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So here's my second story and if you wish to read about me and my life you can go to my profile and click on the story "Heartless Tragedies and Dark Beginnings".

This story is about my experiences when I go out on walks. Lots of weird things have happened to me when I go alone but I'll just write about these recent two.

One day I took my dog Abby to the park. Now I climbed the fence into the back part which is illegal but it's my safe place and I love it there so I always sneak in. It's full of cherry blossoms other tall trees, huge grass areas, old Victorian houses which no one lives in, a giant grove of trees, and lastly what looks like a crumbling old castle made of stones. It also has a gazebo, I think it's called where people get married, which I sit under and read.

I sat down to read on that cloudy day and let Abby off the leash and let her run freely. An hour into this and the sun is going down all the crows around me go crazy. Making such horrible sounds, which I hope to never hear again. [side note] I love crows they follow me everywhere and I take it as a comfort. So I called Abby to me and picked her up as everything around us went into chaos.

I stayed under the gazebo because I felt I should, partly because I was scared and partly because I didn't want to see what was going on. All I could see from under there was a bunch of crows flapping around. Now this lasted for a good 10 minutes.

When it finally stopped and all became quiet again I came out and put Abby down but she stuck close to me. I looked around and all the crows were gone and I hear something behind me. I look up and see an owl and it stares down at me. We just stare at each other for I don't know how long because time seemed to stop. Then another owl came. This one looked at me too and I finally was released of the trance.

I walked closer to the old building they were perched on. Then another one came and landed on it but this one had something in its mouth. I got closer and looked at it. Then it finally lifted it up watching me carefully. I completely gasped when I saw it was a crow. I stared at it watching it tear it apart with its beak and claws. I could not help the feeling that the owl was doing this in front of me on purpose.

Finally when it was getting dark I took Abby and ran from that place and went home. I love owls too; they are very beautiful to me. I see them every night and wave to them and when I don't see them I hear their calls. I never before had been scared of them until that moment. Now I have a great respect for them although a tad bit of fear comes along with it.

Now for the second experience. I was out walking Abby and my other dog Shadow. I walked down the normal trail I go and suddenly hear the owls. I turn and look seeing them in a tree looking at me. I continue to walk and then one flies to the right of me landing on a tree and watches me as I walk by. Another lands to the left on another tree and watches me as I walk by. I keep walking a little faster trying to hurry not sure what they were doing.

Then the third flies right over my head almost hitting me and I stop walking. My heart was beating rapidly as it landed ahead of me. Once again I walked by and it watched me. Then I got farther and could no longer hear or see them. I glance to my right and on a rooftop I see one, at first I thought it was one of those fake owls, but then it turned and looked at me. I quickened my pace as I spotted another on another rooftop. When I reached my street and turned around they were gone.

I walked to my house looking around but never seeing them again that night. So yea I thought those experiences were weird and something about them didn't feel normal to me. So what do you guys think?

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giftorcurse68 (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-21)
Wow really freaky about the owls, I had a native friend growing up, and their belief is to see an owl, means a death will happen. To see more than one is not good, so I was told, maybe search internet for owls and native beliefs, hopefully you will get a better meaning.
Beyondananda (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-21)
The sign here is "to use your head" - in other words begin to develop your knowledge and wisdom. Very good books and meditation will do that for you.

Rest in the Palm of Buddha ❤
Impulsive (4 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-16)
Oh the screams are very awful aren't they? There's no way to describe them to people unless they've heard them themselves. That's very interesting about your cousin, I bet that owl was giving you a message.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-16)
I myself have heard the crows screaming. About 4 weeks ago I went camping in New York. Well, I was awoken around 6am to the sounds of screaming crows and they were flapping against the tent. I thought that was odd so I sat up and saw a huge spider inside the tent right above my head. This thing was huge and I was so thankful that they alerted me. So that's how I know why they scream like that and what it sounds like. Maybe they were screaming for help with the owl that attacked one of them. In regards to the owls. A few years ago I was visiting a close relative at the cemetary. I sat down and was telling him about our cousin that lives close by and that I was going to visit them soon. As soon as I mentioned my cousins name a owl flew over and landed infront of me about 6 inches away. I wasn't alarmed because it seems that I get visits from animals if I'm awake or have visions if I'm asleep when someone passes. So, I say to the owl. Are you here to give me a message about my cousin? And, it flies off. Well, as soon as I get home his mom calls me to say that my cousin has suddenly passed. So, that owl could have been him or it could have been the owl giving me the message. Thats my story about owls and crows. Hope it helps.

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