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What Exactly Am I Dealing With?


I'm still hesitant to share this but this has been bothering me for years already so I best come clean now. Part of why I've been hesitating is that I don't know or rather I don't exactly remember the full nature of these things, so I must apologize in advance if I can't be any clearer than this.

For years now, since the latter part of my high school years, I've always wondered what I was exactly since nobody seemed to share my abilities. I started off and still am an empath but then it's only much later that I realized the extent of that ability. Turns out that I've been able to amplify or nullify certain things, like I can enhance your ability and mine when I'm near you and I can block out broadband net connection signals at times (so I try not to meddle so much with technology, they don't really agree with me. Laptops hang or slow down when I'm around especially when I need them). But it's gone haywire as I could even get somebody else's abilities (which is very much like Rogue's in X-Men but the people don't pass out nor are they aware of that) and one has even lost his ability of sensing things about a person (mostly because I didn't want him sensing my current state at the time). In effect, I have a little bit of the different sensing abilities- hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, and feeling the future.

That's partly the reason why I try to stay away from people, avoiding any kind of contact with them. Thankfully, I haven't been getting anyone's abilities anymore since I pretty much dedicate my willpower in these things and I found a friend who shares this ability as well, so I'm trying to pass it all on to her; but it can also get worse depending on how things end up. The other reason is that I don't want so many people getting involved with me. And this is the part I hesitate sharing to others. Some entity/ies is/are bothering me, monitoring me even, and can definitely hurt the people I've been acquainted to or associated with.

It's not that he/they (I'm not sure as don't know really.) harm me physically but I could say that what he's/they're telling me and doing to others bother me the most. Just to clear the he/they phrasing, I've met him only in dreams with his minions at times but my attacked friend definitely said they; so I'm not sure if this guy's working alone in checking up on me. This entity's nature has been bothering me as I'm seriously considering him a demon. It bothers me more that I have an ever present wind around me, usually colder than the actual temperature (which is convenient most of the time if not only for the incredulous looks I get from the family when I comment that it's too cold) who hugs me when I'm alone and caresses my cheeks when I'm about to sleep. My fiend said I had a motherly-figure entity with me so I don't know if it's her or him who's with me wherever I am.

That guy first appeared to me (in my dreams of course) disguised then as my dead Grandfather (This is the dream on my grandfather's 40th day since his death. My Grandfather was a medium as my Mom mentions at times.) but for some reason I immediately knew he was an imposter. To sum that up, he appeared in the dream so he could try to pass on a new power to me, my Grandfather's power. I refused and did whatever I can to keep it that way. And that's when everything went down. He'd appear in my dreams as someone else, people I don't know, but I'd still know it's him. He still

Tries to convince me to take that power by showing me why I need it. He points out that with it I could protect my friends and family, and that it is my destiny. Well, he is right as with it I could finally see him and deal with him personally, but that would mean he's got me wrapped around his finger. He goes on telling me about my destiny, hinting who I really am and why I'm needed, and generally tries to ride my guilt trip on not being able to protect my friends as much as I'd want to.

My friends get injured or lose something important to them sometime after I've attempted to open up a bit on this. I met someone online before that could help me with this but he said he couldn't tell me what's really happening as they could go after his girlfriend too. And he's on the other side of the Earth! My friend got attacked by hordes of his minions when she got home after she told me that they see me as a potential threat when directed at the right path. My other friend had a lot of brushes with death after I told him my situation. I noticed that the people that could help me or are a threat to me somehow are the ones who were targeted. The teacher I hated as a child lost her son at sea mysteriously and the teacher I wasn't comfortable with in high school died, and the people who dissed me somehow got Hell on Earth.

What I find strange the most is that whatever I put into solving this really goes to waste as I conveniently don't remember anything I've really realized that could help me fight this. When I find a way to get the answers, suddenly something happens that I lose the opportunity to do so. When I finally find clues, the trail suddenly gets cold and leads to a dead end.

