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A Lucid Dream About A Negative Entity I Think To Be Real?


I need some help clearing this one up. I tend to dream a lot, but very rarely have dreams that feel so real. They've been happening a lot lately ever since I've awoken. I've even had 2 dreams about finding swords (I didn't think much of these until I'd seen other people recently had dreams about finding/being given a sword also).

Anyhow, on with the story!

My dad walks up the stairs, giving off some negative vibes and energy. He aims it at me. I confront him, and tell him to let it go. (he looks at me like I'm a crazy man). I try to grab these negative energies out of him and literally throw them away, down the stairs.

Straight after, I hug him and I let him know that it's going to be fine. The short period between us hugging felt warm, as though his anger had died down and the negative energies were gone (in my mind I felt like saying "I love you dad").

Suddenly after he walks down the stairs, and I instantly light some sort of scented candle on a stick whilst crouching on the floor and hold it up to the ceiling. I watch it burn as the smoke drifts away (it was a dark smoke, whether or not this has any relevance).

Soon after I stand to my feet and head towards my room when all of a sudden, something forcefully pulls down my trousers and tries dragging me into my mum and dad's bedroom. The speed of the whole situation overwhelmed me, I was actually quite fearful up until the point I got dragged half way through their doorway.

Here's the interesting part. My dream somewhat SPLITS into 2 all at the same time (Sort of like merged layers in Photoshop). As I'm being dragged, I'm also in my bedroom, on my bed (sort of like dreaming that I was dreaming, trying to help myself escape the other dream) reaching out to grab a hoover handle (no idea why there's a hoover next to my bed, lol). I successfully grabbed the hoover, and in the other dream I rise and manage to lose it's grasp.

It was as though I used the hoover handle to pull myself up in the other dream, but I couldn't see it in that dream, only in the other scene of the other one. It's so confusing having one dream that splits into 2 parts, which occur at the same time. It was as though both parts of me were in 2 different realms, but in the same house at the same time.

I instantly woke up in shock, feeling so alive and awake like I'd literally just been through the whole experience.

I immediately shout "LEAVE!" because for some strange reason I feel like I keep being watched again, and I have some sort of feeling it's messing with my dog. My dog's been having more nightmares than usual lately, so I thought it was down to some spirit messing with her. I prayed to God to protect her (ironically her name's Angel lol xD) and I even thought to myself before I fell asleep that night "why her, why not me?"... Hello and behold! I have this dream.

Can anyone help me clear this up?

Did it actually happen? If not, then what could it mean?

Thanks, Stefan:) <3

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ThEsiLhOuEtTe (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-17)
The only way to get rid of an evil entity is to show it that youre not scared of it. I know it sounds funny but its true, they like to attack innocent beings just for the fun of it. When youre not scared of it, it will get bored and leave. If you need anymore help feel free to email me zubairaaziz [at]
Ive had an experience similar to this
OpenMindedStefan (2 stories) (18 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-05)
Thanks for the replies guys:)

You're spot on about me and my father, Adaryn7. We've never really seen eye to eye. He always has to moan or argue about something. I can literally feel the tension/vibes between us, so I believe that the dream is a sign of me wanting to develop our relationship. Or possibly even what's to come in the future.
I seen a professional psychic for the first time in my life today, and the first tarrot card on the pile pointed at mine and my father's relationship.

What you mentioned about the scented candle makes perfect sense! Especially with the entity appearing straight after.

Indeed, it was hard to follow and make out what was happening when it split into 2 parts. It's interesting you mention something about being 'divided'. I'm now considering the change in myself over the past month in contrast to how I used to be ever since I've awoken. It's lke I'm a whole new person now!

I truly hope not:/
I pray for her and try to comfort her when she starts to act strange when she's dreaming.
She seems more herself again now though:)

As for the swords, I can relate to your description. Since I've started seeing energy and auras, I've had a feeling I'd come into contact with a spirit (a month ago that woulda scared the heck outta me, lol). Now I want to embrace them and help them if it came to it.

Thanks again, much appreciated:)
Stefan <3
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-05)
Hmm... The world of dreams is an interesting one.

The dream may be literal, but then again, it may not. It could represent something that is coming between your father and yourself, and this thing manifests in the form of an entity. Your subconscious mind has some great ways of getting your attention. For instance, you may dream of being raped if you feel used by someone.

If you are able to sense energies, and don't sense the presence of attachments around your father, then perhaps the dream is not meant to be taken literally.

Another interesting interpretation is that your father may not represent your father at all. Fathers are archetypal symbols for patriarchal authority. Perhaps something has come between you and a father/authority figure in your life. However, that you are able to overcome what has caused the rift is very positive, I think.

As for the candle, you light it after this experience. A scented candle may have a purifying affect on the air - perhaps you are attempting to dispel all negative energies from the home. You may also be trying to "shed light" on what is happening to you. Black smoke may indicate that all is not well yet, and there may be a few more "demons" for you, or your family, to get rid of.

The fact that your dream splits into two is also intriguing, I haven't met anyone else yet who has experienced this phenomenon! I wonder if you are divided/confused, and feel as though you don't have control? The fact that you were physically dragged may indicate these sort of feelings.

As for your poor little dog, it would be interesting if she was dreaming something to this effect. Animals are more in tune than they seem, (and are more psychically developed than we are), so she may have anxieties about things that are happening in the lives of the members of her family. That doesn't mean you dreamed exactly what she did: more likely, your subconscious rearranged it and presented it in a way that you would understand. But the fact that your dog has been having nightmares bothers me. Animals, as I have said, are very sensitive, and there may be an actual entity that is bothering her.

As for swords, they need not be taken literally either. In the Tarot deck, swords represent truth, strength, cutting through illusions, (among other things) and are affiliated with the element of fire.

Hope this gives you a few different perspectives.

HaruNoTsuki (guest)
14 years ago (2010-08-05)
i wish I can help. But I don't know much. If the entity continues to bother you and harm you and/or your dog, I suggest getting a professional exorcist to help you. When animals are showing signs of a bad entity being present, it is best to deal with the situation as soon as you can. I hope I helped a bit even. Good luck!

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