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Ghost Watching From A Distance


This started this summer, around the same time I met my boyfriend. They all wear navy blue color clothes, although the first one I saw was wearing black, and dress casual. All of them have been men, with the exception of one woman (who was also wearing navy blue). They seem to watch me from a distance and most often these encounters happen in public. Their facial expressions are blank, so I don't think they mean any harm. I usually ignore them and their existence, I'm not really scared. I don't know if the colors mean anything but I would like to know if it holds any meaning. I once prayed to Archangel Michael and they went away for a month. I have looked a bit into it and learned that Michael takes them away, but that the spirits have free will so they may comeback. I don't want to see them, if anyone has had any similar experience please give advice or information on ghost and why they're watching me.

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Show_Me (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-18)
There is a purpose you see them. For that I cannot say because we all have different energies we attract. You can tune them out. Ask god to close the door so you won't see them. God will close the door and if you wish to see, tell god to open the door.

You are a bright light to spirits and will attract both bad and good. All I can say is we all have a purpose here on earth and the higher power will guide you what to say and do.
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
12 years ago (2012-11-15)
Honestly,I don't have any experiences with ghosts (it's another kind of entities I deal with... You know, angels and stuff:) but I have some kind of opinion on this matter. If you won't mind,I'll share it. 😁
If they're not doing anything to you, then that means they came with a reason and not just to scare the F out of you (well,some ghosts are nasty like thatxD). And I think that it's either (1) you have some unresolved business with them in your past life or; (2) they think that you're the right person to help them out with something.
And there's also more than one way to deal with this: (1) you could communicate with them on why they're here and why it's you they're watching so the confusion will all be over or; (2) ignore them and ask AA Michael to take them away every time they show up.
You know, ghosts are attracted to those who are clairvoyant and based on your story you are indeed one. But if you'll help them or not, the decision is up to you.
May you choose wisely! ❤
P.S.You could also ask your spirit guides about this matter for help. They know better than us anyway. 😁

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