My friend and I had a talk the other day since she did bring up a demon topic. When I told her about this she told me I shouldn't be afraid since they/he will feed on my fear. But that isn't really the case I think. More than anything, it sure feels like he's trying to get me to fall in despair and succumb to my anger. It's because I'm strongest when I loathe absolutely everything, which was my state of mind when I was in high school. I suspect (I don't recall exactly) that he appeared at the time that I realized that living my life out for revenge (well more out of envy and frustration of not being normal in anyway) and giving everybody Hell was wrong.

When that realization struck, I did everything I can to stop myself from ever going back to that trail of thought more so when he appeared. I gave up parts of my ability, well more like converted it, to have another. I gave up my ability to draw out energy from anything, which lessened my "time" and weakened my general health, to give my protection to my friends and family. With that I am able to monitor how they're doing/feeling even when they're far away. So if one of them gets injured, I get half the damage/pain. It hurts, especially since I amplify even my own pain, but it's necessary. I also gained the ability to sense entities or other things with my blind spot but that's not enough to know the nature of the entities that stare at me.

So if there's anything that really bothers me it's the entities' nature, why do they do the things they do, and how do I get to stop them given that they do keep me from finding things out?

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NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-04)
You're still here on the site - God bless you - is Mr Weird Guy still bothering you?
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-15)
[at] NaturalScience

Yeah. I know and understand all that. But it's hard to drink that all down now that I'm more limited than ever. My health has really deteriorated but I don't let anyone really know that. Like I said meds won't work on me as effectively or as they should and the pollution everywhere has pretty much slowed down my healing. That and my body is already starting to give up. The human body can only take so much abuse before it breaks down, and I could say I haven't really been kind to mine. Besides, I live everyday with at least one situation that may kill me, remember? I'm just extremely blessed to have something stop me from doing rash things as I barely think nowadays. Apparently, thinking as rationally as I can, can easily trigger murderous thoughts to pop out of the blue.

But then again it's not really the fear of dying per se. I don't need to be actually shot to know how that feels. That, and the fact that it's wrong and pathetic, is probably the reason I've never attempted suicide at all even though it will cross my mind. Putting that aside... I think it's more on the fear that I don't really know where I'll end up, what will happen should I be able to see what's bothering the people around me given if they are really entities, and what will happen to people closest to me.

Truthfully, I shouldn't be worrying about any of those. I mean that's why I'm still alive so I can at least make sure I end up in the right place and when I die, life would still go on for everyone. Sure some would take time to move on, but they'll move forward nonetheless. And if the entities are real, I shouldn't worry as doing what I can while I'm still alive would probably take care of that one. Ah but I still worry.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-14)
Congratulations KaldeaKross, ignoring the weird guy is the only way.
As to dying, I lived more than half my live, from conscious decision, with the notion that Every Day Can be My Last - in order to make every day most useful. Do so, too!
I do not fear death. The soul is immortal, and after death we reap all the good we have sown. I only fear the deterioration of mind and perhaps even moral character that may take place before death. For what if I sow, in an insane or demented state of mind, more bad deeds than I have sown good ones in healthy state? Will they count fully in Heaven's bureau, or will they be left off counting?
Thus I'd prefer to die before senility. I often pray for a death without premonition, amid my daily duty, best would be with an item of work in my hand - analogously to the ancient Viking warriors who wished to die with sword in hand.
To you I suggest make the most of every day, by useful work - no matter if done for money or "for God's payment" -, by charity and by praising God.
Take your bible now when you read this and choose a psalm, from the 150 that exist, which fits most to your state of mind and feelings. Learn it by heart and say or think it whenever you want to contact our Creator. Every time you do so, or pray in any other way, you give yourself a real reason NOT to fear death anymore. It is like throwing cents into a bottle for financing your daughter's bride-shoes - but what you finance thereby is your angel's harp, so to speak. I suppose you have saved much more heavenly money yet than you think, for it is said that those who have to fight hardest to remain on the good side reap best for it, no matter if they think, while still alive, that they are near or complete failures. Man looks at the face but God looks at the soul, says the Bible.
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-14)
You know LungGomPa, I had your same line of thinking years ago. But my reality now is that whatever I thought before came crashing down and I still don't know why. Whatever I knew before I forgot.

