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I'm would say that I'm not psychic. After reading some of the things that people have sent in I feel a little intimidated. My mom has had psychic experiences and my best friend Tony is what I would call psychic. Though neither one thinks they are.

I'm nothing like them, but I have a few things that I'm curious to know about. Maybe I'm slightly psychic or maybe I'm somehow just tapping into some part of my brain and looking at pictures and feeling things from my imagination or dreams or something.

When I was in the army I was in a combat zone for a year or so. Being in that situation kind of takes you "out of your head". It opens things in you that you may not notice other wise. I guess because you're introduced to thing that are of this world that you hadn't realized were a part of this world, no mater how prepared you are.

I noticed something that I think all people must do but don't realize it. I've tried to develop it a little because I always thought it was kind of cool. I have little flashes of what I think are other peoples lives. I kind of get an impression of what some person's thoughts and feelings are like. Not someone I know or see or anything like that but just kind of like an idea of what someone else life is like just kind of floats by and gets stuck in my brain for a second or less and I feel like I know what this person feels and something about their life. Not exactly like their feelings or thoughts but just kind of what it's like to be them for a moment in time. Just some mundane life thing. Not something useful but I find it's kind of interesting. This may or may not relate to this next part.

This other thing is kind of weird and what I would like to know if anyone else has like experiences.

Awhile back I lay on the floor of the living room watching football upside down. I must have done this for an hour maybe, the game finished and I closed my eyes. I saw a woman's face, she changed from a blond to a brunette then faded. (Yea I know a lot of women change from blond to brunette, that's not the cool part). Next I saw a guy, Native American I think with a long black pony tail. He was on a college campus in front of a door to a big concrete triangular building, the door being in one rounded point of the triangle. He was wearing blue jeans and one of those brown corduroy jackets that were so popular in the early 70's. Cowboy boots I think and books or a briefcase. Next I saw a women face, different than the one before. I brought it up close and turned it a little to get a better look. Then it faded. These were actually there like I was watching TV, or more like sitting in a theater. I have been trying to do more of the same and have done some.

I saw a girl standing in line in an airport in an expensive black and white checked heavy skirt (wool?) and a black sued coat with a portfolio of (I think) her art work in her hand, then I think I was in her home standing behind her. She was sitting in an old fashion rocking chair and when she looked back over her shoulder we made eye contact with our right side eyes. I felt that little electric shock that sometimes comes with a look or touch. That shocked me out of what I was seeing. This one was pretty clear but not as clear as the first ones. Often now I get kind of the same thing but they are more impression and not so visual a thing. Not as cool.

At first I would see faces and people and symbols when I was meditating, when I was going to bed or laying in bed in the morning. I would kind of focus my eyes at about 5' with my eyes closed and try to see nothing in particular. About the time I would start to lose focus I might see something. Usually a dark haired women. Different ones. One time I tried to bring an older Indian lady's face in closer to get a better look and her face jumped of her body and into my face and scared me. More like startled me I guess. I thought "she did that on purpose" then felt kind of foolish. Like I do now writing this stuff down.

I was reading Kenneth Meadows book "Shamanic Experience" and doing some of the breathing and visualizing exercises when this first happened and doing a lot of walking in the snow with my dogs also. (Being out in the woods walking to keep my legs in shape and filling my mind with the wonders and love of nature is important to me and helps keep my mind in the right place.) Then I got to working a lot of hours, not eating right, smoking a few inorganic cigarettes (I seem to be allergic to the chemicals in regular ones) and now what I see is not like looking at a photograph but just kind of an impression. The other morning I was laying in bed half asleep and did see the tops of some trees that were very clear.

This has been kind of a fun experience and a little frustrating.

A couple nights ago though I did something that was a little freaky. I had been thinking I was going to see something as I was laying there and fell asleep. I woke up a half hour later with the idea that I was talking to a girl. I don't know if my eyes were open or closed or if I was dreaming in a kind of lucid situation or not. I looked to my right and a guys face was looking at me up close. He was good looking, from an inner-city type environment and there was the light of insanity his eyes. He though I was trying to make a move on his girl and he said "Back off, Cremarian", or something weird like that. This seemed like a different kind of experience than the other and kind of freaked me out and stuck with me. Maybe it was just a dream.

I don't really see these things as something that is going to give me any ability to help people like Tony does or give me different experiences or see a past life like my mom has had a few times. So I don't think I'm developing any psychic talents that are anything useful. I may just be tapping into my dream world in a different way than normal although I actually think it's something else. I just don't know what and I'd like to know more.

I would like to know if anyone else has similar experiences. Many years ago I had a similar but different experience when I first got high smoking pot, but didn't include that here because I thought it might be inappropriate.

