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Clairvoyant? Empath? Something?


All of these strange happenings started when I turned 13 (which was 9 months ago).

I think I have always had what ever I do have since I was born but it lay dormant for a while. Let me start with when ever someone gets into a fight I feel their anger and irritation and when it's doubled with my own I usually end up crying. My mom always calls me melodramatic because of it. Also when ever a lot of people are excited or nervous I can feel it. For example I'll walk into a cafeteria and instantly feel hyper, because everyone else is happy. Another one would be; one time my friend walked up to me and I instantly felt like throwing up, so I asked her if she was OK. She replied that she felt sick. Sometimes I can even feel what the ghost in my house do. I know it's not mine emotion because one time I'll be happy then all of a sudden start crying or laughing. I can't control what ever this is, but he only happens every 1-4 days. I want to learn on how I could develop it.

Ether things have started to happen. For one I can sense entities in my house, while no one else can. I'll see orbs sometimes or black shadows out of the corner of my eye. I feel cold spots on me sometimes and hear and feel breathing on me. I also hear tapping and rustling in my walls sometimes though only once in a while, but it only happens in my room and no one else. The 2 time I ever meditated I saw a little girl and her father a name popped up in my head "Annie." I also saw a teenager named "Max" and my great grandmother. The weird thing about it is I always thought the entities were of a man, little girl, teenage girl, and teenage boy. It's hard to explain but whenever they were here I would just know that they were a boy or girl and around what age they were; but nothing else.

The last thing that's been happening is that I'll get flashbacks of the past, sometimes of places I've never been. I'll also think of something for example one day I just thought randomly of subways two days later my mom offered to take us. Or I'll feel a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen, and bingo! Me and my friend get into a fight. I also get deja Vu feelings all the time. And sometimes while I'm lying in bed all see the whole day in my head, then what I saw happens. It makes the day quiet boring, if you already saw what would happen.

One last thing is if I concentrate on myself I'll see a faint yellow, bluish color surrounding me. I think it's my aura; if it is why is it that color? And what does that color mean?

A lot of coincidences seem to happen; and lately I don't think any of them are.

If anyone can help me develop what I have, or even tell me what I have would be great. I'm confused and a bit scared because when I tried to tell my friends they thought I was joking. One even thought I was crazy and went behind my back and told people that I was. I would just really like the help.

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micaela (2 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-23)
Im almost 14
A few weeks ago I was going to bed when I felt something like a warm patch in the air (I have found out its then energy from sprits eg the out side of there aura) I relised it was sprits I asked them to give me a sign that I'm not crazy and there real. Then my books fell off my desk, I decided to go around the room and feel the sprits. Then my arm started hurting so I went to bed I did this for a week and at the end my arm was always saw and that's when I would go to sleep. I decided to tell my twin sister... But I don't think the sprits liked this... My room went ice cold I could no longer feel the warmth of the sprits. I felt cold my body started hurting then a lot of my energy was taken from my arm I could not move it. My twin sister can tell me what my angle says to me through cards. It said that I need to be carful because no one should get to close to the dead because I do not want to contact bad sprits but it also said that I should not forget about them and dismiss them. Also when my sister tryed to give me energy she sucked it from me. (I can give away energy and take it away from peoples aruas I can also feel peoples auras and see peoples auras)
DiandraSaysRelax (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-16)
like I have told several people on here, I think you are an empath like me. And this ability will continue to develop. It takes time though
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-03)
A soul reader; is a person that can look past you basically and can see your very soul, you know the expression 'don't judge a book by it's cover' well a soul reader can read that book with even knowing them and to be able to tell who they were in past lives, or so I was told. Also you can tell write away if a person is nice or evil with one look.
flowergirl220 (4 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-29)
Hi I was reading a comment from you on another page and I was wondering, what's a soul reader?
kkcoolcat (1 stories) (18 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-14)
try calmly walkin back from the library with your mum then suddenly going very hyper and energetic so you end up jumping over plants and doing other wierd things just because you walked past a toystore with a load of hyper 5 year olds in
That always happens when I'm around there now
:L my mum thaught I was crazy:D
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-14)
that must of sucked to have to go through all that! I noticed that when I'm with more then 4-5 people I tend to get really hyper, I think because of all their mixed emotions it makes me I guess you could say buzzed?
kkcoolcat (1 stories) (18 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-14)
just been reading all of your stories and the thing about going hyper because of other peoples emotions ect. Made me think.

