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How Can I Find A Mentor And How Can I Develop These Gifts?


Before going into my own experiences, I wanted to give a bit of history about my family. I think that my brother, one of my sisters, and I have inherited some abilities from my father.

My father has knack for being able to size an individual's personality really well after a very short acquaintance. He can tell whether or not he likes a person or not right off the bat. He can just know whether someone has good or bad intentions, and whether or not they are sincere and honest. He describes them as sorts of vibes. He has also had an unusual amount of experiences with seeing ghosts, or having dreams of departed family and friends.

My eldest sister has the same sort of intuition. She also told me once that she could see auras, but she doesn't like to talk about it, so I don't know much of her experiences.

My brother sees spirits, and can hear them speak sometimes. One time, while studying abroad in France, he had the spirit of a frantic young woman throw him out of bed. She was screaming, crying, and pleading with him to help her. Usually though, he says they go about without realizing they exist on another plane, or that we exist on our own.

I have some mixed abilities that lie between my father and my brother. I have seen a few ghosts and spirits, but only a handful of times, and never as clearly as my brother sees them. Usually they are fuzzy and blurry for me while his are in sharp focus. I have seen "shadow people" twice, and a whitish blurry spirit once.

But mostly I get vibes from places and people, and on a rare occasion from objects. It's like a buzz, a tingle, or a chill. Kind of like how the air feels before a thunder storm, except that that atmosphere is neutral. Imagine that kind of energy, but magnified, and imbued with a particular emotion, or sometimes a conflict of emotions.

In my teens and younger, I used to have an unusual amount of lucid dreams. I even had once where I woke up confused and disoriented, because I thought an entire day had passed. But my lucid dreams are incredibly life-like. I can feel and touch things as if I were waking. Often I had dreams of flying, or having my teeth fall out. But mostly they were dreams of running away from something unidentifiable. But I could feel the wind in my hair, the chill of the night, the crunch of loose teeth in my mouth. The taste and texture of blood in my mouth, or dripping down my leg if I had tripped and cut myself. One nightmare I had I dreamt someone was in my room pulling me out of bed. It felt so real and I was so frightened I had to sleep in my parent's room that night.

I read a post by leyxxbibye, and I identified with the traits she listed.

I am sensitive to other's emotions, especially when their emotions are turbulent, and even if they do not show it on the outside. I feel like a sponge. When people are angry I feel like they are "shouting" at me with their energy. Other times I get very negative vibes from people that make feel like they might be dangerous, although they have given me no reason to think so. Other people may make me feel at ease and I know I can trust them even if I don't know them. Others I may be wary or distrustful of, though they have given me no reason. Sometimes I feel a bit crazy for feeling like this toward people I don't know, but I usually tend to trust my instincts. But these feelings again, are accompanied by that buzz, by that sense of electricity coming from them. Its not something I feel has arisen from me analyzing their words or actions. I feel like that sort of intuition is separate from this other kind of knowledge.

I can't say that I know when things happen before they do, unless its something that someone does with intention. For example, I'll anticipate an e-mail or a call from a friend that I haven't spoken to in months or years. I'll just start thinking about them a lot, and then I'll know that there is an e-mail in my in box, or a message on my phone. But its usually only people I've had really close intimate friendships with. Other times I'll feel impelled to call a family member or a friend, and they'll often tell me, "Oh, I was just thinking about you."

When people are upset or in distress I feel absolutely compelled to help them feel better, even if they are strangers. And more often than not, I find myself the ear to someone's venting and steam-letting. I'll feel satisfied that I helped them, but I feel psychically drained afterward. This sort of drained-feeling led me to be more of a loner in my twenties than in my teens. Toward the end of my teens I just felt that I couldn't recharge fast enough to keep up with so many people's emotional states. I also tend to have an eclectic group of friends, who don't really mesh well with each other.

When I watch television or movies, I always cry at sentimental or painful scenes. Very gruesome or graphic scenes will more often than not make me change the channel or leave the room. It's kind of embarrassing, and I'm teased for it, but I can't help it.

