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My name is Rebecca and this is my second post on here. I have been on this site for nine months now. Wow has it seemed longer, well anyway, on to my story.

My abilities have developed further, sometimes with me doubting me and/or my spirit guides, well I know that I definitely have some of them. I have figured out what my abilities are and what I can do. This is for documentation purposes and to see how many people experience the same things I do.

I once used to be desperate about trying to know my abilities and to know as much as possible (I'm still a little bit like that, but not as bad). My abilities I believe are to be mainly a clairvoyant empath/medium with premonitions/precognitions ranging from people coming over, knowing/seeing things, death visions, etc. Here are some of my experiences that can back me up.

My life experiences in order:

Age 4-8: I would know if someone was coming over, and I would be like "mommy, someone you know will be in this store, and then I would move on and that would be it. I would also sing to my ancestors on top of a mountain. (I know that sounds weird, but I thought that was normal to do.) I would even imagine seeing them.

I would also wake up from night terrors a lot, and not remember them, and my fear of the dark solidified. I'm not sure if that is 'psychic' or not though, my twin had the same problem.

I saw on my living room floor, something I called a hellcat, it was scaly with leathery wings a boney body and claws. It was just walking along. I felt my mind open up and it was like a light, and I heard/felt something saying "it's coming." Then I saw it walking like a lizard like 2 feet from me, in broad daylight, look up at me hiss, and then start waddling away to disappear a few seconds later in the center of the floor.

I was also afraid of the basement, I imagined a man to be in the corner looking at me, and looking evil. It was scary for me, I hated being down there by myself.

Age 9-15

I would still know when someone was coming over because I would always have a feeling. I would also know when we would have a 'spaghetti night' at my house when I would get a headache in the same spot, *It's not normal for me to get headaches*

I also still felt the man in the basement.

In the woods one day, I had a urgent feeling to go back into the woods. I had to find my twin, well I waited outside the woods, she came, we ran back into the woods, and I wanted to head back after a while, because I was getting scared. Well she said no, and said "They're coming." Not even a second later we heard footsteps like a stampede of something running on four paws right next to us, and there was nothing there. Well, after whatever it was stopped circling us, we saw three pure whitish/grey figures running in a straight line deeper into the woods. After that we ran away back to our home.

I move to a new house, and I don't want to leave. I yelled to my mom that if we left our house where we lived back then, our cat would die less than a year later and disappear. She disappeared 11 months later.

Ages 16-18

I get better at my abilities because my guides start showing me what I can do my junior year of high school.

Junior year: I move to a new school, I know right off the bat the people I am going to hang out with. It is still true two years later.

In the middle of winter when I am about to turn 17, I hear/feel something saying about a girl in my class who committed suicide, "She won't be coming back after Christmas break." And she ended up committing suicide the day before we cam back. I also happen to see her in my dreams as well as a few other people in my class had too, the same elements and time of night etc were shared two different times by other people with me.

I predict walking to my science class, "Someone in your class will have a minor surgery, and they will have to have a water pass after that for the rest of the year. It will be a girl who has changed." That ended up being me a few months later.

During that surgery, I had to be put down, and I was scared, but I heard a voice say "we will be there when you wake up" I was then put to sleep, and wake up to my mom and my spirit guides being there (if you want a more in-depth story on that one, read my other story).

I join this site and my abilities grow.

Senior year

This year I got hit hard by my abilities and guides to accept what I am. I finally have, it led to me having death visions uncontrollably, at first I was scared at knowing who was going to die and when (I have had about six plus ((lost count)) in my senior year). Now, I can somewhat can control it, by asking WHO I want watched. (I ask my guides to read their energies).


Also this year has helped me grow spiritually in more ways than I can state. Another few things that have happened was me knowing/predicting things with the help of my guides were knowing if I won a contest that would take me on a trip for free --it was a big deal to go-- I happened to predict the people I would go with as I saw who they were visually. Only one other person was cloudy, all I could tell was his gender and race. That one was my favorite.

So many things have happened in the past few months, and I have finally accepted my abilities.

Some other ones I have not mentioned will be in another posted story at a later date.

I have grown to know a lot of things and I can be a help if you need it, but also to anyone who is reading this, if you have any Teacher of this art that helps you through things, please send them my way! I still need help myself. But I understand if you don't, give me advice or questions. Thank you for reading this.


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Avien (2 stories) (24 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-22)
Well Steph,

It depends on how, what would you like to learn about?

MazinKnox (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-20)
Hey there. How would you be able to help, if you don't mind my asking?


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