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When I was little about seven my mom sent me to live with my grand mother again. That was the last time I seen my oldest sister. When I was fourteen, one day she called to talk to me and told me that she loved me before she hung up the phone. I was happy to hear from her because for the longest I wasn't sure if we were close or not but I knew I missed her so much because she was nice to me. I remember when I went to bed one night I was thinking about her off the top of my head and my heart hurt.

That same night I had a dream I was seeing her as I sat next to her in the back seat of the car with her. It was night and her and some people were laughing as they were driving some place at the time I wasn't sure where. I reached to her and was trying to tell her I loved her too but she couldn't see or hear me. I tugged at her realizing my hand slipped through. I started to cry as I reached hugging my arms around her. When I looked up at her I could see she was scared and there was a bright light on her face. I turned to look holding up my hand to see and with in seconds I was outside the car watching it spin and get split in half by a pole. I remember screaming and running up to the car looking in at a lot of blood.

No one was moving and I couldn't see my sister. I ran around to the other side trying to get into the car but it was so crushed in the back the door was crunched up like a paper ball, the window was gone. I screamed and cried trying to open the car from door and get to her. When I woke up I felt this sinking feeling like I feel off my bed yet I was still laying in it. I cried because for some reason I knew it wasn't a dream. I got a call after school that day from my mom. "Your sister is dead baby." She said and all I could do was cry and feel like I had watched her die. Odd thing was the picture of the car was in a news paper clip and it was just how I saw it in my dream. It collided with a street pole so quick it split nearly in half. The back seat was folded back into the trunk and that's where they found my sister.

I had a dream for my aunt the night she passed and one for my dog when I was nine. I often have a sort of deja vu where bad events happen in my dream then happen the next day too.

But some how when I told my mom about this she wasn't surprised because she said in all the photos I had as a child I was playing with a white figure of light. We have one photo now where I was standing on the beach shore looking at the sunset and a dark figure is standing next to me in the sun light. I pushed things like this out of my head and made excuses saying well the film was messed up and what not. Yet now I'm 18 and I experience a lot of odd things and so I have been searching answers.

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PsychicGirl (2 stories) (9 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-21)
wow I'm so sorry about your sister! Do you know who the boys were mabey the were kidnapping her that why she was so scared. Where were they going? Well best of luck

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