Hmm... But thankfully I gave myself a jolt recently. Call it rationality or stubbornness but I'm choosing to ignore the weird stuff that happens. It's not like I can really do anything to change what will happen even when I come to know them.

But one hand, I think part of why I may be a negativity magnet as some might point out is that I'm afraid of dying more than anything else now. It's irrational I suppose given that everyone dies and all, but the thought is hard to shrug off when I feel my energy draining too fast, even when I don't do anything that would be strenuous.

I understand that I shouldn't have to try to understand how things are and just see things the way they are. But I too have been a loner and even now that I've toned that bit, I can not see everything the way they are. For me there are different facets even to a seemingly one sided thing, and it's crazy I suppose to try and understand or to know what the other facets are. But those facets are part of a reality that other people choose to ignore or remain oblivious to. And I chose to know those because if I don't, who will? Sure knowing them might not really change anything, but I think those sides should be viewed as you can't really appreciate anything without knowing the story behind it.
LungGomPa (9 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-13)
As I read the preceeding posts, I have to say the divergent advices made me wonder what it is we are doing on this planet with the gifts we have been given. My dear, read my posts, as I think you really need to be grounded in reality. One of the weapons of the enemies is what I like to call distraction by not-is. By leading you to wonder and stress over what is not real, you waste time and physical stamina trying to "figure out", or "understand" what is not even reality based.
I do not need to know how a car engine works to drive a car, nor do I need to know all about my abilities, other than that they are controllable, and can be used to do work, which by the way is the definition of energy. Energy, any type, cannot be created or destroyed, and I suspect certain kinds of energy cannot even be contained, only formed, molded, and channeled to a pourpose.

Once again I suggest looking at the results of the actions. If there are no positive, recordable, quantifiably positive results, perhaps it should be discarded as a way to distract from the real work, which is to love...
I focus on what I can control, and knowing myself, being single-minded, (the same inside and out), and denying that which has no real use or positive result except killing time, wow factor, or distraction from primary goals, to save lives, and spread good energy.
If you feel you have, are being assaulted by negatively charged entities, use the positive love energy to fight them. I think we cannot fight fire with fire in these realms, because if someone hurts me, that sets up a negative quantum state for the doer, and if I return a negative to the doer, all there is is two negative quantum states, my revenge does not nullify the negativity of the results of the doer, only adds to the negative balance of the multiverse.
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-12)
*sigh* No one really has an idea on their identity huh? I kind of saw this coming already.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-10)
Yes it is. See, it comes more and more clear that a brain trouble of some kind unknown to me might be part of the problem.
Besides, many better-known psychics of the past, including St Paul who had epileptic fits as is said, had some kind of brain disturbance.
Which means that even a brain disease can be used by the Lord for good purposes. I know you have decided for the good side, but not for that blind obedience which some Evangelicals here would prefer for you but for observation and knowing which I think is a legitimate way too. I do not say trust in God, this you already do. I just say check out if there is Homeopathy on the Philippines, probably a Homeopathic healer will be the best partner in your struggle, and have patience with yourself, and do NOT yield to propositions of the "weird guy". One day the entity will lose interest in you. I wish for you to experience, then, what Jesus did in the desert: "Then, the devil left Him, and see! The angels came to serve him."
God bless.
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-09)
[at] NaturalScience

