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Dream Of Seeing Rainbows, And Now I Do!


I had a very vivid dream about a month ago. In this dream, I had a visitation from Mother Mary (in Catholic religion, she is called the Virgin Mary. However, through my own experiences of her, I see her as mother of all people, and I refer to her as Mother Mary instead). She had a message for me--that angels were gathering around me. I walked outside, and I looked up at the sky. I saw a rainbow. And then I realized there were rainbows almost everywhere I looked! This dream sort of haunted my thoughts for days after.

Since I had that dream, I noticed that I see rainbows on a daily basis in the most bizarre places. I will see a bright rainbow in my cup of water, or on a blank TV screen, or a reflection from a mirror. It's as though the conditions of the placement of the sun or whatever are JUST RIGHT to create a rainbow. I also notice that I "see" rainbows in the sky through my 3rd eye on a daily basis. In other words, it's a bit like seeing auras. I can see the rainbows, but nobody else can see them. This happened to me years ago in a different way. Years ago, I saw silver sparkles in the dark. I thought it was so beautiful. They were so obvious that I thought my boyfriend could see them, but he could not. I found out years later that silver sparkles mean you are going to have a baby, and I did get pregnant at the time I was seeing sparkles all the time. There was another time this type of thing happened, and the thing I was seeing did indeed have meaning. I am jsut not sure what is up with the rainbows?

Oh and I forgot to say that I have also been sensing angelic (esp archangels) presences constantly. Many times a day. Before I had this dream, I already started to feel angels near me more often than ever. But after the dream, it feels even more intense.

So anyway, I'm wondering if anyone out there can relate to this and possibly give me advice. Why are angels gathering around me? Why are there rainbows absolutely everywhere? Thank you for reading this!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-13)
I think many people are dreaming and seeing, that life is changing.
The experience will depend on the individual's beliefs.

I have spoken to many friends who are exhausted.

All are being called to move forward into light with every thing that can envelope them completely 24/7.

Darkness is also enveloping all to be run over or move upward.
It seems as if everything is so pronounced now.

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