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I Have Deja Vu All The Time


I have an inordinate amount of vivid Deja vu's. They most often occur during conversation, but also happen during certain social or personal events. A typical conversation deja vu is characterized by the start of a particular conversation triggering my deja vu. I will literally remember an exact dream (and often when and where I dreamt it) where this conversation occurred and know exactly what the next line of dialogue will be in the conversation. I more often find this amusing rather than scary and am almost proud of myself when my predicted dialogue comes true. It is a "I KNEW IT" moment I have secretly with myself. Dialogue is not the only prediction that occurs during a single deja vu. I know what is going to happen next in the background and often have moment that say "huh, I though she was wearing a green hat, not brown" to the lady walking past at the exact moment of the deja vu.

Most often, the event deja vu is characterized by me knowing what is going to happen next during an often mundane moment in life. These are less vivid than the conversation deja vus in that I don't know what will happen next, but have an overwhelming knowing that I have seen this exacty moment in time before. Often I do remember having a dream about the event, although cannot give you the time and place like the conversation deja vu's.

The deja vu occurrences happen at varying rate. I will have many in a week and then not experience any for more than six months. I once had a Buddhist monk tell me that many Deja vu's mean that I am "on the right path" and to be weary if I don't have many. I tend to live by this rule, as for some reason it made sense to me. Decisions I have made that follow this rule have, thus far, turned out the be good ones. I am not sure what this means and have never considered myself to by psychic by any means, but just thought I should catalog these very normal experiences for me, but in talking to others apparently not normal for everyone else.

On a side note, my intuition is strong too. I know when people are in trouble before I get the call and whether or not they are okay. Also, I know less dire situations, such as when a friend is engaged, pregnant, divorced, adopted a pet, or simply had a good thing happen to them. I don't know what this means, but have learned to just accept it and listen to it.

Also, perhaps unrelated, I see vivid colors and, less often, images when I close my eyes. Also, I have seen many ghosts, but find myself scared of them and will them away or ignore them.

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ebrass88 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-07)
You've explained almost EXACTLY what I have experienced myself for years. I'm only in my early twenties, but I've had repetitive deja vu since I was about 11. The first time I had any sort of experience was with "guessing." I was watching a movie that I had never seen before, about a little native american boy being Americanized and receiving a proper name. Before the dialogue in the movie said it, I shouted out, "Joshua!" and I was completely amazed!

I have deja vu dreams all the time... Always mundane conversations or situations, but I know immediately when I dreamt that it happened. I also know when things are going to happen to people close to me. I knew when my boyfriend was going to get into his car accident. I had a feeling of "dread" I guess you could say, and I had this overwhelming feeling of stalling him somehow, but I didn't. Ten minutes later, he totalled his car. I first realized this when I was 11 as well, when my grandmother was in and out of the hospital around Christmas time. She went in for bronchitis, and two days before the New Year came, a thought popped into my head that said "She's not going to make it much longer." Mind you, I had not seen her in the hospital the last time, and she was doing very well when I saw her last, so I knew that her physical condition did not sway this thought into an opinion. I replied to my thought with "please just let her make it to the New Year." For some reason, we did not call her on New Year's Eve as we usually did, and we got a phone call at 10 AM New Year's day from a family member that she had passed shortly after midnight.

Those are just a couple examples, but I wanted to tell you that you're not alone. I've kind of toyed with my ability since my boyfriend's accident last year, and have come to a conclusion in my case. If I say it out loud, it doesn't happen. If I keep it to myself, it does. It's kind of a cool way to "control your fate" for lack of a better term. Unfortunately, similar to popular belief, you can't prevent fate altogether, it just changes the timeline a bit. I realized this when I was driving home one night from work.

I work very late, and got that sinking feeling in my stomach and a thought came to my head saying "be careful. Something's going to happen to you tonight." So, taking every precaution, thinking I was going to hit a deer, I paid close attention to the road, and put the radio on silently. I drove along for a while, and just when I thought the coast was clear, I got pulled over by the police for speeding. I wasn't even speeding! I'm still glad, though, because I didn't get hurt. Goes to show you, though.

My boyfriend is now a firm believer in my ability, and he takes my "paranoid" phone calls very seriously, haha.

I'm glad you mentioned the Buddhist monk - I'm definitely going to start living by that rule, as well.

I'm not sure if you do anything to hone your skills, but I do a lot of meditating and am dabbling in astral projection. In my case, it's very easy for me to see things happen when I'm in a deep meditation- people I don't know doing random things. I'm not sure if I'm half dreaming, or what, but I get the same result when I fall asleep now. I can also lucid dream and laugh/talk in my sleep. Definitely makes the boy laugh!

As for the spirits, I feel them, too. Some are hostile, some are playful, and some are lost. I encountered one in an apartment basement that hated me. He was going to trip my friend down the stairs and he told me... So of course I told my friend. I said it out loud, and it never happened. Coincidence? I'd like to think not, but who knows! Silly things also happen to me - electronics turn on, orbs show up in videos, the list goes on.

If you're still reading this, I commend you. I was just so excited someone has exactly the same thing I do! My advice would be to embrace it- and as for the spirits, don't let them scare you. I've had them stand at the end of my bed for hours in the middle of the night. They still freak me out a bit, but verbally tell them that they are not welcome and they usually will hide in a closet or something. They can't hurt you unless you let them. I practice not being afraid by watching scary movies or ghost hunters in the dark. Trust me, I'm still a scaredy cat, but it seems a lot worse on television compared to a couple little things happening to you. And plus, you can always tell a friend that a ghost knocked your glass over or whatever. Makes you sound like a true psychic!

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