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Communication With My Cousin


A small handful of times I have had visitations (always in dreams) of my loved ones who have passed. It's a blessing because I don't grieve anymore since I know that they are very much alive and well.

My mentally retarded cousin suddenly passed away. He was 30. I was 16. He was never able to speak in his lifetime. His mother (my aunt) was on a trip in Asia (this side of the family is from the Philippines), and he died before she was able to make it home. Several months later, I had a visitation from him. In the dream/visitation, he was sitting next to my aunt. I could see their legs. Suddenly my cousin's shins looked like x-ray images and I could see small dark spots, which seemed to indicate small injuries to the shins. But when I looked up at him, he smiled and pointed to my aunt as if to indicate "her too," like she had injuries to her shins too. Also, I wondered why he was giggling.

I woke up. I knew I needed to call my aunt and ask her what all of this meant. I worried that he had been abused in some way, and that I would be bringing up bad memories for her. Worse yet, I thought maybe she had abused him herself. But I reasoned that if she was abusing him, he wouldn't be giggling. I was so overwhelmed with wanting to know what all of this meant. I was wondering what the likelihood of two people having issues with their shins would be. How totally random. I took some deep breaths and called her.

I nervously said that I didn't want to upset her in any way, and I'm really sorry if I am bringing up any bad memories. I told her about my cousin's shins and asked what the dark spots were from. She said that when he was a baby, he had injections in the veins in his shins. How would I have ever known this?! I then asked her what about her shins? She told me that during World War 2 her village was bombed and she still had shrapnel in her shins. I asked why on earth my cousin would be giggling. She said that when she was a little girl, she was considered a tom boy because she would always climb trees. She said my grandfather would get mad at her because she always had bruises all over her legs.

I started getting this weird feeling all through my body, and with no logical thought behind it, I blurted out, "He's been around you a lot lately! He's near you." This was quite an amazing experience for me and for her. I think it was his way of letting her know that his visitation to me was real... Otherwise nothing in the world would have ever prompted me to ask about their shins!

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