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Hearing Small Sounds Recently


I'm new to this site but I thought I could get some thoughts on what i've experienced.

So over the past few months, i've had small instances where i'd be sitting in my bed or at my desk with noise from fans etc around me when a faint noise draws my full attention, its usually a quick noise but I get the impression of a voice, like when someone calls your name and it just stands out from all other sound. The most recent instance was actually a few minutes ago that really sparked me to write this. I was at my desk drinking so milk with the fan blowing beside me and I put the cup down next to my laptop and went to grab my headset when I heard a clear s sound in my right ear maybe about 20cm away if I had to guess. It was quick and distinct like it was being pronounced by someone.

Also a few weeks ago I was watching youtube videos while sitting on my bed when I think I heard sound roughly 30cm away from my face. I say think because I don't specifically remember hearing a sound but what was interesting is that in split second I recognised the sound as part of a humming tune that I heard fairly recently to the event. Other than these small occurrences, there have been two major events I can remember that have stuck with me, I remember as I child I was playing a game and managed to beat a very hard boss. Hearing my mum around the corner I called out to say I beat the boss (being a kid and all), I then remember distinctively hearing a clear voice woman's directly to my left (which was an empty space on the couch I was sitting on) that said something to the degree of "Well done", unfortunately it was around a decade ago so I don't remember the exact words for sure but I sure as hell remember how clear the voice was. Being a kid it startled but confused me a bit so I asked my mum if she heard me and she said she didn't.

The other time was this year when I was sitting in bed watching youtube videos with earbuds in when I noticed my breathing sounded a bit weird. So I took my earbuds out and noticed and second breathing sound matching my breathing rhythm. I thought it was my dads snoring in the next room but I hear my dads snoring faintly and the breathing at the same time. It was just a normal breathing sound right next to the left of my bed where a person's head would be if they were laying down at the same height of my bed. What I found really cool was that I started moving my head around where the source was and I could pinpoint where it was coming from which was mid air. I didn't feel scared by it being there (I had been reading into stuff about spirits, meditation etc but hadn't really done anything like meditation) and it didn't feel threatening or scary so I just thought it was cool and interesting and went to sleep. It stayed the same sound/pace and in the same position as I went to sleep. It was gone by the morning.

A final note that I thought I would just throw in is while I was trying to go to sleep at a friend's house I heard a loud, continuous tone, what I could only describe as a binaural beat. (It had that wave kind of sound)

Sorry for such a long post but I would like to see other people's perspectives on what has happened to me and could help me figure out if they are actually something or if I'm just hearing things/over hyping.

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Hecate0 (152 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-30)
Hi Koala Bacon! Love your screen name, by the way. First, I want to ask if you feel uncomfortable when you hear these sounds. Since they seem like words, I am less inclined to think it is just a ringing in your ears. If you are comfortable and not made to feel nervous by them, see if you can communicate with them. It sounds like it could be your energy/spirit guides speaking to you, or a loved one who has passed on. Explore all options, including what ProfKelly recommends. But this sounds like something communicating with you. And when it starts, when we are new to it, it can make us feel off balance. You can always protect yourself, but you can also speak with it like a friend. I am anxious to see what happens for you with this. It sounds like you are opening. Best of luck.
ProfKelly (38 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-29)
Based on the information provided, which is minimal, what you describe corresponds more so with tinnitus rather than any form of paranormal experience. Tinnitus can result in a number of sounds from roaring (which can sound like breathing when mild), tones (which when combined can sound like music or even vague voices), buzzing, static, etc. These sounds can be diminished or even made more noticeable by using fans and using certain electronics such as computers.

Tinnitus in not a medical condition in and of itself, and typically means something else is going on. Determining what is causing the tinnitus can be very, very, difficult. If caused by stress, meditation may be an option for relief, if caused by a disorder of the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), you will want to see a specialist, it could also be neck related, due to allergies, dental issues, infection (typically in the ear to jaw), etc. I recommend making an appointment with your doctor to discuss implications and treatment.

There is also the possibility that you may be noticing external low-frequency noise from electronics and other external sources. External low-frequency noise will typically be heard in one pace rather than another, while tinnitus will follow you wherever you go. However, your experiences could be the result of the combination of external low-frequency noise and tinnitus. However, as I mentioned, there is not enough information presented here to be sure, so I recommend talking with your doctor regardless to rule out a more serious medical issue.

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Wishing you the best of luck!

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