Maybe something else will come of this but for now I'm mostly just curious I guess.

I tried to look up cremarian, it looks like another word for a place where dead bodies are burnt. Never heard that word before, maybe the dream head meant someone who burns bodies or is an undertaker. A nice insult I guess.

So anybody else out there seeing people like this for no particular reason?

I also sometimes see other things like symbols and cartoons and some freaky stuff that are just vague memories or something. Just vague impressions. I get the impression they're on different levels but this is all guess work. It's the people's faces that have been the real seeming thing.

Thank you any responders.


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CJRyan (1 stories) (36 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-11)
a lot of times psychics are drawn to one another, even if they don't realize that's why they feel pulled towards a certain person.
Sed733 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-12)
I was pleased to know that I was not experiencing this phenomena alone, I am a 36 year old male, who has just recently bagan seeing faces and entire bodies doing activities as I close my eyes and it has been happened so suddenly and frequently, I have become very curious. About three months ago I laid down for the evening and as I closed my eyes it became difficult to start sleeping with these random images appearing, if I'm in the a pitch black room I can see them also, so now I sleep with the closet Dior cracked with the light on so I can open my eyes causing the images to fade.
So on the images, when it began it would start as rapidly appearing faces not even allowing me to focus on them clearly, and as time progressed I can actually watch the people performing activities such as walking, watering their yard, or feeding their children breakfast. Sometimes it is like a photo album and I'm just clicking through them, faces of all ages and all emotions, an old man smiling or a young girl with tears in her eyes or a woman looking angry, and I can now slow them and take the time to really look at them and can actually lay there and describe them to my girlfriend laying beside me. The more that I practiced this they would start looking directly into my eyes as they were pouring a cup of coffee or looking over at me just to shake their head at me while were driving. A man in a real nice suit will just walk bye on the opposite side of the road and just stare me in the eyes while looking puzzled until he turns the corner. It never seems to be the same person and I have tried practicing to see if I could revisit certain images or faces but have yet been able to do this. I once sat in what appeared to be a womans living room, she had on blue jeans with a blue and white checkered flannel shirt on, standing in her kitchen pouring bowls of cereal for her two sons, and all three of them were looking directly into my eyes as they when about there morning breakfast. People have begun to smile and wave but only after making direct eye contact. This is new to me and I hope that I will actually be able to revisit some of my favorites, and have more control over the randomness of it all, but for now I will just take it for what it is to me, an oddity. It would be nice to gain more control and take these occurrences with me into a nice slumber, but still losing sleep for now, thank you for letting me share
Rabbitinthemoon (3 stories) (47 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-21)
Subject of Tom Brown Jr and his book, "Grandfather". I'm trying to remember this correctly but I believe Stalking Wolf has a vision of his Father or Grandfather and then the vision reveals a child playing with bones. Decades later he meets a child playing with fossils and it's Tom Brown jr at 10 years old. I think what Tom may have been indirectly telling us is that Tom is the reincarnation of Stalking Wolf's Father or Grandfather. Pretty interesting.
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-18)
To owlettica from wayne. That is a great story. My ability to see faces and people have faded to almost zero and I wish it back at times to explore. Once in awhile when half asleep in the morning I will see someone or a face. For awhile I was having dreams and half asleep dreams about a couple people I know, as people I knew in previous lives. I was for awhile, in I state that was between earth and somewhere else I guess and this was allowing odd things to come in. The "visions" in a round about way, led to me being able to feel energy which I have learned since centers at my chakra points. In searching for thing about energy I have come to taking a class in Reiki next week. Reiki opens a person to self exploration and often times helps bring out psychic abilities it is said. I think it would be great to see the faces again and learn what it is about, but Reiki is a step in understanding for me and that is the main objective right now. It may allow me to be of service to others someday also. Email me if you would like and I'll tell you how it changes me, if at all.
owlettica (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-14)
Wandering Wayne:  

I don't know whether or not you are still responding to this post, but I was thrilled to just stumble upon it.  

I occassionally "see" what I can only surmise to be people in their "previous guises".  It doesn't happen to me as much as it used to, but still does on occassion.  

It initially began  about seven year ago -in my early 30's.  I'll try to make a long story short (which should be easy since I'm on an I-Phone):  I remember complaining to a friend I'd known for years at work about a souring relationship of mine.  She's not the type that preaches or anything, just listens.  Anyway, that day, I remember her looking over at me & telling me the only reason I was in this "relationship" with this person (with whom I'd already been involved before), was because I was afraid of embarking on a new relationship with someone new.  Anyway, when she said this, she looked at me through her hair (which was in her face), & it was almost as though I was "seeing" her for the first time.