It sounds like me when I was 11. I never used to get over excited or any other strong emotion like that and then I started going hyper for no apparent reason or crying when I don't know why.

I actually went through a phase of depression 2 weeks ago and it was around the same time that my brother broke up with his g/f that he has been going out with for 7 months.
djuna (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-02)
Hi Sarah!
I was so intrigued reading your story and feel an extreme relation, especially with 'feelings' and deja-vu. I feel you are both clairvoyant and empath. Sometimes I feel this exhaustion because I feel so much of what goes on around me, especially certain things that happen in this world. I also was intrigued about the colour of your aura! The yellow means awakening and blue is normally associated with Indigo children, meaning intuitive.
Amazing read and hey, if you ever wish to share more, I am so willing to hear you. I love to talk about these things even though it's rare to even meet people who are attuned to their spirituality and inner sense. I am Djuna and my email is fcukfcukgoose at
Thank you for sharing this.
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-26)
I don't think any of my parents have anything; because they are both very scientific when it comes to things like the world, religion, how things were created, and so on. They don't believe in any of this; so I can't talk to them.
I know this is a hard life, through experiences. I also know that even your closest friends most likely won't believe you through experiences.
I will try the exercises you have suggested.

Thanks for the comments guys!
madam (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-26)
As a parent with abilities I would say either one or both of your parents have them.

More than likely they have dismissed everything to concidence or have had bad expirences.

Not all expirences are good or helpful to you. As a parent I wished none of this would not pass to my children. It is difficult to understand, frustrating because we are viewed as crazy by some, and sometimes hard to live with.

You may or may not go farther than you are right now. Start telling people what you feel and think and predict (without telling them of your gift), As things become true they will start to question you.

Once they see that you really can feel and see things you will have credibility and the opportunity to speak about it. (support)
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-24)
Thanks for all the comments they really help! I will try the music but oddly enough I feel strangely happier in some ways when I listen to well supposed to be sad/depressing music I don't know why?
silverbirch (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-12)
Well, I havnt had a chance to publish my little story yet because the submitting page is apparently down... So I'm not entirely sure whether I'm an empath...
But I think your story shows all the signs of an empath. I feel the same way a lot, For instance; once I walked into a room and felt instantly angry, so angry I just want to punch something or someone, I felt violent and had no idea where the feeling came from, I was fine less than a minute ago!. But, around 30 seconds later, a fight erupted between two guys in our class.

If you are the same as me, I suggest you try meditation or calm music to help steady you when you are 'hit' by another's emotion.
cassy (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-05)
Seems you are empathic but all mediums are anyway! As your young I don't think its time for you to develope maybe do a lot of reading first and later in a few years maybe if you still want to then develope
Good luck
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-04)
Thanks Tay!:)
I now know I'm not melodramatic but it's annoying to hear my mom always say it 🤔 And thanks by the way:) I know you guys are here for me and it helps a lot!
By the way; I love your hair! ❤
TaylorHatesLove (11 stories) (93 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-03)
Hey Sarah!
I know where you're going with the orbs and figures and your mom thinking you're melodramatic, you're not alone.:) And also I can relate to your friends part, my best friend Nicole thinks I'm joking some times, though she does come to me for some help. Anyway, don't be scared or frightened, just trust yourself and meditate more, it helps a whole lot. And if you can't talk to your friends, you know you've got me, Jill, Val, and everyone else on the chat and this website. 😉

Taylor ❤
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-03)
Just pray always to the most powerful god for your guidance but do not fight with ghosts and shadow people for they are also like us. They will fight if being taunted. Instead pray also for them so they can see the light and the right path through light😁
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-02)
Well that sucks your parents don't believe, I don't even dare to think about telling mine:S
Thank your for believing me. It's not that strong yet because I have only really excepted it a couple of weeks ago. If I ever have a question I know who to turn to:)
Thank you
guitarguru1219 (1 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-02)
I definatly think your an empath, like me. We can feel and embody the emotions of others. To get better at this I recomend just being open try to feel and embrace the energy of those around you. But please be carefull it can get overwheming fast if your not carefull. If you have questions or would likr to talk please feel free to email me empathicmusic [at] my name is Chris by the way. Oh yea don't tell everyone about this choose who you tell wisely make sure you can trust them I have my girlfreind who trusts and belives me but that's it, my parents don't believe in psychic abilities, unfortunatly.

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