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Soulmate Connection Or Twin Flame?


I've heard a lot about soul mates and twin flames. A soul mate is someone who is going to help you in some way in life; either being a friend, family member, or lover. While a twin flame is literally your other half, your other part of your soul, who you are spiritually connected to telepathically.

Have you ever had a day where all of a sudden you feel sick and you don't know why? And even if you are an empath and know no one else is sick you still feel it? Well that's your connection with your twin flame. I never really believed in this twin flame stuff until it started happening.

I started seeing someone in my head sort of, he looked as if he was astral projecting but only for me to see. He had black hair the swooped along his forehead while the rest hung around his shoulders, blue eyes, pretty buff but not huge, and was about 3-4 years older than me. His clothes changed everyday pretty much. I first started seeing him from when I started meditating but after about 2 meditations I would see him pop up every where on different occasions.

We spoke very few words when I would see him, it was like every time I looked into his eyes I knew instantly what he was feeling and the very few words that are spoken is "I love you." Which is weird because well I haven't even met him, and when I first said it, it felt like I wasn't saying it, more so like a past me.

Anyways the closer I get to finding out who he is, which I think I may or may not know, I 'see' him less, when I get closer to finding him he visits less...

All I want to know is, could he be my twin flame? Or just a soul mate? And if so when am I going to meet him?

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Silly (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-01)
I am thankful that I found this site. I thought I was going crazy for the things I am going through right now.

But, anyhow, most of the stories I've read on here are familiar to what I am going thru. Let me elaborate more on that.

A year after divorce, I've changed a lot in many different ways. I've learned how to forgive everyone no matter the situation, stand on my own two feet without help from anyone else, keep my head up high and accept everything that life brings my way. I believe every single thing that has happened, happened for a reason.
About 2 to 3 months before I met this special person, I sensed some kind of weird feelings that kind of got me thinking, "what in the world?"
Out of no where, I felted lonely, sad and empty. I didn't understand why at all. And that feeling would come and go very often. And as days comes by, it got stronger and stronger. No matter if I was eating, in the shower, talking to family or whatever that I was doing. That feeling would hit me.
Then, when I finally met that special person, everything became more unexplainable. He actually called me out of no where and claimed that one of my friend gave him my number. I hung up on him SO MANY times and told him I don't have time for games. But he never gave up. But, one day, his wife called and pretended that she had a missed call from my number and she was just calling to see if I had called. I had told her, "No."
Then, about 5 minutes later, he called. He sounded like he had lost a very close family member. I had asked him what was the matter, but he said it was nothing and he is fine. BUT, at the moment, I sensed it off that it was his wife that called. And I didn't even know he was married. So, I told him that I am going to be a b**** and hang up cuzz I don't have time for his bs. About 2 hours later, he called back. And I don't know what was going through my mind, but I picked up. From that moment on... (I don't even know how to explain the feelings. Please do excuse me for that.)
But what I do know is that I can feel him most of the time. Like, when he is hurt or going through a tough time at home with his wife. When he misses me, I can feel it. And when we're both together, there is this very positive and high energy between us.
I remembered the first time we held hands and kissed. That hand that I held, it felted like I held my own hand. And that kiss, it was like no other kiss. It was like energy to my soul. Ever since then, every time I look at him, it's like I'm looking at myself.
A few weeks down, I found the courage to ask him a simple question. I had asked him, " (his name), how do you feel when you hold my hands and when you are talking to me?"
He answered, "honestly, when I hold your hand, it is like I'm holding mine. And when I talk to you, it's like I'm talking to myself."
His answers was how I felt when I first held and kissed him. I did freaked me out, honestly. But I didn't say anything about it.
One thing that me and him were having a hard time controlling was parting from each other. Every time we kissed each other goodbye for the day or night, we can feel that sad energy surrounding us. And it's not one of those, "awwww, I don't want you to go yet."
It's a really strange and sad feeling that I have never felt before in my whole entire 28 years of my life. Kind of like trying to part to magnets. But we both never stop each other from going home. We both have patience there. We both know we are going to come back together one way or another.
And then, there are some other strange stuff that I realize but never said anything to him about it. It might be a coincidence only, but who knows. Well, his wife, every time when he is out with me she, would blow up his phone. Whether it is 2 hours or 3 hours, she would call and text him the whole entire time. So, one night, he got frustrated and decided to go home. When he got home, whatever she was doing, she fell into a pot hole and broke both of her legs. It's not just that time. There are times when she would end up hurt or end up something wrong when she is trying to stop him from seeing me. And I'm sure he realize it, too, because he did say to me once that it seem kind of weird that every time she acts up, something goes wrong with her.
During those few days when she broke her legs, she did see a psychic, too. And that psychic must of told her a lot, because she stopped everything that she was doing before. She did mentioned to her husband that she spoke to that psychic & that psychic did tell her that she was never the one for her husband. And that he only took her in because he cared for her, but the love was never there. Then she told him that after her son is old enough and her legs heal, she is leaving.
But, of course, she did harassed me first. And I totally understand her and won't stop her from harassing me. I know I am wrong for doing this to her. I should know better. I do feel very sorry for everything that has happened to her. Like, broken legs. Most important part is, I am very sorry that I hurt her heart. It is not natural in me to hurt others feelings. And I feel very bad for it, BUT what is happening between me and him is way beyond my control. I even try ignoring his calls and even try to tell him to not see me no more for the sake of others. BUT when he hurt, I hurt. And that hurt is not like any other hurt I have felted before.
I wish I was able to control all this, but I can't if this was meant to be. Even though I can't control these feelings, I would never tell him to leave his marriage. Or be inpatient. If he and his wife are together for whatever reasons from the past life, then I'll let them pay their dues first. I'll be patient until they both handle their business first.
I guess it is true what some other psychic had mentioned. If someone is really your twin flame, you would never have the feeling of wanting to manipulate and would always have patience. And if at any point manipulation is put out and patience are not there, then you're really not ready for your twin flame.
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-19)
Also, its getting more rare, but I go get some flashes of how he is getting on, which is always nice:)

