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Premonition Dreaming Is The New Studying


Back Story:

About three years ago I passed a critical test when I was in eleventh grade by dreaming a good chunk of the answers the night before. This test is critical because if I didn't pass it, I wouldn't have been able to graduate, even if I had a perfect 4.0 and had never missed a class or anything. The only way to graduate would have been to get a waiver, and they are supposedly really hard to get. The test was called the ECA. Needless to say, I was nervous, because tomorrow was the math portion of the test, which I sucked at. So, anyway, I went to sleep the night before the test and crazy happened.

The Dream:

The dream started out with me walking into a room that in waking life was used as the detention room at my school. I was incredibly hot and irritated, and sat down in my seat. I am given the test, and it is just a blank piece of paper. Then, I hear a soothing voice say "I know you can do this, just focus and believe." I look up and see right in front of me a person with a blue shirt on. Their back is to me. I couldn't see anything else about the person--not the gender, the hair color, anything else--nothing except the shirt color. I look back down, and there is a letter that I forget now on the paper. I look back up, and the shirt person is gone, back down, and the letter is gone, and the paper is back to being pure white. I look up again, and notice the clock. I remember that the time was 10:23, and it ticked to 10:24. I look back down, and there are numbers on the paper. Again I look up and this time I can't focus on the clock. I look back down, and see a blank piece of paper. Then I feel a burst of cool air. It startles me, and I look back up and see nothing, back down, and there is more numbers. Then there is a bang. I look back up and then down and there is another letter. This continues on, with me hearing coughs, getting an itch on my left calf, hearing someone clear their throat. By the time I woke up I had forgotten most of the numbers on the paper that had popped up. But I felt wonderful, and refreshed, and I actually a little confident. I didn't think about psychic dreams, or premonition dreams or anything like that. I just thought that my subconscious had purged my nervousness. I thought I had had the opposite of one of those dreams where you take a test and don't know any of the answers, and thought that it showed how optimistic I was. I just shook it off and went to school... And that's when magic happened!

The Aftermath:

I go to school, and my day quickly deteriorates to a huge suck-fest. I almost miss my bus, I have a bad hair day, I stub my toe no less than three times, almost get into a fight on the school stairwell because I looked at a girl wrong. Plus, it was spring, and it was sweltering, and the air conditioning was not working for some stupid reason. So I show up at the test room all hot and irritated. The test room, it turns out, was the very same room that they hold in-school-detention in. I didn't connect the dots just then, though. I go in the room, sit down, and put my head down. One of my favorite teachers came up behind me and patted my shoulder. "I know you can do this," she whispered. "I know you don't think you can but I do. I believe that you can do this. You can do this, just believe." I look up at her and we chat for a while, waiting until all the students arrive and the bell to ring. I didn't connect what she said in waking life to the condensed version in my dream. Then they hand out the test and we all begin. I know the first three answers, so I start to feel good. Then I get to one I don't know. I look up from the test in frustration, and see a girl in a blue shirt sitting in front of me. That's when the dream comes flooding back to me. The answer popped into my brain. I didn't want to rely totally on the dream, but I had no earthly idea what the real answer was, so I just circled that letter. I tried to remember the other objects, feelings, sounds, and answers in my dream, but I couldn't recall them. Then I looked at the clock. It was 10:23, and clicked to 10:24 as I watched. The answer to my current question popped into my head. There was even a burst of cool air that startled me! The teacher had turned on a fan and put a bowl of ice in front of it for a make shift air conditioner. It scared me, but I knew the answer to the question. When I tried to remember the dream, I failed miserably. Only when I couldn't answer the question and wasn't trying could I remember my dream and the answers. I turned it in feeling worried. I knew that you had to get a certain percentage to pass, and I knew that I only had the answers to about 10% of the questions. Plus, not all of the answers that I couldn't figure out popped in to my head. Probably 15 to 20 answers popped into my head. I knew about 15-20 answers. If I got these all right, I might have passed, but at that point, I was sure that I was a had failed. I was sick with nerves while the test came out. And when it finally did, I found out that I had barely passed!

I have no doubts that I dreamed just enough answers to that test to pass it! I want to know what you guys think? Also, sorry for the length of this story. I should have kept it shorter.

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hunting_for_answers_ (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-13)
Hi Kepha
I will definitely check out Edgar Cayce (I have never even heard of him!) It is nice to know someone else had an experience similar to mine.
kepha1979 (11 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-12)
Shalom hunting, I'm not sure if you are familier with him, but you might want to do a search on Edgar Cayce. Cayce was not infallible by any means, but in my opinion, was quite amazing and I have never seen him explained away in a satisfactory manner. I believe your experiance, I've had similar ones before. One I was told the meaning of a French word in a dream, a word which I did not know, and... It turned out to be accurate.

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