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I Used To See Things


It's been quite a while since I've visited this site, I must admit. So I guess I'll introduce myself, once again. My name is John, and I may or may not be psychic. The reason I say that I may or may not be psychic is because I am just not sure anymore. I used to see things (spirits, shadows, blurry colors, etc]) and sense things practically everywhere I go (and a lot of my other [possible] abilities are in my only other post on this site.)

My life has been very stable lately, nothing paranormal is happening, which very much worries me. Usually when nothing paranormal happens something VERY paranormal happens later. The scary thing is that its been MONTHS since anything of the supernatural essence has ever happened. So I'm worried something really impacting and scary will happen soon.

Has this ever happened to any of you? Have you guys ever been in a psychic rut? And if so, after that rut, does something BIG happen?

When everything involving the supernatural stopped in my life, at first I admit I was a little relieved. No more things "attacking" me and my friends, no more constant fear that something (that only I could see) will randomly pop out and scare me, and I can live normally for a little while. But I just wanted that for a WHILE. Because I know if its like this for too long something too damn scary for me will happen.

So what do I do? Do you guys have any idea what might happen in the future? If anything actually happens.

Also, I'm not so sure is this story is interesting enough to be posted. Hopefully though.:)

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Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-20)
I don't know if this will help really, but believe it or not, your spirit guide is often a part of your dreams, so you could contact him there. Thats how I first contacted mine. They also are easier to hear if you burn a candle or an incense. Silence or merely being relaxed will abso make it easier to communicate with them.
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-17)
Hahaha,you're welcome.ANYTIME!At least I'm of help now... I used to be the one being helped out a lot. 😆
EpicAstro (2 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-16)
Also... If anyone in this site can help me connect with my spirit guide... That'd be nice.
EpicAstro (2 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-16)
[at] BluDeath Um... Okay. What are you talking about?
[at] PatrixieKuchiki thank you. I really have no other words to say... But thank you 😁
BluDeath (1 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-16)
I think we may be able to help... Well if your willing to help us someone or something is coming and I think we could help each other...
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
10 years ago (2012-11-15)
Oooh...okay,don't worry,man:it's interesting enough to have someone answer back for help.😊
In your story you seem to be claiming that your psychic abilities are well... In low gear mode for some reason. Did you will for this to happen:you know, a normal life or something? Because sometimes our wills are strong enough to bend the course of things, and my spirit guides are adding right now this word of wisdom that:"What we perceive is what we receive".
Archangel Michael tells me that (He's telling me right now to tell you):
"Everyone goes through a psychic rut which is inevitable because you. My fellow beings of Light, are just awakening to rediscover the dormant abilities grounded by time and time again. As a Human it is a normal process of fluctuation, and as these certain senses are being put to use, more fluctuations through your normal bodies should be endured. This is to ensure that everything in your system will remain in balance, and in tact to what you really are:a Human, a being of flesh and blood.
There is no need for worries. Time may be telling you to root yourself in a peaceful state for some time without the burdens your abilities carry with. But do consult with your other spirit guides for guidance on this matter, for I cannot offer you the same amount of peace and calm for your spirit guides are the beings of your heart and what it expresses the most.
Blessings upon you, my brother John, and hear my message."
I apologize if AA Michael's message took some space. I think MY advice isn't needed anymore, because he just took the words right out of my mouth!xD
Besides,I'm already sweating to death here because of his presence so...ta-ta for now.😆
But if you want to ask more,I'm always here to help... I mean, AA Michael is always here to help.😆

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