And as Sarah said, I think you will find he again 😊 I really hope it works out for you ❤
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-19)
Wow, is all I can say to your story Ashley! I'm also jealous! Your experience is amazing! Funny he was jamie dean, me and my friend see to boys, I see james and she sees dean! Did you ever tell him you saw him before you did meet him? Did he see you?

I have to say your story is completely beautiful and maybe you did have a past life with him, I do believe the people we see are our soul mates and I have much more hope of meeting james now I have heard your story, thank you for that 😊 ❤ 😆
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-15)
That's such an amazing expeeience to go through... I'm so jealous that you've gotten to meet him! Though it must be really hard to not be with him, I can't even imagine.
I thought it was really cool that you also got like flashes almost and it would show you what he was doing, I get those all the time, well they co
E in bunches, I wouldn't see any for months than all of a sudden I would see him every day:)

When the timing is right I know you two will find eachother again:)
AshleyEmpath (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-14)
I have had something similar, but with more intensity to where I actually did meet this person. Unfortunately, timing wasn't all that good.
Ever since I can remember, Jamie has always been my favourite name for a boy. I also always used to see visions in my head of a boy that I just knew was my one true "soul mate", if that even exists. I knew he would have dark hair with bright blue eyes, be thin and a little taller than me. I just would always remember the way his eyes looked when he looked at me. Once I went to a psychic and she describe him perfectly and told me my soul mate was a "real James Dean. Also someone I knew, but have never met". I was just thinking what does that mean, stupid fake psychic?
When I was 17-18, I had a website about this one band (that happened to be undergound and so esoteric that only very few people followed.) One day I was contacted by a boy that was 3 years younger than me and he wanted to help with whatever plans he could. We only knew each other by screen names and would send emails/IMs back and fourth about everything that we could do to promote the kind of way of life this band wrote about. I had never met him, but always felt a strong connection to him. He would jokingly ask me to marry him, but I'd tell him he "was way too young for me and try me when he turns 18-19", eventhough it always seemed like we had this unspoken, special connection. After a year or so, I took down the website, started partying hard and we lost contact. All along I would always have dreams of me and a guy sitting or standing under a street light, in our pajamas, just enjoying everything, talking and playing like kids. I always got this really happy, complete feeling whenever I thought or dreamed of him.
After I started dating a new awesome guy (who really needed someone to love and care about him and who I'm married to now), we decided to spice things up and add another person for fun. So around age 22 I put a post on a dating site. For about 3 months, I kept seeing this one guy's profile and every time I saw his pic/profile, the top of my head/back of my neck would get tight (like it always does when something otherwordly happens to me) and something in my head would tell me, "He's the one, or something really big is going to happen with him." But he was SO HOT that I thought he was way out of my league and would have never messeged him.
One day I got an urgent messege from HIM asking me if I was into this certain band. I replied back and he said he knew and had this really stong feeling about me. (I had figured out that he was the young guy that used to help with the website) Turns out the guy's name was Jamie Dean! We would chat about anything and everything. He would always joke or hint that he wanted me to be with him, but would never straight out say he wanted me to leave my bf. Also I didn't want to leave my bf, I loved my guy, we have a stong connection too, just we are both very open and wanted to have fun, not start other relationships.
Me and Jamie would chat back and fourth, and could always be totally REAL with eachother, even though we had just met online. He begged me to visit him in person once, and I just had such a strong feeling about him that I did. We only spent 45 minutes together, but it felt like forever in the moment. When he saw me, he looked into my eyes that same way I remember from all of those dreams and the amount of energy/electricity flowing between us was unreal. I saw his pj pants and band shirt hung over a chair, it was the EXACT SAME CLOTHES he wore in most of my dreams/visions. He told me he had waited his whole life for me. When I went to kiss him, he pulled back and told me that I belonged to someone else and that although he really wanted to, he knew it wouldn't be right, he didn't want to get me in trouble and that he needed all of me if were ever going to be together. So we just hung out and it was just so amazing, like everything he knew, I knew. I can't even explain the amount of energy or knowing or whatever going back and fourth between us.
After, it scared me to think that I almost walked out my great guy (just like his last 3 gf's) for some fantasy. So I tried not talking to Jamie, explained that I wasn't leaving my guy and that it's too temping to hang out with him again. After that, I would always get flashes in my mind that he was close by or thinking about me. We saw eachother breifly again at a concert about 3 years ago, it was like fireworks going off everywhere. Shortly after he ended up moving to the other side of the country and those flashes slowed down or almost stopped. Now years later, about 5 weeks ago, I started thinking about him again, a lot! Kept getting feelings that he was close again. Not even like I was trying to, but more like the thought of him was put into my head. 2 weeks ago, I got an email from a friend stating that she saw Jamie back in town. I would always think I was crazy before, but just knowing that he probably got back around the same time I started thinking of him again is comforting. I don't feel like I missed my chance with my soul mate, I just believe that we must have had a crazy, intense relationship in a past life or lives. Almost like just knowing I connected with him, brought peace to my soul. I can't really explain it.
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-17)
I do believe we will meet them, and I'm interested to see if its is you Valkyrie! Good luck too you two with that!

Ok I'll try post it again! Thank you!

