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My Friend And I See Ghosts, Future, Emotions


I've been feeling things since I was very young, especially deja vu. When I was 10, my mom showed me the first picture I ever saw of my great-grandfather, who died 20 years before I was born, and instantly I recognized him and knew his name. When I was 5, my dad drove us past a building in the middle of town. I pointed to it and said, "That's where mommy works, right?" I didn't know why I said that, because my mom worked from home. The words just flew out of my mouth, My dad surprised me by saying, "No, but she did work there many years ago. Did she tell you that?" She hadn't which confused him but eventually he let it go.

Whenever I play games, I can sense who will win even if the odds are against that person, which makes me feel like a cheater. I've taken tests in school I swear I'd seen before (which makes me feel guilty when I get a 100), and I can feel other peoples emotions. Sometimes, I'll be happy as can be, and suddenly a person walks by and I feel miserable, or vice versa. It can be very confusing, and my parents think I'm just an extremely moody person, but that's not true, because if you ask anyone who knows me well they'll tell you I'm a very shy, quiet and reserved person, rarely displaying my feelings like that. It's weird, because sometimes I don't just get there feelings, but their thoughts, too, which makes me feel invasive and mean. I can't control this and it's starting to really bug me. This all started when I was about 7.

At that point I started to realize that something just wasn't normal about what I could do. I stopped playing the games I used to with my friends, one of which was called Fairy World, where we pretended we were pixies from an alternate dimension (we were in elementary school, don't blame me), because after a game I got mad at my friend and suddenly lightning struck the house next to hers on a day that was bright and sunny. The same thing happened when I was 11, and after fighting with my friends a thunderstorm suddenly rolled in and struck her chimney, sending a brick flying and destroying the bike she'd just gotten for her birthday. After that, I started holding my feelings in and becoming less social, because if I didn't go near too many people or become friends with too many then I can't hurt them or myself.

Up until recently, I've been feeling pretty alone in my experiences. Ever other day or so, I can feel presences around me, some pleasant and some malicious. Last month, while in the bathroom, I heard a young girl's voice singing, and thinking it was my sister I got out and looked around - but it turned out my sister was at soccer practice. Later that day, I heard the same voice and saw what looked to be a 7-year-old in a long, flowing white dress and with wavy black hair. She seemed so normal, like she was really there, but after I turned away, poof! She was gone.

Recently, I've been suppressing my visions and feelings in order to keep out the chaos in my head. It works, but I get sick and have headaches much more often, and I've already missed 25 days of school this year. Whenever I go to the doctor, they can't diagnose it as anything but anxiety. I don't want to fail school (28 days is the limit) but without suppressing these feelings everything is so confusing!

Last week, a friend of mine pulled me into the bathroom from our usual group at lunch to tell me something. She told me that she could see spirits, good and bad ones. She said that a few times a week, she'll get a vision of a person and how they died, and then she'll have a telepathic communication with them and try to figure out what they're doing there. She's seen a woman drowning, a man killing his family and himself, an elderly man having a heart attack and a dog who was hit by a car. Finally, there's someone who I can talk to about this! She and I would both like to learn what our experiences mean and why they are happening.

*Please reply soon, because she's been trying to talk to her family about this and they've responded by giving her psych evals. If you know her, she is a smart, sensible and realistic person who just has paranormal experiences. Help please!*

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Show_Me (guest)
12 years ago (2012-04-28)
You have 3 abilities.

1. You absorb people/spirits emotions, energy, and feelings
2. You have a little bit of reading people ability.
3. What ever you say is powerful and it will happen or scare off people.

In the case of #1, There are good things about this ability and bad. The bad part is when you absorb it, you feel mostly everything and in some cases it can make you ill and painful. I have a friend who has this ability and she is constantly ill or in pain to the point where she is in bed recovering. In this stage you feel so drained.

#2. You have a little ability of reading people. You can tap into this if you concentrate and relax. In this case, you are not suppose to be reading people without their permission. Kind of like how psychics cannot say somethings to people due to rules and laws in the spiritual world.

#3. Be careful about what you say. You need to control your anger. My sister has this ability too and she learned how to control it. Your words are so powerful that anything you say can hurt people and you will feel that people will avoid you due to your ability.

When you and your friend is ready to tell your family, please do. If you are not, it's okay. When you feel comfortable you can. It's always good to be open with family members. If they support you great, if not it's okay. You do what you want to do to help yourself.

For my experience before I knew I had this ability/gift, I went through a lot of things, like suicide, constantly depressed, getting on people's nerves or people getting on my nerves, I couldn't control my temper, and etc...

