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Forshadowing Dreams Scaring Me


For the last four years or so, I have been having dreams about people or events that come true. First, let me tell you the dreams I have had, that I can recall. I may have had them earlier than four years ago, but I don't remember any in particular. The earliest dream I can recall took place in July of 2006. I have always wanted a dog in the worst way. In the dream I was at a beach standing about knee deep in the water. I was helping a little brown and black puppy swim. I always loved this dream, but I sort of forgot about it until I finally got my own dog in 2008. I remembered the dream when I was at the beach with my puppy, a yorkie, and I was helping him swim. My dog was identical to the dog I had dreamt about two years earlier. And it's not like yorkies are my favorite breed and I didn't really want one in particular at the time. I just happened to dream about one. The dreams sort of stopped for a while after that. If I had any more they were very insignificant and I don't recall them.

Then in early September of 2008, I was starting my senior year in high school. I had been very close to my drama teacher in high school and before the first day of school, I had a dream where she got a hair cut and now wore her hair in a bob. I then get to school the next day and find out that she had done just that. I realize that this sounds very coincidental, but it happens quite a bit. Anyway, later in September of 08 I had a dream about a former friends mother. I hadn't hung out with this girl in years and while she still went to my school, we didn't have much to do with each other and she was not in any of my classes. One night I had a dream about her mom who I had not spoken to in years. The next day, I found out that her mother had almost died after getting hit by a car while she was out jogging. This scared the crap out of me. Why would I dream about her the same night she had almost died? The dreams once again subsided for a little while. I didn't tell anyone about the dreams, they started to freak it me out by this point.

The dreams stopped until last summer when I had a dream that I was with my friend from work in the break room. In the dream, she had come into work and I greeted her with a hug. My cheek touched hers as I hugged her and I said to her, "Is it snowing out? You're freezing!" And she said, "Yeah, and you're nice warm." And I said something along the lines of "you're cool". The next day, in real life, I was in a bar with my parents and it was very warm in there. One of our friends arrived and she came up to me and hugged me from behind. Without even thinking of me dream, I told her she felt freezing and she told me I felt warm. We had the exact same conversation that my work friend and I had had in my dream. It was word for word. The next dream I had a few weeks later was very weird and pointless. I had this very annoying black head near my lip that had been there for about a year. In my dream, I had gotton so sick of it that I just popped it. The next morning when I woke up, the black head had risen to the surface and I could finally get rid of it. The next strange "prediction", if you want to label it as that, happened this November. I was in my backyard with my dog and for whatever reason, this image of a big yellow dog coming into my yard popped into my head. It arrived and went as any other random thought and I didn't think anything of it. The next day, my mom came in with my dog from outside saying that this huge yellow dog had come into our yard. I asked her what it looked like and she described a dog that looked like a yellow German Shepherd. The SAME dog that I randomly thought of. This has so far been the only "vision" I've had without being asleep. The most recent dream I had was about my two year old cousin. In the dream, he was going to have surgery to remove these little lumps next to his eyes. Again, didn't think anything of it until I saw his moms facebook status saying that his surgery went well. I had known that he was going to get surgery eventually, but I hadn't heard anything about it for 3 months and no one told me the date of the surgery. I dreamt about it the same night it took place.

I do not mind having these dreams, but I'm always afraid that I will dream about something bad happening again, like I had with my friend's mother. I also would like to learn the difference between a dream and a foreshadowing of the future. They all feel like normal dreams until they come true, usually within 24 hours of me having the dream.

Another thing that happens a lot with me is that if I think of a song really hard, it comes on the radio almost right away. I can also concentrate and tell when someone I want will text or call me. I open my phone as they do so. I can also tell when someone close to me is pregnant. Maybe this just has to do with being female, but I'm 20 and I have never been pregnant. I knew when my drama teacher was pregnant twice and I knew when a friend of my family was pregnant two weeks before she even took a pregnancy test. I don't know what it is, but something about people's faces having a very soft expression and a feeling that I get tells me they're pregnant. I can't really explain how it feels. But I'm always right.

I also have felt very connected to certain people. My best friend in high school and my drama teacher, who I would hang out with before school and during lunch. When walking into school in the morning, I knew if my teacher was going to be absent. A feeling would just come over me that she wasn't going to be in that day and I was always correct. Same thing with my best friend if I did not see her right away.

Getting back to my dreams, I want to learn how to tell the difference between a dream and foreshadowing. I dream every single night and I always remember my dreams. Dreamless nights are extremely rare for me. I like having this gift, I think it's very cool, but it does freak my out and I'd like to not be caught so off guard when things like this happen. Even if it's over nothing important, it scares me. Thank you for any feedback you can give!

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-13)
Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between normal dreams and premonition dreams. You should make a dream journal and write everything down that you dream of even if the dream doesn't happen in reality it can still be important later on. Good luck
acolaianni (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-12)
That's my problem with these dreams. All of my dreams, premonitions or regular dreams, feel very detailed. Some of my dreams are clearly made up and not real at all, but I also have normal dreams, for example I could have a dream that I went to McDonalds, but not have that happen in real life. And until something comes true, I can't tell the difference.
marcusj0015 (2 stories) (81 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-12)
the difference between a dream and a premonition is,

A dream feels less detailed, not as specific. It has a more made up feeling.

A premoniton on the other hand,
Feels very real, you can recall almost everything, and after you wake up, you feel different.

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