I think I love him to, which is really weird as I'v never meet him, this has also happened to my friend as well! So were not the only one. Though by the looks of it, its rare. Just have to wait it out I guess!
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
Oh my bad, I should tell you I don't use msn:$ I only go on hotmail, to check emails...:)
Valkyrie_Ravel (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
Ok sure I'll add you and don't worry it isn't weird...:)...
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
Thanks so much to all the support I've been receiving, it feels great to know I'm not the only one this is happening too!
Hopefully we all get to meet that special someone soon...
Isha, you sound exactly like me and yes I do think a part of me already does love him, like my soul is being like, that's your guy! For your story, they don't allow stories on if they sound like a dream, I had to re post this one because it sounded to much like a dream the first time I posted it.
Valkyrie, yes he does have a uk accent, that's subtle. And truthfully I'm terrible at describing a persons fashion sense, though I do know he likes to wear a lot of wife beaters to bed with sweats or like pj pants, and he likes to wear jeans, though that doesn't describe anything cause most guys wear those things... If you don't mind sending a picture, I would love to at least check, if it isn't to weird for you that is...
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-15)
Umm, then I tryed to post my story, it got rejected 😭 I only wanted help
Valkyrie_Ravel (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-14)
What kind of clothes did the guy wear? Because that is a pretty good description of me and when he spoke did he sound kind of english but not posh? Unless I link you to like a photo of me or something so you can do a yes no analysis just to be sure? I doubt it is me but is it worth checking?
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-14)
Sarah, I don't think I can say how relived I am to hear you story.

This has happened to me too, I have to ask, do you love him back? I Knew the second I saw mine I did, and I sincerely hope I meet him. I believe I will.

It not silly at all you miss him, I miss James (The guy I see in my visions) alot.

I also suffer this problem of the more you find out, the less you see him, and I have to say I never see him at all now, I might get a snap of are life together (unlike you, I see the future we have together)

If you ever meet him, be sure to tell me, as I would like some hope the man I love might be in my future, I'v post a story call 'In love with a guy from my visions'

Good luck with finding him
TigerWillow (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-16)
Sarah, that is a very interesting story, I ave heard of the "twin flame" and "soulmate" I wish I could connect with mine... But maybe you should try to meditate more, try to find his name... In my opinion, I find this is a twin flame, but who knows...
God bless, Emily.
T-Shana (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-08)
Huh, I'd never heard of this term "twin flame." Your description of it reminds me of the Vulcan word t'hy'la, which means approximately the same thing.

Anyway, good luck with your twin flame!
caymangirl8 (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-02)
I just wanted to mention the post I made about spirit guides is called, "spirit guides telling me of the future". Sorry, I forgot to put that in the last post.
caymangirl8 (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-02)
Your story was very interesting to me. I have been having strange experiences over the last 3 years. They involve a guy who I haven't met yet, but I get a lot of confirmation from spirit guides/angels that we will have a relationship. A few times I was meditating I would see a man drawing a picture of me and I would hear a voice tell me that it was him. I have too many experiences to list here, but I also sometimes feel sick or very nervous for no reason. My family is all fine when I have these feelings. I wonder if I'm feeling whatever he's feeling. It's good to see that other people have the same things going on, I don't feel so alone and crazy. I posted a story about spirit guides recently, any comments from others would be hugely appreciated.