I'm just curious about this fact though. I was told before that I had seizures as a child but I don't remember that, though I remember taking meds for at least 5 years because of that. Thing is, they don't know the cause. I mean I didn't have them with fevers or anything. They just came out of the blue. Is this relevant?
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-08)
P.S. You see I, too, do NOT know what exactly you are dealing with. I see it to have a double nature. Nearly sure a disease of body on the one hand, and very probably being negatively haunted on the other hand. Those views do not exclude each other. You know that, for example, Jesus healed epileptics by driving out demons. Epilepsy is a disease of the mortal brain, a thing that can be assessed and researched to-day as to brain chemistry and anatomy and suppressed by methods depending on these material findings, but it also can have to do with evil spirits as all old traditions about epilepsy connect it with them and as shaman practices can be useful in some epileptic cases (as much as I know about it).
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-08)
As to shrugging nightmares and thoughts about the weird guy off I think it is a good strategy because probably demons have the more fun or gain out of their human contacts the more they think of it and fix on it. In Germany there is a proverb "Do not paint the devil on the wall for he could come then." That's probably why modern Materialism has been developed. Just a strategy of ignoring the Spirits and thus limiting the fear and confusion they can cause.
But to say it shortly, EVERYTHING is better than to give attention to that demon's propositions and suggestions. I think you really ARE a key. Those from the dark side want you to be converted to their purposes. They seem to need your powers. Perhaps you sense that and to some extent enjoy to be so important and that is why the demon has not lost interest in you yet. Remember! That you are, by an objective stand-point, even more important to the side of life and light but angels usually do not have the strategy of making people feel important by visiting them every night. They are more reserved as to what you can consciously feel about them or see of them. Making a show, or a fuss, is a method of low beings. Keep praying. When you sense empathic pain say or think a prayer for the one whose pain you are feeling. To pray for the suffering may be, generally, the spiritual purpose of that gift. It's a kind of invisible but important "work".
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-08)
[at] NaturalScience

Frankly, I can't tell anymore whether or not he's there or not. I get desensitized easily when it comes to presences. If I'm used to having them around I won't feel anymore. But if you mean if I had nightmares these previous nights, then my answer is yes. Ah, but I'm not going to let them bother me anymore. I'm seeing the patterns clearly now so when I do have a nightmare again I'll shrug it off.

But that doesn't mean that whatever's around isn't around. And that's primary concern. It isn't what happens to me that I worry about, rather what happens to the people around me. If things happen to me alone, I could handle it on my own but it's a whole new story when others get dragged just because I'm connected to them. My physical condition depends on them as well, as I can sense and share part of what they experience. Sprains, fevers, stings from cuts, I'll get that without knowing who's in trouble.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-08)
Did the weird guy bother you during last nights, or stay away? I include you in my praying and wish you all the best.
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-08)
[at] NaturalScience

I'll consider that if you answer me this. How is it that a seer and that attacked friend was able to say that something dark has been lurking about considering I've never given them details like I've given here? I've never mentioned my dreams nor did I ever mention meeting that guy. I've never talked to that seer about that before and she only met me once, relaying that message to my attacked friend.

I could tell you without fail that from the beginning I knew something has been wrong with my system, though I can't say what exactly it is. I don't like going to the hospitals since I can pick up a lot of things from there, so there's no way I'd go there for a check up or whatnot. I know that because I caused it myself believe it or not. It's crazy to do yourself harm I know but it is my way of knowing what's happening and it is also one of the reasons I hold back whatever chaos I'd like to start.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-07)
Dear KaldeaKross, homeopathic remedies do not work like chemical pills. The faact that those drugs aggravate your state perhaps just means that the only medical intervention that could mend your problem is a homeopathic one. Check Homeopathy on Google, you will find explanations of the Law of Similars there which you may read to understand a bit more why I came to you with a medical suggestion from my profession.
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-06)
[at] NaturalScience

Homeopathic remedies? O.o I'm not sure. I haven't heard of that before from anywhere.

