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Deja Vu And Bad Feelings After


Right before my step-dad and father got into a huge fight, I had a dream the night before that something was going to happen. Not sure what but something bad. And then BAM! The next day it did. They fought, well my father did, my step-dad defended.

That was when I was younger but quite recently I have been getting a huge sense of déjà vu again. I don't know why. I've had these experiences since I turned 12 and it's getting to the point where I don't know what's going to happen after the déjà vu, like something bad or good, or just something that always happens, just I feel creeped out after every one like someone is there watching me. Making me feel this way mostly, almost like they control my emotions because these emotions don't feel like mine at all.

And also I feel like someone watches me at random times. At school and at home, even when I'm out with my parents. Since I just moved into my new house with my grandparents, it's happened at the new house so what? Is there a ghost or am I just paranoid? Could I be feeling what others are at the time after the déjà vu's? What is going to happen to me if I'm getting that bad feeling again and my family get's hurt? I just don't want to be the cause of any of this and I'm honestly scared.

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JordanTayler (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-15)
😐 can someone please help me? I would really like advice! Please?

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