I also understand what people are thinking/feeling before they tell me. But usually its more of the feelings and thoughts people would rather not share. Sometimes I'll ask in particular if something is bothering them, and they deny it, but usually after a couple of prods they admit their distress to me. Its only when they haven't admitted something to themselves and I ask, do they get uncomfortable. The more time I've spent with someone, the more I am able to pick up on more subtle or mellow flavors of emotion.

Some people do make me sick to my stomach when I am near them, though they have given me no reason to feel to so. I can't explain it in a logical way. But some others feel warm and luminous. They are not only enjoyable personalities; they feel as if they radiate warmth.

The same goes for some places. I don't get vibes from every place I go; only certain places and they're not usually places I've had personal experiences in. I may just be passing through. But some "scream" and "yell" at me, and I want to get the hell out of there, others may make me cringe or cry for no obvious reason. I recently went on a tour, and when I stepped into a space, I said to myself "someone has died here, violently" right before the tour guide told us two people were shot to death. The thought was accompanied by a sort of electric chill. When I do get these chills they occur specifically at the back of my neck and the back and top of my head.

Often my fingers will get cold or numb. Other places make me feel filled with love and peace, especially out in the wilderness. If I'm really frazzled and emotionally drained, a few nights out camping restores me, and I feel balanced again.

One trait that Leyxx said really hit home for me, and that is "having this "voice" in your head telling you not to do or say certain things and to stay away from certain people, objects or places." Its not really a voice, but a sense of knowing. I find myself telling myself to say or do something in particular that someone else wants. I really have to be aware to catch myself in the act of picking up and receiving this information. If I sense someone is unhappy or angry with me, I seem to know what to say or what to do to get in their good graces. But often, this ends up pleasing them, and upsetting me. I hate that I feel like I compromise myself to make someone else feel better, so that I can feel better, by getting their "inner-voice" to stop "yelling" at me.

About 9 years ago I had something really traumatic happen to me, and I shut down emotionally, and a lot of these gifts kind of went dormant. But now that that wound is healing, I find myself these gifts waking up again. Can anyone give me any advice as to how to develop these gifts? And can anyone define them for me? I know that I seem to have empathetic abilities, but I'm not sure what else to describe these abilties as, or if they can be described more specifically. Who can I turn to find someone to help me mentor me through growing these abilties?

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MichelleSM (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-30)
This post is a few years old but I was trying to find a mentor as well and don't know where to go any suggestions?
TIGERKING (2 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-07)

Hello. If your interested in a good book. Try reading ZHUAN FALUN. It is completely free to download off the internet, and explains everything. Just a suggestion.
JessicaD27 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-07)
I would love to know what books are good. I myself had someone I thought would mentor me and they told me a lot of things and then I never got to speak with them again so I was left terrified and just as confused. I grew up seeing shadows and having feelings. I would love to have help developing my abilities and aso how to protect myself.
ohreally (1 stories) (68 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-07)
If you are gifted, have you ever stopped to think, why you? Where did my gifts come from? Who grants these gifts to some and not all? Try God. If you are gifted, it is God given. Don't you think you should be asking Him what he wants you to do with the gift He has given you. I can guarantee it is not telling fortunes and being on a ghost show. If you do not seek God about these gifts, unwanted thing will seek you out to exploit the. Pray, read your Bible, talk to God and He will bless you anf guide you, ignore Him and it can get misserable.
Winter_Lilly (12 stories) (86 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-07)
You are starting to let yourself grow into your psychic abilities once again. I can answer any questions you may have on empaths, empathy, etc. I posted a topic of information that should be up in a couple days on this very website and I will send you the link if you wish.
MirrorsO (1 stories) (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-07)
Having a mentor to explain things to you is good, but I have to admit that the best mentors you could have is a guide and/or your higher self. In having a mentor you could quite possibly tap into your guide's energy and begin to have a more especialized kind of training and understanding.
HaVeN (guest)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
I understand you. I can be your mentor. I have all the abilities you talk about. You can email me any time any day any hour. My email is on my profile page.

Love HaVeN 😊 ❤ 😆
sweetz (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
There are a lot of books on Amazon on how to develop your abilities and control them. You should try that and learn how to protect yourself from any negative feelings others give off.

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