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Brutal Death?


I've been deeply troubled the past few days. I had an extremely realistic nightmare. I was in a deep sleep and all of a sudden I was outside at night. My neighborhood looked the same as it does in real life, all but one house at the corner of a dead end. It was now a little local buffet restaurant so I went in to check it out. There were a few people inside eating but as I looked around there was no food at any of the buffet stands. I remember feeling really nervous slightly anxious and continued walking through the narrow shop. At the far end just before the exit I looked down into an ice bed for fruit only to find a dead body wrapped in plastic beneath the ice cubes. I was terrified and left the shop immediately out the back door.

As soon as I stepped out the door I found myself on a set of train tracks mid day in a golden wheat field. There were other men looking around the tracks for something. So I naturally looked down and couldn't believe my eyes. I was overwhelmed with joy to see fine polished gold bricks slightly covered by gravel. When I looked up all the men had instantly appeared just feet from where I was crouched down and an old fashioned train car was now on the tracks. The men had hostile attitudes and all of a sudden I was being shot at by them. I returned fire eliminating all the men outside and jumped on the old train car to get away.

The old car jolted forward as it began to move along the tracks. When I looked around the car disappeared and instantly I was inside of an old house. Men came rushing out of random doors at me trying to kill me as I mowed them down with machine gun fire. After the last man fell I was out of rounds and I retreated to a back room only to find myself alone defenseless with a tall man.

He had a silver platter with a long finely sharpened knife. I remember telling myself to grab the knife as I heard him with a lifeless voice tell me to try and take the knife from him. Just before I went to reach for it he grabbed the knife and stabbed me right through the side of my neck. He then disappeared through the doorway leaving me with the knife in my neck. I could feel the knife in me as I turned and saw my own face in the mirror. I watched as the life drained from my face and my eyes glazed over. I remember asking myself "why is this happening to me?" And then I woke up terrified and my neck was incredibly sore at the exact points where the knife was in my dream.

Is it possible that things like this can affect the physical body? I feel as though if I didn't wake up when I did I may have died in my sleep. Is it possible that I could have witnessed my death in another life? It all seemed so real and the fact that the pain woke me up and continued to hurt my neck for about 30 seconds boggles my mind.

Has these sort of things ever happened to anyone before and what could this mean for me. It has been bothering me and I find it hard to fall asleep now.

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