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Canterbury Ranch


I was thinking of an Eckhart Tolle DVD I have been watching and some things he said about meditation and I was wondering if repeating a mantra while walking would work for meditation. I fell into saying the mantra in my head in a loud voice and kept up the repetition as I walked.

After what appeared to be a short time I looked at my phone and it had been about 20 minute. I looked to my left and I had stopped beside a wooden sign nailed to a tall tree about 40' away. It said Canterbury Ranch Site, 1878 to 1913. I stood for a couple minutes with my eyes closed and let the quiet of meditating sink in and then continued on.

As I was walking up and around the flat named Canterbury Ranch my mind was just kind of wandering. I was feeling a moments quietness and looking unfocused up the hill. I thought I caught the smell of strong, sweet pipe tobacco and stopped and took a long breath. There was nothing resembling pipe tobacco in the air, but as I stood there I had this very distinct thought form of a large barrel chested man with a light colored cowboy hat and a light colored western style shirt that was stretched tight across his chest, pulling at the buttons. He had this really laid back, people loving, confident personality. I think he was sitting on the something like the edge of a front porch with his back against a post or something like that, smoking a pipe.

This part sounds a little weird, but I "felt" all these details and if I was a good artist I could draw what he looked like from this "feeling". He had an easy, pleasant but tough without being rough kind of a face and an easy knowing smile. His confidence was very easy and very sure. I felt like the guy was just saying, "Hi kid" (I'm no kid, except in my mind). "Life's good isn't it."

Really cool.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-22)
Wandering Wayne yes one can do a mantra while walking.
Its does not seem too much different than a walking medition which is to observe the breath then just observe it out.

Some of the picture you are depicting indicates connection to earth chakra. The tabacco being emphasized is your own root chakra making a connection and opening up your eyes to form images of an impression of the individuals personality and description thus seeing a clear picture.

Nice story!
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-21)
Congratulations! You have just met one of the residents of Canterbury's Ranch. That was a nice story. Thanks for that.

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