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What Exactly Am I? Something Small, Or Something More?


My name is Jacob, I'm 16, I was born on December 13th, 1997, I'm a Sagittarius (obviously), so for the last couple years now I have known I'm an Empath, I've been able to feel what others are feeling, with or without my wanting of it, I now have better control of it, being able to block it if need be, anyways, I'm also a Seer, or so my teacher thinks, I've had multiple experiences where I've had someone touch me (usually just bumping into me accidentally) and I have flashes of images of something they went through, which usually turns out to be what had been bothering them at the moment, or somebody explaining a situation to me, and I literally feel, both Physically and Emotionally what they felt while going through it, and can See what they went through, through their eyes. I've also had a few spirits show themselves to me, proceeded by Visions of their deaths, with me feeling every little bump, scrape, or wound they received on the way leading up to their deaths, my problem is, is I'm not exactly sure What I am, my best friend is a hell hound, and my teacher a Druid Priestess, but me, I have no inkling of an idea, I have been told by those around me the amount of energy I can take, give, or move is astounding, proceeding which of anyone they know, including my teacher, I've almost never had a failed spell, I can See, my Empathetic abilities are intense to say the least, but the thing is, is whenever I get angry, or annoyed with someone, they won't listen to anything I say, or notice anything I do, until I look at them, with eye contact, there's something that lies in my eyes, some kind of power or ability, I can't put my finger on, like when they look in my eyes, they instantly silence themselves, they don't exactly stop being angry or upset, but they "chill out" so to speak, and they don't argue with me after eye contact, and there's been times where I have wanted to test it, so I have told an obvious lie to someone, and no matter how ridiculous, they believe it, no matter how much trust they have in me, or even if they've know me for 2 minutes, I'm just really confused, and I feel like I'm something powerful, and I also feel like I need to know what I am so I can hone my abilities, because to me they seem like they have potential to be dangerous to myself and others, any info or advice any of you have would be highly appreciated,

All Blessed Be,


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lauterb (110 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-20)
Dear Jacob, I strongly suggest you to read:


This will help you clarify your doubts.

Best regards
fenz011 (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-19)
Hey Jacob,

I would refrain from slapping a single label on yourself. You know what you are able to do, so rather than worrying about what it's called, just keep doing it. The easiest way to hone ability is through practice.

Make time to go into yourself, too. It's important to dive in so that you can get better acquainted with your own connection. You'll learn more about yourself and in time, will learn how to do even more.

In regards to the empath abilities, you need to learn to let the emotions roll off of you. Too often we consume them and allow other people's feelings to become our own. It's draining, and a quick way to lose track of yourself. It's okay to pick up on it, but once you have successfully intuited the energy associated with the feelings, you need to let them go. If you know where you stand emotionally at all times, you will have no problem snapping right back.

Most Empaths get themselves stuck in the sponge phase. Rather than utilizing their ability to project the positive, they suck up the energies of everyone around them. Make sure you stay cognizant of that and remember to flip the switch when needed because your moods will affect those around you and vice versa (if you let them).

The bottom line is that you will grow even more if you simply keep yourself in check. Don't overthink this stuff. Doing so will create confusion that is bound to hold you back.

RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-18)
i do feel you have psychic abilities but also you might be scaring the crap out of people when you look at them. Some people's anger shows quickly in their eyes and the kind of emotional energy that anger generates can actually be felt by others.

You are an empath with psychic abilities- retrognizant and others and you are learning to manipulate the energy around you. You have a lot to learn though and that is the best part. Keep journals of the time of day, moon phase, incense used, words used etc etc etc when you conduct your spells. It is important to be able to reproduce successful magic. I am hoping you are daily using some kind of protective psychic visualization technique to protect yourself from negative energy attaching itself to you or rebounding off an iffy spell. When you work with magic you must know how to minimize accidents and what to do when things go bad... And they will. That's why it's called PRACTICING magic.

Good luck to you.

Love and light... Always

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