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Feeling Of Losing Mind, Confused, Lost


My name is Celia, I am 24 years old, I came across this website a while back and had my doubts on whether I should post or not. I am doing this with hopes that someone out there will read this and possibly help me figure out what exactly is wrong with me, how I can control it, and well kind of be like a mentor? Well I will try to not make this so long, as I have noticed some of the posts are quite long:) So ever since I can remember, which is about the time I was like 2 or 3 years old, I can remember the school I used to go to I would hear things, and see people that were actually not there because I would be the only one that would see them. It was a freaky school lol, so thank god we moved. My family moved around a lot by the way, well when I was in third grade is when all these freaky things started happening and I guess is when everything started for me. I am talking about a radio turning on while it was unplugged, the TV would turn on, hearing walking and noises in the hallway when I was going to bed, I mean everything that could possibly freak you out as a little kid. I saw a little girl with blond hair and a white dress with a blue bow and she was pale white and had black eyes, that scared me: (she pushed me down stairs, but fortunately nothing happened to me, just got scolded by my mother when I told her how I fell.

Well, anyway, things seemed to be calm for a while when we moved out of that house and we were somewhere else, I was about in 5 grade and my mom had left me home alone and I was all by myself when all of a sudden I hear like a low pitched tone in my ears, like when someone is going deaf? Well afterward I heard like a man and a woman having a conversation almost whispering then it was thousands of voices and it was overwhelming me, my heart was pounding I started to cry, I didn't know what to do, so I screamed and went running to my mother's room shut the door tight went to a corner in the room behind the bed covered both ears and started humming to a song, hoping it would go away. Before I knew it the noise stopped and when I uncovered my ears there was no noise. Then the great incident that got me to basically wake up and say OK its not in my head like mom says, was this one night I had my best friend over I am 14 years old at the time, and we were both in my room in bed lights off, and all of a sudden I hear the closet door open. Well the thing is that for the longest time this closet thing would always happen to me and I would always see a black figure that looked like he had a cape on and he would come out of closet and like I would pull sheets up all over my head put my feet up and start praying, on this night however I was not alone so in my head I am thinking "Oh god please not now, I don't want people to know I'm weird", well after I said this in my head, my best friend says "Celia do you hear your closet door?", and for a second I felt relaxed because I was not the only one that heard it, so I tell her I do, then I look over the bed and that figure was there, well I ask my friend if she can see him and she says she can't, then our blanket gets tugged. It actually moves as it's being pulled, we both freak out and scream, my mother comes in and turns on light and there is nothing there but the closet door is open. I never knew what that thing was, but I will tell you I would always get the feeling that it wanted to hurt me. Well strange things kept happening around me like the feeling of someone watching, weird dreams about someone else's life that I don't even know, it kept going on for a while.

This one time my mom took me to a church and I looked around and for some reason just started freaking out like hyperventilating, and my mom freaked out took me out and we ended up going to another church where I felt just fine. We still could never explain this and she just said I was throwing a fit, but honestly I thought I was going to freakin die, I was choking, I will never forget this. Then a while went by where I just started pushing these things away in my head like ignoring, well life was good or at least semi good until I turned 18: (ever since I have experienced many many different things, like voices, and pictures in my head, and feelings, and sometimes I will actually see people that I could swear were real. Now that I am older I tend to distinguish between my own dreams, thoughts, feelings than others, but I guess I am confused because as much as I want to help people and like get a clear message to actually help someone it's as if its all scrambled, like I talk to my guides angels, whatever and I try to get a clear message, but it's all gibberish. So it leads me to think that I am just going nuts. I have hunches, dreams, day visions of future things, and past things, even present things, that are happening. Recently I have been able to help like 3 people that I didn't know, by telling them a message I got from like a passed away relative, or something saying it was their guide, I mean I just want like some sort of direction: (please help, even talking about it makes me feel like I'm going nuts. Thanks will appreciate any help.


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Crazy_KA_14 (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-28)
To me, the things your experiencing are not as much pyshic, as they are some sort of haunting. My friend has experiences like those too and we arent to sure what to do either. It seems like whenever I'm around, they go away. My friend says it because I'm so "pure" lol, but that actually might be the case. Over all, I would try to ignore it. Things like that want your attention but if you ignore it should go away. I know its hard to ignore stuff like that but try. If it keeps happening, I would call to a priest to cleanse your house, and I know it sounds crazy and kind of stupid, but wear a cross. And lastly, don't look upon your experiences as a curse. Its truly amazing and its a wonderful gift. You seem like a very powerful psychic/medium. Once you learn to control it, everything really can be fun 😉
cel524 (2 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-23)
Hello Nikki67 I appreciate the post, I went to the website of fringedweller that you had in your profile, I have got to say that as soon as I read the beginning of the homepage, it was as if someone was describing me and my dreams. LOL I guess I think its funny how what I dream and what I do in my dreams is not as abnormal as I thought it was. I mean I guess this whole time I have been helping people I don't even know, and hence it explains why on those certain days I am really tired in the morning. I would however like to know if there is any way of like making everything not so scrambled? Like is it because I am not centered not focused? Because at night when I dream, I do and say things I didn't even know I could, but when I am awake and I get things its kind of scrambled 😢
Nikki67 (33 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-23)
hi Celia,

Isn't it obvious my dear? You will recognize many of your experiences as being those of psychic/medium and your intuition will guide the way. Start reading everything you can get your hands on starting with Sylvia Brown and going where ever your little voice (higher self) tells you to go. Trust your intuition for what is right for you in that moment and what feels good to you. You could use some tools for protection as you are wide open at the moment. Call in the light and only beings of the light. See yourself as a conduit for light to cascade through and around. You have a gift but its important to learn how to use it, and not fear it. You are not alone. Many of us have similar stories of isolation. Just remember Love Love Love is the highest frequency that exists, and if you have something hanging out in your auric field that seems scary to you it will not care for the light. It's like souring the milk... They prefer your fear to attach themselves to. Learn to raise your own vibrational frequency, and read read read. There is much to learn.

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