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Another Mind Control, Premonition, Or What Exactly Am I?


My name's Rai, I don't know whether I'm classified as psychic or just someone with supernatural abilities. I really need help in recognizing (or developing, if it's true) my abilities, but first I'll start with my life story. I think it would help you to help me recognize.

I was born without illness, but strange thing happened at the moment I was born. My placenta coiled up around my neck twice and I couldn't breathe. The doctors claimed I was dead at the first 30 minute I was born because of asphyxiation and my face was blue. Then something happened, they sensed that I was still alive and then it's proven that I was alive. Until now.

At first when I knew that I thought it's just "cool" without any meaning, until when I was twelve I found out that my words often really come true. If I say "hey, that person is going to fall," then, within seconds he will fall although the floor isn't slippery and seems no way he could fall. When my classmates elected the new class leader, I told someone that he would be the leader. He didn't believe me, saying that he's the new guy there and no way someone would choose him. I insisted, and it turned out that he became the leader. He was surprised but he hated me because he thought that I was scary. The similar thing happened when I said "the X teacher wouldn't come today," it really happened with unusual cause (accident, sudden illness, etc).

The problem is I can't sense whether my words are going to be true or not until it happens, and after everything happens precisely as I've told, I could do nothing but say,"sorry, my words sometimes come true." I don't know is it an illness, power, or something common.

Then I feel it develops. Something in my soul develops. When I make eye-contact with people, I feel like they know what I want and "do" that unconsciously, although I don't ask them. That happened when I made eye-contact with the police standing in the intersection, I knew the traffic lights was red, but suddenly he stopped the traffic from the opposite and made us pass without any reason.

It happened today as well, when I left my bag on the classroom upstairs. A friend of mine said that she saw my bag in the classroom. I saw her, inside my mind I wish she would bring it for me (haha~ ups) but I said, "alright, I'll go get it." But then she suddenly said, "well okay I'll bring it for you." Then she left and came back with my bag.

If that's really a power I (am luckily, may be to) have, then I would see my limitations. I have to make eye-contact or 'touch' other's subconsciousness and it's just work with living things (yes I couldn't wish the door would open by itself or make the traffic light change as I want). The range isn't wide, around 10 meters or less.

So, is it coincidence, power, or just common thing? I don't know whether I am a psychic or not, or it's just supernatural things?

Need help.

If that's true, how could I control it (so that people around me don't always follow my "control" of their minds and influence their thoughts). I want to have a normal life with them and their freedom and use the ability for good.

Thanks and sorry if you guys can't sense any emotions in my sentences: (


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charai (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-15)
Thank you! Well, at first I could handle it a bit much, especially because I wanted to develop it... But now I am not sure anymore whether I am using it or not towards people. Sometimes they really follow my thoughts I "planted" unconsciously and I don't want it. For example, I thought A should do what I want him to do and a minute after he saw my eyes he did what exactly I thought. Then I would feel like: "Oh I just wanted you to do - in my thoughts - but not /literally/ you have to do that..." or "it's just my thought... I don't really want you to do that" or "it's just inside my head...but..."

Then I'll feel I couldn't control my power and it makes me avoid eye contact now since I don't want to influence people too much.

Fortunately, my power isn't include photo or memory so I have to really look people in the eye...
Lunicorn (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-14)
Hi Rai. I believe it is a gift you have although I'm not sure what it would be called. I can sometimes have influence too, but I think your ability with it is stronger than mine. Therefore I'm not sure if how I control mine would help any.
For me it seems that willpower all it takes. I don't want to use it unless I feel it is necessary so I refuse to. Being aware of it and often reminding myself not to let it happen seems to have "turned it off" in a way. I can then turn it back on when I feel the necessity.
I hope this is of help. If there's anymore I can tell you I would be happy to.
charai (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-07)
I seldom get angry with people because my emotions could interfere someone's mind (as well 😭) but yes, when some stranger bullies me or want to rob my money, I clearly look at his eyes and demand an apology with my mind and then he will apologize.
The bad thing is, I couldn't control my power so I avoid looking people in their eyes 😭
harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-07)
I could see how you could use it to stop bullies at school. Just make it look like you're really angry and do what you normally do and they will probably get freaked out and do it. I wish I could do that...

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