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Do I Really Have A Psychic Ability?


I am new here and have had a mixture of experiences.

Firstly I am into witchcraft but don't practice it.

Sometimes I feel as if I know something about a person but I don't know what it is. I have some vague idea of what I was in a past life.

I think I was reincarnated I can remember bits of my past. I don't know what my name was but all I know is that I made a sacrifice for Rome.

I am good with empathy but why?.

Especially around the Roman period for some reason.

I don't know why I am able to do this but I think I can Astral Travel but the weird thing is that when I fall asleep I feel like I am not in my body any more. But I am aware of my presence when I was lying down a couple of months ago I looked up at the sky. Next thing I know I am high in the sky looking at my body below. It is freaky I can some how wield a sword although I have never been taught and haven't touched a sword before at all and don't blink when someone claps their hands in front of my face.

Also when I got hit by a car I felt like I wasn't there mentally and physically and the weird thing was. Was that I didn't get hurt or anything when the way I landed and smashed a wind screen and took of a wing mirror. Should of cracked my head open especially if I went over the bonnet of the car and landed on my head.

The thing is that I didn't know I was hit by a car until after I had returned to my body it felt like it did anyway. But the thing is, is that I didn't scream until after I was hit by the car.

Am I reincarnated?

Do I remember things from my past life that I don't know?

Could you help me please thank you?

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ipromisedthesky (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2010-11-16)
somethings carry on from our past lives to our lives now, looks like you were definitely reincarnated. Although I cannot see my past I can read about my past in the cards. There's a past life spread I use for it, and it will only let you read about the one previous to this life you have. I know it works because my friend knows her past life, and I did the spread to her and it all came up the same.

Sometimes what happened in our past life, gives us a new goal/fate for our future life to accomplish. It's weird, I know. But don't let it bother you too much, just keep living your life as it is.

I am new here too, and found this site by chance and am glad I did. I have other friends that are tangled up into this kind of stuff as well, but I can only trust a few because some of the others give me the feeling they say the believe when they don't and talk about it later like we are insane or something.

Although I can't see things from my past, I can see things into my own future. Sometimes there's people out there you will find that you met in your past life, and some others from the moment they meet you can see in their dreams your past life. My friends said she met someone like that, and I have yet to. Be careful who you tell, because my sisters one friend's sister just was put into a mental institution because she told her sister that she could see and hear things and had weird abilities. Her sister told her parents, her parents got her a psychologist and somehow down the line they put her in an institution.
bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
9 years ago (2010-11-16)
spirit out of body cannot hurt the body. Everyone should know that. And don't worry, everyone is either reincarnated, or a new soul. I have many past-lives, and I can't count them because I haven't unlocked all of them yet. And yes, if you concetrate hard enough, or meditate, and you can find out what happened long ago. My mystery is december 21, 1863.

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