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Broken Bone


I am 15 my first vision was when I was four or five when I went in for a operation as I broke my arm any way first I was in my sister body and she was pregnant,

And than I was my grandfather and I could feel everything that they felt so when he died I felt his pain but when I was my sister I felt embarrassment as I was telling our mother I was pregnant,

And the pain of giving birth I mean that was painful and us men should give respect for that but since then I don't dream not the circle of life of giving birth and death,

But last week I had a dream of my friend tripping and I told her and she laughed at me and the next day we went out for dinner and she tripped and it was exactly like I saw it she has never laughed at me since then,

So my question is how can my broken bone in my arm cause these visions I really need to know and fast and I am lucky to be a male considering the pain of birth,

There was this one time I saw my report card in a dream and it was top notch and mum got a phone call from my Principal and she said I was put up a grade as all my grades where great and the next the exact same thing happened to me my last dream was me feeling my own death I was shot five times in the chest stomach area so I was about 45 give or take a few years.

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-31)
All I can say is what an amazing ability you have. 😁 My guess is that the broken bone might not have anything to do with your ability... It might just be coincidence that your first premonitions came at that time in your life. Or perhaps being in a hospital caused you to relate to times when your family members were in the hospital.

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