Um, I'm not sure if it would work on me. I have a strange way with medicines, well anything manufactured anyway. They have a paradox effect on me. That's one of the reasons I've never attempted going to a psychiatrist as I do know they'll prescribe something and knowing the paradox effect, I will get worse.
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-05)
To Naturalscience- I would like to open a discussion with you concerning the orgins of such beliefs as believing ones self to be oppressed by a demon and or possessing some demonic quantity. In my extensive study I have reached a conflict of thought, a mental fork in the road. Its basically concerns the instilled necessity in all humans to relate to their environment and how far the individual will go to find something to relate to. I hope to hear from you soon so that you may possibly answer a question iv had for a while now. Honestly iv been avoiding the answer because I'm scared of what it may mean. Rountree11b [at]
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-05)
KaldeaKross, the slower wound healing you mentioned made me think a bit. It shows that your "demonomania" perhaps is a physical disease affecting the mind. In this case your "satanic visitor" would perhaps be only a product of your own brain, a delusion.
Are homeopathic remedies available on the Philippines? If yes procure the remedy called


And take five globules this evening before sleep. Only to-nite. No repetition during next two weeks at least. No repetition as long as the "demon" stays away if it does after the globules. Maybe you get rest from it for several weeks after the globules. Anacardium is one of the homeopathic remedies used for people who imagine to be haunted by demons or even to be demoniacal themselves. It fits only for those who unsuccessfully fight and struggle to be good but are pursued by their own evil side, which shows itself for example by sudden attacks of swearing against one's own will or attacks of aggressivity or cruelty "out of the blue", or which has formerly taken control, as it was in your case when you were a youth and took some personal power from becoming cynical and "loathing really everything".
Your true power does not lie in cynicism, you know that, but some disbalance in your physical system hinders you from using it, and opens your mind for bad spirits.

[at] everyone else do not take Anacardium on your own if you think you have similar problems as KaldeaKross. And do not expect me to make this site a filial of my homeopathic practice where I give consultation for free. This is an exception I made only for KaldeaKross for I do not want him to go mental!
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-05)
I've been pondering on this for quite some time now, maybe years in actuality but I've got a huge memory gap so I'm not sure, but is it possible for someone to be a demon? Well, trying to look back at the dreams, he is kind of implying that I am.

But then again, recalling some realizations/conclusions I made before, I may just be an extremely blessed (or cursed <.<) person as I do recall having been placed in a lot of situations that could have been my end like nearly falling off a ravine, diving head on to a boulder, slipping numerous times in the bathroom, earthquakes and volcanic eruption (Mt. Pinatubo), and the like. I do consider the greatest miracle ever is the fact that I'm still alive despite the constant threats. Someone must really be looking after me.

[at] NaturalScience

Well, I think it was at that time that I dreamt another dream though I'm not sure if he's in it but it was pretty disturbing. That was the dream that reminded me of my now slower healing factor.

The strange thing is when I want to go in the church to pray, it turns out that it's closed at the time I visit. And I do go to Mass and Communion. Confession, I am yet to update since they don't post the schedule outside the church.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-05)
Postscriptum: I prayed for you at once after writing the first post to you. I used a Hindu prayer which addresses a strong good spirit which is seen as "the remover of calamities". Do you remember if there was anything different from other days the day or night after my first post? I think ther must have been something. For, I did also something which I sometimes do "for fun" of for myself. This time I did it to assess what's the matter with you. I took a New Testament and opened it at random and put the finger upon a line without looking at it.

What I found then was part of the STory of Apostles: St Paul was told in a dream "by a man of Macedonia that he should come to help him... And he went to


Which was a town in Macedonia."

Firstly I thought this does not mean much but then I realised that you come from the


And I thought perhaps this parallelity means that you, so to speak, gave a call to a Christian Apostle to help you. Thus I felt confirmed in my idea that I should talk to you completely in Christian and Catholic terms and that it is this path which you should follow to be saved.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-05)
[at] TableTennis, I support your suggestion for KaldeaKross of seeking forgiveness at the feet of the Lord. For he told that he has an evil side within him ("sadistic") and this perhaps attracts the demon. Furthermore, it seems that he cannot make the demon go away by his prayers alone - and that is why the SAcrament of Confession has been "invented" by the early Church.
KaldeaKross, let your Church help you. You are in danger of insanity which grows and grows every day which you spend with the demon's attacks without that.
I do not mean exorcism or something like that but I mean you should use Confession, Mass, Communion. And you should go into a church with a tabernacle every day and make a knee-bend and the cross-sign before the tabernacle in which as Catholic theology says Jesus Himself waits for people to come for giving Him Reverence and to ask for help. Jesus is the King of Exorcists. He can drive away ANY demon. And He lives in the sacramental bread in the tabernacle. Take the courage to visit Him. He will not do you any harm. The only one who has to fear Him is the spirit which is constantly trying to seduce you into Evil.
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-04)
[at] TableTennis

I've thought about that before as well. And I did ask Him even way back then. But perhaps it is the forgiveness part that I still have to face. I can't do that. Not yet. There's something I need to find out for myself before I do that.

