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Something Is Going To Happen To Someone Close To Me


My name is Wendi and I need help on this, I have always been able to feel when something is going to happen to someone since I was a little girl, and always knew who was in trouble or who was going to die, but something happened on the 1st of May and thinking about it, I do not understand why this happened. The last three months I have had this really bad feeling, intense, something that I have not felt before, that something is going to happen to someone close to me, twice I heard a woman calling me, but was not sure who it was, and I had someone in my bedroom on quite a few occasions over the last 3 months, but never new who it was, never saw a face, the last visit I had was a visit from a man in black, lang dark hair, a hat on, long black cloak, but he was not looking at me, he was half turned and facing the window, I was not scared at all, it was not something evil, because I was not scared at all, he just stood above me and then he was gone. But my feelings got more and more intense, but this time around I had no clue of who the person might be. Well on the first of May at 7 in the morning I received a call from my friend telling me that one of our close friends had hung himself at 1 in the morning and no one knows why, he left no note. This is killing me inside because he was the strongest person I know, why would he do this to his wife and children, WHY, WHY DID I NOT KNOW IT WAS HIM, maybe I could have done something to stop it, can someone please help me with this, why did I not know the person this time around, Can someone please give me the answer to this

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spookvanger (13 stories) (136 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-13)
Good morning Wendy! Being psychic is a gift but also a
burden that you must carry.
It is possible that your feeling did not pertain to your
friend, but if it did you would have been unable to
stop it. Each individual is given the right to make his or
Her own decisions which decisions are all life experiences assisting in spiritual development. Whilst suicide
is a definite no no, he will complete his lifespan
in a future incarnation. He will need lots of prayers and he will be aware of whom is praying for him. Beware of tears and sorrow as those feelings will prevent him from leaving the earthplane.
I am also from South Africa and live in Sabie. If you need any
further advice/help feel free to ask.

CeeJay1904 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-09)
Hi Wendy,

First off I want to say I am really sorry for your loss. I am also like you and have had those same feelings as well, I had it with my grandmother I knew someone was going to die and I knew it was her, But that was when I was really young around seven or eight But I had it recently. My mum and I were due to go visit my mums parents in Spain and suddenly I was freaking out and kept telling my mum I didn't want to go, I never told my mum about my feeling but I told my friend. I had a feeling someone was going to die I just didn't know who which hasn't happened before anyway my mum ended up getting me too go with her to Spain and I managed to get it into my head being a silly teenager that my mums parents are old so it 'must' be one of them, it wasn't. A day before we were due to come home my older brother phoned my mum and told her my other older brother had also taken his own life, he hung himself too. I think the reason I didn't know who it was, was purely because I couldn't have stopped him. I mean of course I could have that time but if he really wanted to go he would have tried again and again. The time he died wasn't the first time he had tried. And just like you said about your friend my brother was the same, Always happy, always smiling, always the life and soul of the party. I can't tell you why your friend did what he did because only he knows but what I can tell you is to not over think it. Over thinking is the worst thing you can do. Also people will tell you that it will get better with time, I won't lie to you it doesn't you just learn to live with it and your 'cuts' heal but every so often they come open and bleed a little again. I haven't been able to talk to spirits since my brother passed in 2010. I wasn't the best at it before because I got scared by this one spirit and some how closed myself off. But I can still feel them around me, it's horrible to know when someone is going to die especially when its someone your close with but don't blame yourself sweetie because there was nothing you could do.

God bless you, sending you strength and love xoxo

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