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Owls And Death


I don't know maybe I am truly crazy. There are many things that I can not explain. If you get confused then your like me. First I have two things I am terrified of. Owls, and long or tall bridges and most definitely a low water bridge. I have never had a bad experience with a bridge. Its just the thought of a bridge that terrifies me to death.

The owl fear is validated by every time and I mean EVERY time I hear one of those ugly creatures some I know WILL die. I never know who, when or how but someone will die. My grandfather who was battling Cancer for 2 years had an owl in the tree behind his house from the time he got bad until the day he died and I have not heard it since. 4 students that I went to high school have died in the last few years and the day before every death I have heard an owl and now I will breakdown and cry and call loved ones and tell them to be careful. I have even heard the damn owls during the day. Now that is strange if you ask me. I hate the sit of an owl.

I also have the ability to tell when I'm about to receive a text or phone on my cell. Ill get this random thought To grab my phone. And within a second or two it will ring. Sometimes ill think of the person and then get a call or something. Strange right?

And I have so many cases of deja vu its really becoming annoying. I guess it would be deja vu. Ill be doing something and out of no where just think I have been hear before and the very same thing will happen, the same person will say the same joke or comment and wear the same thing. Like the same thing has happened before but in another time like a negative of a picture or something.

Can anyone explain any of this to me? Is it normal or should I see a shrink or something?

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spazchicken (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-13)
My aunt, 3 years ago, dreamed of an owl hooting a couple days before my dad died. I dreamed of a Raven 2 days before my grandpa passed. I dreamed of two, white sea anemones (Sea anemones are death symbols) in milk and a month later found out that I was pregnancy with twins, and they had died around the time of that dream. Death symbols are definitely real and I fully respect them.
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-13)
i sense that these dreams are manifestations of your fear of water, drowning etc. However, dreams can carry messages to us. Perhaps you are overwhelmed right now with like financial problems. You feel like you are "drowning in debt." that would be the symbolic intepretation of your dream. Perhaps your boyfriend is experiencing the same type of thing or at least in your mind he is.

It is hard for people to determine whether a dream is prophetic or symbolic or sometimes even both. How I can tell if my dreams are prophetic is that after I have the dream there will be things that happen that pertain to my dream. Let's use the boating accident for now. If you see a sign showing boat sales the next day you might have had a premonition. If you see a sign for a lake nearby that might also be one. If you see more signs pertaining to your dream- you better pay attention.

However some of my prophetic dreams have symbols in them and they come to pass very soon. One night I dreamed there were rattlesnakes all over my backyard. I live in illinois. They were trying to bite me but just missed. They were mad at me. The next day I went into work and my boss called me into his office. Seems I had screwed up an order BIG TIME and sales and the office staff were all mad at me. They didn't BITE me but you see what I mean.

In this case your fear of water, bridges etc is a manifestation in your dream. It doesn't mean you are going to die that way. A good book for interpreting dreams is The Element Encyclopedia of 20, 000 Dreams by theresa cheung. Check it out.

Love and Light...Always
Kandz0405 (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-12)
I forgot to add that about two weeks ago I was driving to a patients house (I am a home health nurse) and the road was a four lane but one side was closed so it was only a two lane and on the other side was a big covered bridge that the middle was cut out (they are replacing the bridge) and it was kind of scary and usually I only look straight ahead. But for whatever reason I looked at the bridge and that night I had a VERY vivid dream I was driving and came to that bridge and went right off the edge and first seen my car from the other side and it was like in slow motion then I seen from the drivers seat and the water was coming in and the radio was on I could hear music then but don't remember what song. Then water started coming in and I woke up.

I also a few years ago had a dream about my boyfriend falling out of a boat but its like I seen it from his eyes and for whatever reason he couldn't swim and the water just came over him and the light got farther and farther and I could see everyone In the boat standing over looking down at him.

What do these mean? Is this how we will die?
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-12)
i'm not a big fan of bridges either but that is a rational fear-- not being crazy. A bridge collapsing over water, drowning etc it ain't a pretty picture.

Owls can mean many things- they can mean that someone will die soon or even cheat death. My mother went in for surgery and I couldn't get any psychic info on the outcome. My psychic abilities usually don't work for myself or my family for some reason. The night before her surgery, an owl perched itself on the highest point on my roof and hooted several times. When I looked this up I found this meant that she was going to cheat death... And she did. The surgeon accidentally tore open her vena cava (biggest vein in the human body) and before they could sew it shut she had lost 7 pints of blood which they replaced. Soo... Don't hate anything. We don't need anymore hate in the world.

Anticipating phone calls and deja vu are forms of a psychic ability called precognition.

If that is crazy then I should have been committed a LONG time ago.

Love and Light... Always

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