Not long after, we began dating seriously.  There were a few other times when she & I were intimate (not necessarily sexually, but emotionally), & I would "see" her doing things or looking at me in ways that looked really familiar but couldn't be:  looking up at me as he tied her shoe, rising up from my bed & looking at me through her hair in the ambient light of darkness.  

Finally, one day, she & I were talking seriously, & as she spoke, I kept getting visions of a woman who looked like her crouching in a clearing.  She was naked, & rising from the ground with something in her hands.  I couldn't see what it was because she was too far away.  I couldn't help it, but I interrupted her in mid-speech to tell her what I was seeing.  It was almost like explaining what's happening on the tv to someone in the other room.  I didn't realize until I stopped describing the scene, that she was freaked out & demanding to "know how [I knew] that".  

She asked me which knee was down.  I told her her right.  She asked me where the moon was.  I told her that it was visible to my right/her left.  It was as if I was also there.  She explained to me that, for years throughout her teenage years & early 20's she'd have a recurring dream that she was in a clearing performing some kind of "ritual" with blood or so she thought because it felt so charged.  What always woke her was the vividness of it, & the inability to determine whose blood it was.  She always feared she'd harmed or even killed someone/thing.  She said she could only calm herself by looking at her refleflection in the mirror  after waking up as reassurance it was still her.

After that, she & I would walk around & do things together, & I'd see her in different incarnations: a native-American warrior with bone breastplate (male) looking to the sky, a "gentleman" circa 1930's either as a passenger in a car (while I presumably am driving) wearing a brown tweed jacket & tie, or turning to me from the sink while shaving (the same man, probably older), wearing a men's undershirt & light blue boxers (with an older-style razor), a Japanese warrior of some sort (but in a reclining position, like I'm looking down at him), a young girl (perhaps 4?) wearing a peasant dress sitting alone looking sad & twirling a flower in her lap (my perspective's very high on this -as if I'm passing by her looking up at me).  Another time, she & I were walking down a hallway, & she looked over her shoulder down at me, & I was transported to a forest walking with her.  She had pelts thrown over her shoulder, & I could feel the twigs beneath my feet, & see the light filter through trees as we walked.  I also saw her as a Russian soldier with snow behind her (as if I was looking at her face to face), & finally as a very well-off or priveliged woman, with a gown, holding her finely jeweled hand over her bosom (which, I'm embarrassed to say, is really all my mind could focus on).

But, it wasn't just her.  In my everyday life I'd see medieval warriors, monks, 19th-century French sailors, 18th century English gentlemen, Guatemalan villagers, cowboys, "old wild West" spectacled country doctors, at the local grocery store, talking to friends or eating at restaurants, but it rarely happens anymore.  Actually though, ealier this week, I saw a Celtic warrior  at Walmart -who /knew/ they shopped there?

Okay, so much for long story short, but it's my hope that these "visions" come back, but I'm uncertain about how to go about developing or encouraging that kind of gift.


WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-16)

Thank you for the comment. I see very few faces anymore and wonder why they have left. Maybe I should look at them more as spirits or messages if it starts again. Love and Light to you too.
Nefertiti (guest)
14 years ago (2009-08-12)
You have a great gift! I use to see people since I was 5 or 6 years old. During the night in bed I used to have a very cold sensation, my body was like a stone, I cannot move or call my mom and in that moment I used to see a dark hair woman who looked at me with bad eyes, and in a different occasion I used to see a man who covered partially his face with his hands. I had often this chilly sensation before my body was completed paralized and mute. I don't have idea what was but probably spirits that try to communicate. I don't have anymore this kind of experiences but now I can see and feel different things even if I don't know yet how develop this gifts. Love and Light.
marquise (2 stories) (23 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-22)
Since I posted my story, and everyone offered advice I have been experiencing things a lot more. At first my abilities would only come every couple of weeks, but now I'm picking up feelings and everything else I explained in my story daily. It's not as strong as it was, but it is more frequent.
caymangirl38 (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-21)
I was trying to astral project a few days ago (I'm new to this) and for a moment or two I saw faces of a woman and 2 kids dressed in dresses, like a carribean style tropical dress. The 2 kids were sitting at a table and the woman was standing in the middle of them. It looked like she was swinging her hand between them, like she was going to slap them. Then the image disappeared. I have no idea who they were or why I saw them. I just figured it was my mind making up images since it was no even close to what I was hoping to see.
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2009-03-07)
jessica13- you are not insane. Your consciousness is leaving behind its house and travelling in the astral world. The astral world is found between the physical world and the divine spirit world where no negativity exists. However in the astral realm, where the cleansing of negative energy from the spirit takes place, some weak negative energy floats around until it is neutralised by the atonement of sins by the spirit who created the neg energy in the first place. You can protect yourself from it as you have described. I refuse to believe it can cause any harm so my mindset in that regard repels it from me when I am in the astral world. There are guides in this realm that will take you places as well as visiting them on your own. Have no fear there and you will be fine. If you believe there is harm there, harm will be there. If not, no harm will befall you.