raspberry (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-08)
hey sarah. I know what you are talking about... It IS indeed the hardest part to just sit and WAIT for time to pass, while accepting that TIME is part of the process. I feel you, I'm going through pretty much the same. It is like smelling a treat being cooked but having to wait for it to be ready and eatable. Its exactly the same. Time time time... Only time will reveal everything
Please god, help me love and embrace time, help me deeply aknowledge that it is an inseparable part of the process. Sometimes you have to wait 15 years, sometimes more ❤ ❤ ❤
gemmalehmann (guest)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
That sounds just like what's been happeneing to me I keep seeing this guy in my head I know he has a brother and a blue car with gold mags and I know exactly what he looks like physically. Anyway I was walking around shops that are near my house and I walked past this guy and it took me 15 minutes but it just hit me and it thought it must be him since then I have been seeing that car I described around near my home parked at neighbours houses. I hope I meet him because I have fallen in love with him. Hope it works out for you
iSparkle (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-13)
I had something similar happen. In real life, I would always pass this guy and I didn't really know who he was, but every time I looked him in the eye, a spot in the center of my chest would flood warmth throughout my body, I'd get a little nervous and my thoughts didn't feel like they were fully in my head, like I'd pick up his too. I used to have traits of an empath, but its so minimal now, that I rarely ever see a trace anymore, but with this guy, it was weird, it was like I felt what he did... I don't know, I think our stories are similar only mine was in person and yours was astrally? (right word? I dunno)
MidnightWolfCalls (2 stories) (31 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-02)
OH MY WORD! I know what you mean, Sarah. I met what I think is my twin flame, too, but the difference is we talk on the phone or computer.:| Though, like soul and taraus said we say the same things at the same time.
Anyway, Congradulations! But you really should be careful though...It's alright to admit that you miss him, that just shows that you love him a lot!:) Congradulations,
laurenge (3 stories) (46 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-28)
it is so amazing and relieving that someone is going through the same thing! I know exactly how you mean and feel. I think it's real, and so does he. Meeting is probably the biggest conflict there is. I would love to talk to you about it!:) my person is also a few years older, but we don't mind lol!
soulful30 (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-25)
I completely agree with the twin flame and soulmate stuff! I have a friend who I have known for about 8 years but we only started hanging out a lot in the last 5 or 6 years. We are complete best friends now and consider each other sisters, we tell people we are even. Well, if we go more than 2 days without hanging out or seeing each other we both get sad and depressed! We say the exact same thing at the exact same time atleast 4-5 times every hour! It is really weird. I need to do more research on it but I think it may be one of these... Our souls might have been connected and knew each other in a past life... She is here to help me learn something in this life/help me pay back the karmic debt I owe (which I found out doing my numerology profile). Oh yeah and in our numerology profile both of our destiny numbers are the same with her birth name, with her married name our soul numbers match instead! Either way I believe we are connected to each other!
Good luck in finding your soul connection!
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-24)
Thanks guys for all the support. It's really hard to know and talk to someone but know we can't meet right now.: (