When I realized these things a long time ago, I knew the path I'm taking will never be easy on me or on anybody else. Despite things being vague for me I am certain what I need to do is clear. I need to confirm whether or not what I know is true.
TableTennis (5 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-03)
There are numerous many dark and evil entities that exist outside of the bounds of this plane of consciousness. To understand how they "think" is bordering on impossible.

You can defend yourself, but the issue is that this particular entity (ies) is attacking those around you. So, I'll be honest with you.

The best way to defend against all of these entities is to relinquish your ability and request forgiveness from God.

Do not be skeptical. There is a reason that monotheistic religions are the largest in number. If you truly wish to protect yourself and your friends, you only have to ask.

That said, I hope you follow this advice. It won't be an easy thing to do... But it is this best way.
kaldea_kross (2 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-01)
[at] oAnya

I don't really recall why I had a personality change at the start of high school but it was then that I'm practically angry at the world so you could say that I was the negative energy to begin with.

Well, I don't really recall if he said it out loud but whatever he does in my dream pretty much tells me what "gift" it is/are. Well since he did appear initially as my dead Grandfather, initially that gift was that of being a medium (though I'm not aware of the full scale of my Grandfather's abilities) able to see all kinds of entities and communicating with them with ease. But as I continue to give up my abilities to strengthen the protection I give, he also seem to be also offering the abilities I gave up back. Like my somewhat sped up healing factor (not as amazing as Wolverine or that cheerleader from Heroes but still relatively fast than the one I have now. A small cut now takes at least a week to heal, before just a few hours I think.), my stronger absorbing ability, and probably an enhanced amplification/manipulation ability.

I might try the water method and a friend suggested I use baby powder. I haven't kept contact with my attacked friend though. She's my senior and I don't know where she is now that she graduated.

[at] Rain
He usually appears human-like, usually handsome looking save for one dream where he was a zombie/corpse. For some reason I just know that he's that person, though the only time he did assume a form I knew was our first "meeting". It's strange that I feel a jolt I suppose when I see him without even be aware at first that it's him (he never appears the same way). Then I think shock, fear, anger, and despair will follow soon enough depending on what he does or say.

Well if it helps even a bit, the thing he says about my destiny rings strongest in my memory. In one dream (where he was a zombie), he said I'm a key and that he'll be back for me. In a somewhat recent dream, he said that I was the "Blood King", saying that all the death, chaos and destruction I cause even to the people I try to protect is my own doing. That that is my destiny. Well in that light, he is somewhat right as more than anything else now I have a "talent" in chaos. I know how to play the cards right to make everything I saw in that dreamscape into reality. I myself can shutdown remorse when needed and it doesn't help that I have sadistic tendencies when given an opportunity to flaunt it and the way I react to injuries even make me dangerous as I do retaliate in sure ways that will hurt as a defense mechanism. So that worries me even more. If I remember my conclusions before I think one of 'em was that he could be telling me to start a rebellion (on what I'm not sure) as he points that out somewhat implicitly.