If you need guidance just ask. I'm sure everyone on this site will help.
sinfire777 (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-29)
id also like to say, don't ever blame yourself for not helping people. You can't help everyone all the time. As long as you help yoursefl and others, only when its WITIN YOUR means of doing so, its good. But trying to help everyone does no good at all. Because if you take on to much who will help you? There's not always another psychic around the corner. Adn just because your a psychicn doesn't mean your alone, ever. People may not believe it, but just letting people know your sad. And not TELLING THEM everything, is ok. And above all. TRUST yourself. If you think somethings a bad idea, then it is. Don't try to convince yourself something is a good idea when its not. Trust your best judgment. And never hate. Never blame. And always be wise, and keep kindness in your heart. But be aware that you can't trust and tell EVERYBODY everything. Not everybody is good, but not everybody is bad either.
sinfire777 (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-29)
well. Seems to me your very intune with your ability. I believe everything your saying of course. But that doesn't mean others suddenly will. That's the first thing you must realize and be OKAY with. Its okay for others to not be aware of all that exists. I know it may feel like a burden, you probably felt. WELL why MUST I see it, WHY. It can seem unfair. But hey. Its okay. You chose this life. Just as others, just as all people chose their lifes befor they ended up here. (you live infinite lives) (we always have) so first. Please be okay with this.

Next what I want to tell you is how to relax and control, YES, 100 percent CONTROL. Your ability. Seeing a ghost, (which I know isn't exaclty fun or scary either, but just not fun.) isn't something we look for. I mean who the hell wants to do that. Ha so. You need to learn how to stop or prevent that. FIRST you must get rid of any doubt that your not confident. Stop yourself from spooking yourself out. If you keep thinking about spooky stuff, or negative energy, or depressing emotions. Naturally you, YES YOU. Influence what happens. As a psychic whos very emotional myself at times. You gotta learn how to calm yourself down. And how to think about letting yourself get freaked out doesn't help anything.

If you feel a lot of emotion at times, like if your swear its like you are taking others emotions like (depression) its because you are. That's what's happening. As a psyhic, you have the ability to absorb energy. Because your awaare of it. Energy is emotion, thoughts, people, its literally everything. That's why if you focus on it you draw it in.

Suround yourself in beauty, in joy, in happy music. Whatever you feel helkps you release negative meotion. Stay away from people who you feel are bad. Or just depressed all the time. Because you absorb that negative goop around them. And then your left to deal with it. So you gotta stay clear of that

Nobody is meant to suffer, that's not the purpose of life. You didn't come here to feel this way and let these problems effect you. You can here to find peace and happiness, for yourself and others. Your here to help others, just as others are here to help you.

Iv aware of my psyhic ability since I was 7. I'm 19. I can tell you iv been super scared befor, depressed, full of other peoples emotions that gave me headaches,... All that undesirable goop. I went through. But I got older. I stopped being afraid. I started taking better care of myself. I avoided bad people, I listened to my emotions, my thouhgts, my dreams, and I started surrounding myself with good positive things and thoughts.

All that is what can help you, its the most basic thing to deal with, yet the hardest. Psychic ability can do wonderful things. You can help people in ways they NEVER believed could happen. But first you must HELP yourself.

For your friend. I recommend you tell her to not say a word to her family then about hat she shes. And that you two help eachother focus on the good. But most of all think about taking care fo yourself. And tell her the same. Its hard but its hurts. People won't believe in psychics all there life. Because they choose. But for those who do. Know better than to try and prove it to them. Others will be aware of this side of life once they are ready. You may be. But others may not. Remember that. And remember that it is OKAY do do that.
Tiffanie (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-29)
I have the same gifts but not to that extent. You're very powerful. Personally I feel people's energy (emotions) and depending on the person in able to read there minds to an extent. I'm also able to read a person like a book at times, If I focus myself. I've dealt with the paranormal too but I can't see the spirits. Just talked to them mainly. You and your friend have extrodanry gifts. The fact that you're able to channel the environment around you is amazing, I've never heard of that happening to anyone before. Don't be afraid of your gifts and don't look at them as annoying. You have these gifts for a reason, you were chosen to have them. So I say accept them and find the reason why you were chosen to have them. Also if I can give you any advice, I've found that realizing and telling myself that the feelings and emotions I get from other people arnt mine an that it's not like me to be feeling this way, helps me get back to my previously happy mood. Best of luck, must your days be filled with light and love.

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