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Prophecy Lucid Dreaming With Reoccuring Animal


Lucid dreaming comes easy to me I have enjoyed it as a past time my whole life. I understand the symbolism and messages in my lucid dreams. But in the last few months I have had two lucid dreams that have ingrained themselves into my mind more than the rest and contained future events. The following are only short versions of my dreams.

First Dream:I am forgiving a co-worker for harassing other employees and comforting the co-worker. Then my dream changes scenery and I am with a young wolf, the wolf changes into a boy and we spend time talking and walking.

The next day that co-worker was suppose to come back after a long absent leave. Later that day the co-worker was let go. I never spoke with this co-worker much or had any emotional attachment to.

Second dream:I am in the passenger seat and we drive past my father and a bear. I tell the driver we must turn around and tell my dad to watch out for the bear. My dad's voice says everything is fine. I get out of the vehicle and the scenery changes to winter, I see a white wolf. My dad's voice tells me to run, so I run and hide in a crack in the snow bank. My face is buried in the snow side but I know this wolf is trying to get my attention and wants to show me something.

The next day my dad and brother tell me they are going bear hunting in a week.

I am curious if others have experienced prophetic dreams that have been connected with a specific animal. And before anyone says it's my spirit guide no it is not, I already know my spirit guides.

Thank you.

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johnc6792 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-06)
have actually had several dreams like that... Not exactly the same but its always a wolf and its always trying to show me something. Most of the time it comes true...

One example was when I was younger I dreamed that I was walking through the woods and this wolf walked up to me... It led me to a pond and motioned for me to look.
I saw in the pond what looked like a car accident, and I saw me in the back seat.
Exactly a week later I was involved in an accident that killed my grandfather.

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