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About five years ago I have always felt like is someone behind me when I am in my bedroom typing up my stories I have always felt that someone was behind me, reading all I have written. I was frightened kind of that night it was about midnight, there was a noise and I felt like I was being watched I said" will you go away if I befriend you".I put my hand out and a greyish hand in a monk's sleeve shook my hand. As the years have gone by it has gone away but now it has come back, I don't know why or how but since my mum has died it has only got worse. I started when I went to Gosport to do a test and no-one was talking. And a low male voice in my left ear said to me "don't worry forget about it". Note I was sitting on the left hand side and the voice came from behind. All who were in the car was my dad who was driving me there no-one else.

Then about a month later that same male voice called my name it has happened a few times. Then the next day I wasn't doing anything impart from listening to some relaxing music. Then the same male voice in my head "help me Marley I'm in torment". A couple of years earlier a blue light was hovering above my bed not moving or anything but the strange thing was that no lights on at the time. I was talking on-line to a very good friend in confidence. I told him what had happened I felt a strange feeling like someone was behind me and the same voice said" it is the Romans they are coming" but it was in my head.

Just before I was going to sleep the same voice said " I'll show you". Earlier I had said that I wanted to help but I don't know how. Then on remembrance day a different voice in my head said"I have remarried 200 years ago". At the moment when I stand behind someone I get a strange feeling like a tingling in the part of my body behind the person. I can sometimes see peoples aura and see lights reflect of things that other people cannot see.

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Keiligh (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-16)
I have seen light flashes all my life. My fiance died 4 months ago and since then, I have been seeing very large blue energies around me. Sometimes just flashes, other times very lingering and strong. You may be tapping into an energetic field. You have mediumistic and clairaudient ability. It's a good idea that you learn more about this and about psychic protection. One thing you might want to keep on hand is sage. Light it and ask to be protected. Light a candle asking that only the highest and most loving energies be allowed into your space and close your eyes and just be open to your feelings. Ask if the man in the robe is a spirit guide here to help you. I have an idea that you are attracting energies who have not fully passed over and since they know you can hear them, come to you. They are stuck here in a loop. You can learn how to cross them over to the Other Side. You have a lot of support and people here who can guide you. Good luck.
Aghorin (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-15)
I likewise saw a blue light hovering over my bed. Curiously, although this occurred about 1976, I had not mentioned it to any relative of mine until to-day. Then, after, mentioning it to the relative, when I looked on the internet immediately afterward, this was the first website that I came to (I had apparently never seen this website before), and saw this article, which had also been posted to-day. Quite a synchronicity, surely divinely arranged. Please e-mail me on this matter.
ZiShu (129 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-15)
I believe you may have potential for greater things. Do you see orbs? Similar to the blue light you mentioned? I will be able to help further your abilities. Send me an email.

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