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My name is Celia, I hope that someone can read this and explain a very vivid dream I had like two nights ago. I dreamed I was in some sort of building and that I was taking like a course of some kind, related to my career (technology). So I begin to hear this sound in the background kind of fading and it was a little girls voice singing "the wheels on the bus", I stop listening to the lecture at that point and hear the little voice, I turn to my friend and say "do you hear that"? She doesn't hear it only I do, actually no one does except me. So I follow the voice going up some creepy stairs and it leads to a door that leads to the rooftop of this building. I step outside and I still hear the voice, I turn to my right and see a little girl, she's a ghost, and she is floating because her feet don't touch the ground, she looks really pale and has what looks like rope mark around her neck, her hair looks nappy and with leaves, and her dress looks like it's decaying with her body, just really gross.

So she's singing but her lips don't move, then I start to panic and go against the wall, a priest comes (out of nowhere), and I tell him make this thing go away! Make it go!, and he turns up to look at me and his eyes look kind of like cat eyes or lizard eyes like really weird, and he smiles at me and says "you think that your safe, but you're not, we are all around you" and he busts out laughing. I panic and run like hell, I end up in some thing that looks like a museum, but it's a museum of religious things? Like a statue of Jesus on a cross, and like some saints etc etc. So creepy priest walks in and starts laughing in front of everyone and he starts saying random weird things, like "haha you think this is your god?" or like "your so called god wasn't born in December you idiots" and well all these really messed up things. Just so you know, I believe there is a god and stuff like that but when I woke up from this dream I couldn't put together why the hell I dreamed this, like I don't even go to church every Sunday, I'm more of a meditating woman you know? Please please help. Serious help not jokes, it felt like it had a meaning, just want some opinions. Thanks

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Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-21)
Hi Celia

Very, very interesting dream. I decided to check it out because I stumbled upon Anne's comment, and was so intrigued by it that I just had to read your story!

I have some ideas as to what certain parts of your dream may mean, but I think the discussion needs to be taken away from this site, so please feel free to email me at adaryn7 [at]

Peace and blessings
HaruNoTsuki (guest)
14 years ago (2010-08-05)
just be careful. Like Anne said, don't run away. Embrace your abilities. If you can, help the ones who need it. And not just the living. The spirits too. Good luck
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-08-04)
This may be beyond what you're looking for (or understand) but here's some food for thought. How do you know the little girl was a ghost? Because she had rope marks and tattered hair? We are all 'ghosts' in the astral. You and her end up in the same place either while sleeping or after you shed your physical shell. This is why the priest laughed and said they are all around you. They are! People are afraid of ghosts but that's you and I all the time when we are sleeping (Robert Monroe used to ask people while astral projecting if they were dead or alive because he simply couldn't tell). As for her floating, she no more needed to walk than you did. You would have floated too if you had any lucidity to you. We don't need to eat, "talk", walk or breath in the astral. But because most humans aren't evolved in this regard, they act like the body they think is so real on the astral really exists so they perform the moves as if it were solid. I wish people reading this could understand the implications...

So you got a glimpse of the astral. Get ready for a shocker. After you die (however you or any of us die), you're going to see things like this on the regular. This is your future "life". This is why religions, whether they do it well or poorly, try and push for people to evolve themselves so they don't get stuck in the lower astral (or their version of hell). You were in mid range astral. I wrote an article once that mentioned to people that if you want to know where you end up after this life, check out your dreams. They are usually a good indication.

Good for you for asking what the possible meaning could be. The meaning is, is that what you've been taught about life is so far from the truth that when you see the truth, you don't recognize it.

If this scares you then keep working on your meditations. Instead of running in terror from a little girl who looks to have suffered, stop and ask if she needs help. If you see someone floating, ask why you yourself are walking. Maybe this is a nice wake up call to the dreamer:)


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