Love and Light
Jessica13 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-07)

I am up early fresh from having an experience just like you described. I've been having them more and more lately. I found your post because I, too, was looking for some guidance about what I having been feeling and seeing.

A bit of background: I am not one of those people who is psychic in the typical sense. I have always had a very high degree of intuition about people. It is very common for me to meet a person and make a almost inappropriately intimate remark about their personality or some issue they are facing, but I've been surprised that the person would react with gratefulness that someone understood them or their situation so acutely. I feel like there are times that I must say these things even though I don't know why or even if I am embarrassed by the level of intimacy. Over time, I've learned to accept this about myself. I also have learned to protect myself from negative energies because I can feel them with me long after the negative person or event has passed me. I've always attributed these things to me being sensitive to energy.

My experiences recently have all happened when I first wake up in the morning. I have insomnia and when I know that I can't go back to sleep, I take the opportunity to meditate. As I begin to meditate, I can feel a shift from relaxation to being lifted. I've always described it to friends as my energy feeling "puffy", meaning I felt my energy outside the bounds of my physical body, but still with my body initially. Then I would feel my energy pulled in different places in the house that I am in. I would encounter different energies, some very bad and scary, some neutral and some very light and positive. I've been places in which I've actively tried to figure out where I am and why I was being shown the place. When I've been shown different places, I was able to read and, in one case, the date was in 2010.

I am seeking information about this because firstly, I wondered if I was just imagining this. Some people say that your mind is just firing random thoughts, but I can feel myself move from place to place. Secondly, I wanted to make sure that I was dealing with the energies in a safe manner. I know that if knowledgeable or fragile people can be prey for negative energies. This morning, I felt one of the energies attempt to attach itself to me and I had to reject it actively with light and a request for help from my angels and God.

As I am reading this, it sounds like I am insane which is why I've kept most of this to myself. I could go on and on about what I've seen, but what I've described above is representative.

revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2009-03-05)
creamora is a white colored powdered creamer for coffee. I believe (creamorian) he was calling you "white boy". Your consciousness or spirit is travelling all over the place. I have had very similar experiences even down to the weird symbols- I recently found one of them in a book about angelic writing! You are going into other living peoples lives and some of them are sensing you and some of them are even seeing you. This is a form of astral projection where the spirit can leave the body and travel to other places or in my case even other dimensions. It is my experience that the beings in other dimensions dress differently than the people in this dimension. That's how I can tell them apart. Their faces and bodies look the same but they eat different foods and live their lives in different ways. Also you may be seeing your spirit guides or just plain old spirits. Don't mean plain- you know what I mean.

Love and Light
iseethefuture (6 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-04)
You are not crazy at all. Spirits are trying to conatct you threw your eyes. But mostly in dreams. This happens because there is something important you need to ergently know, you may not know those people yuo see, but the are probly psychics too, they are trying to warn/alert you, so make sure you reaseach it a bit more and find out what/why they are trying to comunicate with you. ❤
hound7 (31 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-03)
GREAT BOOK, by the way... Didn't like the CD that came with it, though... I guess I'm a flute person... ^_^
The um... "Impressions" you may be getting of people, that give off feelings... I've seen things like this, even when looking at a place where someone recently died... Just a tiny swirl of color in my head... Very hard to explain...

Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-02)
Yes, I see face's also of people I do not know. This usually happens as I begin to relax they sort of float into my view.
Here's an interesting story > 3 weeks before 9-11 happened every-night before retiring I was seeing hundreds of faces including animals floating in and out. When I told my younger brother, he said that he kept having visions of 2 planes hitting a big building. The visions stopped when that terrible day happened. I think a lot of people had similar incidents surrounding that day. Getting back to seeing faces > I see a women with dark hair and eyes very pretty she wears a veil to cover her nose and mouth could be Arabic I don't really know but her face never changes. I assume she may be a guide.
Last year I seen a soldier standing in front of a building that was destroyed. The strange part about this is that I don't know who he is or why I was allowed to see him. Someone told me that I might be remote viewing! I also have had experiences while dreaming, a vision will knock out my dream to show me something that I should be aware of. Are you experiencing this at all?

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