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I'm a freshman in college in the field of computer science. Typically I'm a logical thinker and because of my religious upbringing am doubtful of the supernatural (in the since of psychics and magic and the sorts). This year, however, some really interesting. I don't want to label it as strange. Things have happened to me. Many of these things have brought to my attention things from my past that seemed normal but could easily be labeled as empathic.

It all started this winter. I had not really gotten too close to my roommate and tried avoiding all people in my building. I labeled myself as a loner and was often depressed. I played video games to distract me from the various feelings that I'd usually had. At points in my life I felt that I was going crazy or was just emotionally confused. I'd often try to tell myself that I could not feel emotion but I knew that was not true. My roommate is a typical college student with the exception of sleep walking and sleep talking (I've witnessed both multiple times). So one day my room mate tries to introduce me to other people in the hall. I met one guy who had an interest in computers just as I did and we eventually became friends. Later again he brought more people over and I became closer and closer and eventually completely attached.

One night I came in late (around 12 o'clock) and everyone was still away. They told me that there was going to be a meteor shower and they were going over to the parking deck (really high level deck) to watch it. My logical mind told me that I should stay and go to bed so I'd be rested for the morning, however, for some reason I went (I sometimes have compelling feelings... Which I currently notice more often). At this point I started to observe one of his friends who I thought was strange at first. He was talking with a girl from our building and seemed like he was completely in tune with her. Later that night we went to a construction sight that was had little lighting. While there he claimed he saw spirits (as did she) and wanted to leave. I personally did not feel as afraid (my logical self was thinking. There's no such thing as ghosts) but I did get chills. We continued to the parking deck where he sat next to her and continued to talk to her. After a while I expected to see the meteors but nothing came and I was starting to get a headache. I told my room mate that I was going back to the dorm and he followed me to the elevator. Here he told me something that sparked all of this... He said "I know you are a logical thinker and I'm a very skeptical person but [My friend] said he saw ghosts and also believes that [the girl] is possessed." That seemed like BS to me at the time but the idea kept bothering me. Over time every time she came around I realized that I'd get headaches. I also noticed from the first time I saw her that there was something different about her. I could not say what exactly but she was special. Later my room mate told me that she was "special": a while back she had a sister who was stillborn and she believes that she could hear her sister's words and thoughts.

After this my room mate and I started to become closer and I started hanging out with his friends a lot more. I started to get to know the guy who claimed to see spirits. My room mate eventually trusted me enough to tell me some of his stories. He told me that the guy who could see spirits could also feel what other people feel and could determine attraction. I later find out that this is called Empathy. The idea was really interesting to me and I did a lot of research on it. One night we were drinking in the dorms and a few of our friend were over. It wasn't a secret that the guys empathy got stronger when he drank. It always seemed as if he were in a trance. I witnessed it myself he told one of my friend his deepest and most hidden feelings and thoughts. At this point I fully believed in empathy. The one interesting thing that he told me was "There's someone hidden within you." I did not know what that was supposed to mean at the time but it was important for me to find out. I did more research on empaths and found out some of the traits of an empath. To my surprise all of these traits were also traits of mine. I started to pay more attention and try not to ignore feelings and impressions that my logical mind tried to erase. At one point (this is when I tried experimenting with alcohol) I noticed that my senses were stronger. I could easily look at someone and tell how they were feeling.

About a month into all of this we were snowed in for about a week. There was a new addition to my friends (more about him later) and we had a lot of time to spend near each other. Quite often during this time I'd feel depressed for no reason and I could feel when someone became annoyed or uncomfortable or angry. The only time I felt better is when I took hour long showers with music playing. At times I'd also get a feeling that something bad was going to happen. I think this is just due to the snow. This week was probably when I really realized that I was, if not a complete empath, a medium level empath. I now know it takes some time to train and get used to. I'd think back to my child hood and remember being sensitive to other peoples feelings. I also knew that people who were emotional came to me like a magnet and people would often tell me their problems.

Another interesting thing that my room mate told me (he seems to trust me more and more each day) was of his extreme memory and of his night terrors. He never thought about this but I brought to his attention that it was possible that he was clairvoyant. When he was younger he had to wear a back brace after an injury and he mentioned shocks. This leads me to believe that the night terrors and the increase in "memory" (or perhaps being able to see the past) were a result in an alteration in his mind allowing him to be clairvoyant. He told me that the night terrors involved time travel and destruction. I'm still not completely sure about the meaning but I believe that it might be significant.

Currently me and my room mate took in more people to our dorm. The guy I mentioned earlier lives with us. For some reason I always feel a deeper connection to him (as did my room mate did to the guy who could see spirits). There has been many occasions where I could clearly read him. I always feel like I could tell him anything and not be judged. We also have experienced a lot of psychic events around each other. For example one night we were talking about empathy. We were sitting across from each other on the floor and I was staring at the wall. I could see an image on the wall as if something was draw there in electric blue. I traced the wall and asked him if he ever drew shapes on the wall. To my surprise he had been doing that at the same moment I thought about it. I'm not sure if it was just luck or if I got it from him telepathically. Later that night I was talking with him and at a moment in my conversation I stopped to thinking of the word I wanted to use. I closed my eyes and then said one without thinking to hard about it and to my surprise it was the word he was thinking about. I often feel like I have a psychic connection with him and I soon want to see if he could potentially be an empath like me and the guy who could see spirits. Another thing that leads me to think that he might have some sort of psychic ability is the fact that streetlights go out whenever he's upset (what I've found to be called SLI - Streetlight Interference syndrome). It was suggested that this was a result of accidental psychokinesis.

After all of this its not empathy that's the most interesting, its the fact that my room mate brought all of us together. Is it possible that we all of this (all of this "supernatural" things) are happening to us for a reason? Are we destined to meet each other? Is it just a coincidence?

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Ghostwolf (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-13)
I do remember reading a post recently that referred to a "Gateway" that has opened resulting in many people developing abilities. I also read up on Indigo children (if I could read auras I'm sure I'd be surprised by what I found). Both of these get me pretty excited... The thought that we are the next step in the evolutionary system or special in some sorta way just by chance. 😆
I feel like there must be some significance to all of it and especially our meeting.
Paws (3 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-13)
I am still on the path of discovering myself. I can't even say that I have any abilities in particular, just unusual bits here and there, but one thing I have noticed like you, is how you and those like you seem to have just magically come together. I have many friends both past and current, that I feel connected to in one way or another in a special way. I find it interesting that some of those friends have very powerful abilities of varying types. I can't say as to 'why', but I am another in a similar situation.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
Everything happens for a reason, we just do not always know the reason why at the time so we often brush it off as coincidence.

As for people we meet in our lifetime, some we are to learn from, to teach, or to receive a message. Where as others might be meant for more (dating, spouse, soulmate, friendship, etc.) Sometimes only time can tell.

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years
Always happy to help others
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