But lately I hardly see him, he doesn't come around as much, and I feel ridiculous to say I miss him, but I do.

Everything is very confusing but thank you all for replying!
seconddreams (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-24)
This is very believable because it has happened to me this year. Last year I had a clear dream of this young man who was roughly my age or a few years older and the thing is I forgot I used to see him when I was a kid too but he was a kid then. Well anyways, he told me not to commit suicide, which is what I contemplated doing eventually. Soon after I had more and more vivid dreams of him and another man which I believed to be connected with my "twin flame" as you say. Sure enough she had the same dreams. You must also be careful not to mistake the person you see in your dreams for the wrong person in real life which is what happened to me; or so I believe at this moment, mainly because he has such common features like blond hair and blue eyes. But do not give hope. I'm sure eventually you will find who you are looking for.
Taurusgirl10 (8 stories) (113 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-24)
You'll probably meet Max soon. If you get those feelings and you keep talking to him telepathically more and more, it might mean that you'll see him soon. I think he might be a twin flame. But it's kind of hard to tell. Both are kind of similar.
It depends on how much you have in common and the bond between you two. I hope I helped. 😁
Mellowchan (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-23)
Im like you kind of, except my twin flame is not a lover or family member but my best friend.
We feel the same emotions at the exact same time, we start to crush on guys at the exact same time (different guys though) the guy's we crush on both sign in at the exact same time!. We both say the same things at the exact moment, we know where one another are and know what each other's doing when we think about it, it's quite amazing really it's like our minds are in sinc.
Im not sure if she's my twin flame, but it seem's that way to me.
The guy you are thinking of is probably going to be involved with you in your life soon, and as the images and things get more far away you both get closer.
I was once told by a physic about a guy I was going to meet, she gave me a description of him and told me how long it would be before I met him, I met him last week, and we are getting on quite good, I'm not sure what's going to happen between us, but the physic said if you make a wrong move or fail to do something this oppertunity could be taken away from you just as soon as it was given.
So if you meet this guy, be careful how you react and respond to him.

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