said that it needed to be gentle like the tinest prick (guessing the transfer into the astral plane) and he stung me with the misquetto and that's when I became conscious and started feeling the vibrations traveling down my chakras. So... I am wondering is this information useless... Or was this native american a spirit guide, or anything. You did not affend me I only see you as aiding me. I have done little research on astral projection, but not much to know of anything.
sinfire777 (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-30)
your astral projecting into a low vibratory level, thereofr those beings you saw, (there arent demons) they are just negative beings, or leeches as I call em. Low vibratory spirits residing on a low negative level.

Your root charkra you say sends that feeling of negative energy, well the root charkra is what connects us to energy, what grounds us. Its what's highly linked to our physical activities. If you are doing negative things to block your root charkra, (which you obviously are since you feel the energy anchor you down this way) you will be atracting low vibratory (negative) energy.

So your astral projecting basically, and the root charkra is anchoring you down.

Il be blunt, the root charkra is about physical energy, and sexual energy. If your being egotistical, judging people, (even bad people), if your over exerting sexual energy via thoughts, or otherwise. You blocking your root charkra. Its that simple.

So what you gotta do is, well for one stop sexual thinking, just don't focus on it. Indulging in others physical attractiveness, and enjoying all that is real what effects the root charkra most. I know from experience myself. Sexual thoughts and activity seriously waste energy, and doing that is low vibratory stuff.

Iv astral projected, fully conscious, twice. I didn't see any negative beings around me or anything. Because when I had achieved it, at the time (few months ago) I completely cut out bad habits I was indulging in. So I didn't attract anything negative.

the second pair of eyes you say you saw through was your astral bodies eyes, (yes we have different bodies other than our physical one) you were probably experiencing duel consciousness, (basically being aware of both your physical AND astral body at the same time) and that's why you felt you looked through other eyes.

Another thing. Those shadowy things. Again. Not demons, they are just negative beings who like to serve themselves. Don't fear them they are powerless, they just try to scare people on the astral plane. Those negative beings want energy. Since we are on a higher vibratory realm, they naturally want higher energy. So don't worry they werent out to get you. Just think of it as rats coming around when cheese is on the floor. It was cause and effect. Your root charkra is blocked, so unblocked by stopping negative actvity your doing. And your energy will increase. And next time you project. You be on a better frequency. With positive beings, not those shadowy things.

Heres two links. One about your root charkra, and the other on astral projection.



And I hope I didn't offend you in anyway. I myself have have experienced negative beings due to my own activities. Although it was through dreams in which I was aware, (I wouldn't say lucid dreaming because I couldn't control everything other than myself) so this is how I'm giving you advice. Through experience. I myself am 19. (go figure shrug*)

Well goodluck, and if that does happen again. Don't ever get spooked, or let fear become this... Big wall of doom. Remember you always control yourself. Don't let negative beings or influence get the better of you. And if they ever Do, its because you allowed it to happen
FireBorn (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-30)
seems you have the 5th element I gues the spirits... Wish I could actualy help you out some how... But for fighting the spirits... All I know is that you must have a nerve BALLS to do it
Dreads (2 stories) (111 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-30)
They could be a number of things. They could just be wandering spirits, your spirit guides/guardian angels, or demons- which I highly doubt it was a demon. But I think you were just seeing your spirit guides hanging around, as they really just watch over us in the astral 😊. On the other hand kiddo, have you done any research on Astral Projection? Sleep Paralysis is usually the first step into having a obe.

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