[at] NaturalScience

Yes, I am Catholic. I do pray everyday and I can't really go to Mass and Communion as often as I'd like since I'm still in college (I go home nearly night-time) and I don't pass by the church on my way home.
I figured that much but even with me praying he is persistent. God knows why I don't go to churches as I'd like. I'm not sure if it would ever be normal hearing this from me or anyone else but I suppose I am afraid of God because inside a church I could feel God's stare or something. And I don't like the feeling of being stared at... And it sure feels like I've fallen into despair but it's partly because of that that I pray a lot everyday. I pray so much I can spend the whole day praying alone but I can't do that since every time I pray I feel a stabbing pain in my heart, taking with it my energy.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-31)
Are you Catholic? If yes, the best thing to do is go to Mass and Communion as often as you can, keep to the strategy of directing your empathism to your relatives (or to any people in misery, as the Golden Rule teaches us) and offer your empathic pains to Jesus. The weird guy in your dreams will dislike this very, very much! I suppose he and his companions do not "feed on your fear" this is modern romanticism but demons want people, mostly those with strong ability for faith and charity, to go cynical and to despair, as the faith and good work of your soul on Earth is important to God the Creator and if you become a cynicist your ability to do good and to give your admiration and love to God will be much decreased if not annulled. On the contrary if you pray much, the more you meet the demon the more you repeat holy names and words - no matter if you feel devotion or not and perhaps think you just babble the words, good will is the thing that counts say Catholic theology - the attacks of that devil and his company will lead to a result which the "Underworld" does not like at all. The battle between the spiritual friends of Life on Earth and their enemies is a question of energy. Every thought directed to God with faith is like putting some electrons of energy into a wire which feeds the maintaining of life and mankind on this planet, and the good side in the world in general. Thus, logically, if a demon attacks you and thus makes you pray more the attack harms the demon's side and is useful for the good side, after all! Show them your fist - by prayer customs of your Church. They are not outlived! God hears ANY of His names, understands and accepts the devotion of ANYone who is sure that HE IS and trusts in Him.
If you are Islamic, Buddhist or Hindu use the prayer customs of your respective religion. Especially use a prayer bead for repeating the Lord's Names.
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-30)
What does the entity look like normally? Also, please describe any feelings you get when around this entity. How can you tell that someone in your dream is the entity and not themselves? Please give me any info you can, and I'll tell you what I think.

OAnya has some good advise, but I think it's best to find out exactly what you're dealing with first.

I'm highly suspicious of any sort of entity that speaks of destiny. I wouldn't trust my destiny with anyone but myself would you? Especially to someone who's pushy. No, something about this guy rings untrue.
Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-30)
hey I have gift quit similer but one have devoloped is the gift to make other peoples gifts go off when I want which isbnt always the best but it has helped me a lot sence there not always quick enough to do it specaily when the thing that there used on are ussally after me ha sucks. An I have gone through some of your gifts to and I'm going to warren some people on here I am sorry if you guys lose gift of yours and get new ones that might be my fault but hey much love right.
oAnya (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-30)
Good evening, starshine.

I read your article and I can understand where you're coming from. But, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when dealing with situations like this. Have you ever possibly had any bad contact with any bad, negative energy? Another thing you need to keep in mine is to always refuse. There's a reason why you're senses keep signaling red flags about this spirit/entity. Foremost, you should never show anger or fear. I refer to entities like leeches; any bad emotion or vibe that you present, they feed off of it to grow stronger and to continue latching on. I actually had recently encountered an incident in the store, where this creature was monitoring me for a few days before disappearing and shortly after, strange things began to happen.

(( Did this 'man' ever hint to you what this possible gift could be?) )

Since my family and a couple of my friend's families are spirit users and seeres of the veils; we constantly work on methods to keep our third eye clean and the areas around us temporarily at peace. Even though some of these methods are old, dating back some years ago - it will at least give you a headstart on what you could be dealing with. If you have an herbal shop nearby, buy some sage and smudge it around the house or apartment. The same goes for your friend who was attacked. Another thing you can try is salting your doorways, taking very minimum baby-steps.

If you want to confirm, another method is to put a small glass of water by your bedside. From what my grandmother has told me, water attracts spirits by the thin electrical charge it produces. Throughout the night, if you happen to wake-up, check the glass of water. If the water is less than its starting point - you definately know that something is truely visiting your dreams.

Surprisingly, I'm only sixteen years old.
If you ever need to message me to talk about it more, I'm always open at:

XLettersxTo.Veronax [at]

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