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Was My Friend's Premonition Right About Me?


So I have been using this site for about a week and I have met someone and become good friends with her. She commented on my first story and that is how we know each other. After talking to her for quite some time, I asked her a question. I was wondering if I had any control over the elements.

She gave me a very surprising answer.

She told me yes.

I asked for more detail about this answer she gave me. She said I can control wind and fire. I thought, 'Sweet, amazing ones!' She said my realization and control of these elements would come during my sleep. I wondered how the heck that would happen when I was asleep. The more I thought about this answer, the more obvious it became. My whole life I have always slept with a fan running on highest power. I hate when it gets turned off. I finally figured that that has something to do with discovering it in my sleep.

Here comes the weird part.

Last night my dog had a seizure. He has had a few before this but this one was very serious. It lasted for twenty minutes. My parents and I rushed him to the Vet. I was so scared I was crying. I ran outside and I was so angry that this was happening and I couldn't calm down. I lifted my hands above my head and was taking deep breaths when all of a HUGE (I mean almost knock you off your feet huge) gust of wind came and swept by me. All of a sudden I stopped crying. When I dropped my hands, the wind died down. Weird happening or is my friends vision coming true?

Thanks for reading and God bless!

P.S. Anyone know where the fire is? She said she was more sure about the fire than wind and she said they would officially come in 4 days while I was asleep.

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PsychicGirl (2 stories) (9 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-21)
HAHA I TOLD YOU ABD I SAID I WAS SURE ABOUT MORE THE FIRE AND WIND THEN THE ASLEEP THING SO YEA LATER (btw my mom since she dosnet know you I am not alowes to messsage you any mor other wise my computer will be taken away) I'm so sorry
BlackHeart (16 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-20)
This has somewhat to do with that. 😕
Well, I was doing this one thing (makeing a pretend medicine for a game) and it was really windy. I got really annoyed because the struff in the bucket was getting blown out. So I said in a firm voice, "Stop wind." and it stopped
I could feel that the wind was getting stronger slowly, so I guess it was "teasing" me.
Im trying to learn fire most of all. I love fire, I'm the pyro of the family. Too bad we don't have fires often 😢.

BlackHeart ❤

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