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Freddie: Could This Be Communication?


This may be a little long, but things have happened to me of late, and I am hoping for theories as to what this might be. I will just come straight out with it. Recently I became obsessed with the band Queen, and consequently, Freddie Mercury. I am autistic, so getting an obsession is nothing new, and part of who I am. It should be mentioned (it is relevant to my story) that my previous obsession was King Richard III. Through this obsession with Richard, I met two ladies on the internet, with whom I became good friends in real life. I will refer to them as S and J. We, as a group all thought it was weird how Richard III had brought us all together so strongly, and as my friendship with them developed, I discovered they also had obsessions with Freddie Mercury. Both S and J explained how he had made a huge impact on their lives, and now he was becoming important in mine. I joked that Richard III and Freddie were friends in the afterlife, as King and Queen.

Me, S and two others had gone to stay at J's house. We had been listening to Queen songs all day in the car, during our Richard III themed day out, and when we got back to J's, S put on her DVD of Queen, and we sat and watched, talking about Freddie. For some unknown reason, out other friend was recording us all giggling at Freddie's bulge on screen (immature, I know!) and as she filmed, suddenly she cried out that there were light anomalies on the film. Our friend can be dramatic, so I watched it sceptically, assuming it would be dust. However, it seemed to be balls of light bouncing around the room behind us, and as one went past the mirror, you could actually see its reflection. I looked around, and saw one with the naked eye, my sighting confirmed by S, who said 'did you see that light too?' Later, everyone had gone to bed, and it was just me and S sitting at the dining table. As we spoke about Freddie, S suddenly asked if the room was abnormally hot. I was just about to say no, when I also felt a burning feeling across my top half, and shoulders. S had felt the same thing, and said it came with a positive feeling. I agreed, and she said 'what if it's Freddie?'

The next day, we all went on an outing to Bosworth, where Richard III met his end. As we got back in the car, and drove down the lane near the site of Richard's doomed cavalry charge, the Queen song Lily of the Valley played with the lyrics 'My kingdom for a horse' which is obviously from Shakespeare's Richard III. The rest of the song mentions a king losing his throne. We had already joked about the connection between the two, so this was kind of spooky to us.

Since the trip, other things have happened. I was dreaming once, and woke up and got the sense it was Freddie there - don't ask me how - I just got a feeling. I sat up in the dark and asked if it was. Immediately I got the shoulder warmth feeling I'd got at J's house. On another occasion, S and I synchronised a Queen DVD - we live far apart but still wanted to watch together. I felt the same warmth, and a while later, she too reported it. Another time, I was watching Queen in concert alone, when I got the warm feeling again. I whispered 'If that is you Freddie, touch my leg', but before I finished saying it, I thought I felt something ping my tights. Finally, the strangest experience to date was when we tried to sync Queen DVDs again - we both wanted to watch the video to Liar. I began to get electrical disturbances on my TV - the DVD wouldn't play, and when I put it in my laptop, the whole thing switched off. S, in her home had a similar thing - her computer screen kept going blank. A while later, when my own computer finally rebooted, an internet window opened up... Playing Queen's Liar from YouTube, which scared me a bit. All our technology was working fine the next day.

So, ultimately, what I want to know, is what this is all about. Is Freddie trying to communicate with us? Why would this happen? Do we have mediumistic abilities (both of us have had strange things happen to us in the past, not ghosts, just strange things like this)? I am confused about how I feel about this - why would a famous person choose us, seeing as there are many people who feel Freddie has made a mark on their lives. I have no idea if I should start trying to communicate back, as I don't know what to expect.

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Zoop (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-08)
I find it weird that when people share an obsession with someone, those same people often share another obsession with you too, as if you're drawn to the same people. My group of friends I mentioned in my story are also interested in Tudors as well as Wars of the Roses and Queen!

There have been a few more odd things that I can sort of add to my story, such as when I do a random google search, it often leads to Freddie or Richard III, even if the search topic had nothing to do with them. One time I was looking at photos of Freddie, but the link led to one of my artworks on another site, and not the photo of Freddie... Very odd that a photo of him should link to that webpage, when I have never mentioned him on there, nor does it have that image on it.

So glad no one so far has called me crazy!
WordsAreMeaningless (19 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-25)
I've only read a few lines so far... I'm quite taken with this article. I'm obsessed with Freddie and Queen too. Their lyrics speak to me on another level, whether the song was written by Freddie or not.

Furthermore, I found myself taken with Richard III at school and The Battle of Bosworth struck chords with me that I never understood. I don't remember much about it any more, but as a kid I was obsessed with that part of history. I visited the Bosworth Field and felt much recognition. Following those studies we studied the Tudors and I have fond memories of those classes.

On my last visit to a psychic (LAST WEEK) they asked me about the 1400s. I think they were hinting I'd had a past life. I googled the 1400s wondering what happened that century... The Battle of Bosworth of course.
Zoop (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-28)
Thanks for the reply. I think all my friends are sensitive to spirits, as we have all had different feelings in the past.

I totally felt mad writing this post, but you are right, why not?! I think perhaps meeting two people who feel the same connection to him perhaps brought down his energy. Well that is one theory.
Hecate0 (152 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-18)
Hi Zoop. I think it is possible it is Freddy. Why not? Right? Obsession is a powerful thing, especially if you have psychic abilities of some kind, and it sounds like you and your friends are sensitive. Always protect yourself, asking for protection from whatever powers you believe in. I feel spirit guides near me who I ask. Once you have done that, you and your friends could try to ask him questions. I would even ask if he has any message for the world. I also love Queen and still feel sad that we lost Freddy so early. Protect yourself, then try. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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