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Normally I have dreams where my loved ones who have "died" come to visit me, usually just to say hi or to get me to let others in the family know they are near-by. I also have psychic dreams about twice a month. Daytime experiences are pretty rare for me. Psychic things have happened during the day, but not nearly as often as dreams. Yesterday I was at my very first meditation group. While in silent meditation, I distinctly felt a male energy standing behind my right shoulder. My shoulder felt very dense and heavy. I wondered for a moment if the man was putting his hand on my shoulder or maybe just standing extremely close, like giving me no personal space at all! The group leader (who is definitely a medium) told me that male energy usually comes in on the right side. Then today, I was in my car. I was really upset about something and started to cry. I then felt a distinct tingling sensation on my left side, along my upper arm and up to my shoulder. I felt this was female energy, and then I remembered that the meditation leader said in general male energy comes on the right and female on the left. Just now I was trying to write an email when I kept feeling like someone was gently touching my hair, like the way a mother might gently touch the hair of her sleeping baby. I felt it several times, relatively close to my scalp although my hair never moved. I wondered if it was my grandma. It's completely quiet in the room I am in, and the cat is sleeping on the floor. I asked the female energy to do something to make the cat move. Just after I asked, there was a noise from the bathroom that caused the cat to quickly look up. The reason this is proof for me is that every time I hear that noise, it makes me jump. I always look at the cat, but she never, ever notices it. She never looks up. I am very new at this part of being psychic, but as you can tell I am working on my abilities. I have been told by about 3 psychics (I have been meeting psychic people lately because I have been seeking them out) that I definitely have psychic ability and that it's going to be getting stronger. Two of them told me I am going to be a transmedium. Does anyone else sense male/female energy on the right/left side? Does anyone else get tingling sensations or heard of spirit energy touching the hair? What other physical signs do you get? Thank you for any input.

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-11)
Thanks for your input everyone. It's interesting to me how everyone seems to have very different physical sensations. One thing that concerns me is the number of bad or scary experiences people have with the spirit world. I have really only had good experiences, so I can't relate to being scared or feeling any kind of negative energy.
CassCass (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-07)
I have had dreams of passed over people but I have never felt them in real life.

The only time I have ever felt a spirit was when I was sitting in my lounge room in the dark at the computer desk. I felt a female energy, if that makes any sense...
raingoddess1509 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
im new at this... I have tried ignoring things like this and putting it out of my mind but I have had a similar experience... Awhile back I was just sleeping in my room and I suddenly woke up to a strange tingly feeling. It felt like someone was stroking my arm from my shoulder to my hand. So I sat up and turned on my light to see if anyone was there in my bed. No one was there. But I still felt something. I felt it move and it felt like it put its arms around me and was hugging me... I remember shaking it off and freaking out. I don't know if what I felt was real or not but this entity continued to visit me every night for a month. I didn't know what to do. I tried to tell it to go away. It wouldnt. Even now that I'm actually admitting that I feel these things I'm more open to his presence. He comes and goes but he is always there. I don't know if he is good or bad but he won't leave me alone. He hides well tho when I start to freak out he leaves for awhile then comes back about 30min later. I talked to him gently saying he needs to move on... It took awhile but I think he left anyway I hope this helped I'm freaked but I'm trying to get used to the fact that I feel spiritual beings? Whether they are ghosts of dead people,angels, or something else completly I still have no idea but il deal I guess wish me luck!
smarticle-sam (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
Hi I'm fourteen and like Heather_Mystery said I went to her place for a sleepover and I was lying in her bed and for some reason even I don't know why without wanting to my hands went up and I couldn't stop my hands from feeling the wall by her bed. Suddenly the bed started shaking I know it wasn't an earthquake or anything because it was only the bed shaking and nothing else. I could also feel like something was staring at me from the closet but I don't know what. We also thought that we could hear whispering in the hall, and I thought I heard a man and a woman talking back and fourth but I couldn't really make out what they were saying. It was really the first time I had an experience like that. That was weird when Heather_Mystery went to get a snack and was halfway to the door and stopped. We told whatever was there (I think it was some ghosts) that she would just go back to bed and they let her go. That was also the first night in a long time that I got almost no sleep until we got out some books about it. The only other weird thing like this that happened to me was that lately like earlier today I was typing on the computer and it's hot here and not a lot of breezes (all our windows are closed and no fans or ac's ar on) and all of a sudden the air around me got really cold (it's 80 degrees or so) and I felt like a presence was watching over me and watching me type. I haven't really had a feeling of presences until then and now I'm starting to feel more. Before then I always thought "ya there are ghosts but they won't really bother me" and now I think "I know ghosts and spirits are real and if they think I did something to them they will bother me." I have a couple of friends: Heather_Mystery can sense them and one other friend can hear them and another can see them so we are prepared and now I'm kind of getting used to these things even though I kind of don't want to. Should I get a dream-catcher? One thing I forgot to mention was that another thing that happened to me lately was that when I'm sleeping I feel like there's a spirit standing straight over me and watching me. It kind of creeps me out. And another (not so disturbing thing that happened) is my dog rarely ever sleeps with me and he whined and absolutely begged to sleep with me which made me think something was wrong. That's all I can really say and I don't really know how to help but I seemed to help my friend Heather_Mystery learn more about things like this and I might be able to find some way of helping people but I don't know much about things like this myself so if I can help I'll try.

Best Wishes,
Heather_Mystery (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
Hi. I'm thirteen and hve always sensed spirits in places in nature when I was little, like the water or a tree. They always felt old and light and good, so I never spent much thought on them. Now that I'm getting older I'm starting to feel...more. When I get out of the bathroom I occasionaly sense a dark, bad man standing outside the door, glaring at me. He never gets inside my room though, only stands outside the door just glaring. I don't know what he looks like, I can only sense his energy, feel that he is there somehow. At night I often feel a chill and see the shadow of a young woman dressed in gowns of silver walkin thro the hall outside my room and then vanishing. Again I can't see her face, only feel her energy. It is light and sad and she never enters my room. I can often feel eyes from my closet, but not the person behind them. Then there is the spirit I constantly sense is near. He is a younger gentlman, but not that young. He is in his young thirties. 31-35 years old. He's always walking or standing near me, whether I am in my room, or at school or outside. He always feels conforting and stable. Again, I cannot see his facial features, only sense his presence. My father died before I was born, so I would like to think it is him, but I don't know that for a fact. But I do believe the man is my spirit guide.
one time a friend of mine slept over. Out of nowhere she was feeling along the wall and swore that it had moved. It was a warning I believe for not long after I felt a prickly sensation along my back. Then I felt someone's hand tapping on my shoulder. I freaked and screamed "get it off! Make it go away!" and tried to brush it off my shoulder. I had never physically felt a spirit before. I needed some comfort food so I got up to go out of the room. There was the threatening spirit glaring at me from outside my door and the Spirit Guide by my LEFT side (he has appeared at both my sides tho). Gathering my courage I tried to move towards the door to get to the kitchen, but my feet would not move. I swear I told my brain to make them move a thousand times but it wasn't up to me. When I said I would go back to my friend and the sleeping bags my feet moved. To this day I believe my Spirit Guide was trying to protect me from something outside the door.
Hoped this helped,
Heather Mystery

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