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I recently wrote of a dream I had about elderly people. Well in the end of that dream I was in front of a door and that's when I woke up. Well I did dream that again and I saw the door and I went in. Pillars were around the room, but besides an arch way in the far corner that seemed to lead to another world the only thing in the center was a boulder, but like an upside down wonky cone with water inside. I looked around and felt like I returned home after a long trip. Anyway I left the room when someone came and said someone wanted to see me. I knew who it was and it didn't mean anything. I was in this white dress and went into another room with pillars along the walls and a throne with a man sitting in it. I felt the relationship was of an older brother or lenient father, but I let him finish talking to those before him. There were guards standing to the right of him and then he looked at me and I looked back. He was talking to me telepathically basically telling me I had duties I have neglected for my trip. It was a learning experience. Anyway I looked at this man and said I don't have to listen to you and I don't need you. I remember the horrified looks of those around me and his calm face. Never changing. I said I don't need you to him and again and left. When I woke up I felt absolutely horrible because I knew in my heart that that man was God. I still feel horrible because it can't be further from the truth. I dreamed of the place a few times now but all that is there in that place in my hometown is a do it yourself car wash. What could this place mean and that man.

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