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This is my story and I had been looking for answers for years now. Everything you are about to read here is on two other forums from me trying to find answers.

All I am doing is copying my story that I write from another forum and pasting it here it's about three years old. I am only writing this post because no one here can see me or know what I looks like. Well at least I hope so.

What I am about to explain about my self is something I have no control over it does just happen, To being with I don't know if I am asking a question or just getting something off my chest,

I will start from when I was a kid growing up, When I was a kid at about five years old my family keep a birthday party for me and I put my cake in what we call a safe because I didn't like cakes.

Whiles sleeping I had this dream about my aunt eating my cake so I get up crying and I told my mom my aunt is eating my cake and my mom told me it's just a dream and she open the door to show me no one is eating my cake as my mom open the door there was my aunt eating my cake at 3:AM in the morning.

I don't want to make this post to long so I will just mention the things that had and still have me very confuse in life.

When I was eight years old my grandmother was sick and after visiting her I starting to cry and I told my mom my grandmother is dying saying that make my mom get very upset with me for saying that. One day after my grandmother die and the same thing happen with one of my aunts and I again I told my mom my aunt is dying one day after my aunt died.

Now when I was about 18 years old I dreamt I was making love to this girl and in the morning while going to work I saw the same girl from my dream, and as there is a GOD above it was the first time I see this girl in my life.

I can also remember very well when my mom was looking for a phone number she misplace and I told her I know the number and she laugh and say what is the number then, I then called out the phone number for her, and up to this day my mom feel I went in her pocket book and see the number, the number just came to me out of no where.

Something else I want to mention, if I meet someone today I will see them again within three days time, I could meet somebody from thousands of miles away and I will meet or see them in three days time.

I think I lost this gift when I meet a girl selling at a market and I ask her when is she coming back so I can buy some more stuff from her she told me she lives to far to come back. Then I started to boast by telling her I will see her before the week is finished, and that was the last time I say her I think I lost that gift of seeing people within three days time because I stared to boast about it.

When I meet my wife we started dating. One day I was by her and I told her I have something to tell her and she said what is it? I then told her somebody in her family is going to die and three days later one of her brother who live in a next town hang him self.

Can somebody tell me what is really going with me?

It also had a day when me and my wife went out for lunch and while eating, this lady walked into the restaurant and I told my wife, "Look your boss lady coming in." She then turned around and saw her boss lady. My wife called me all kind of liar, saying I know her boss all the time and I never told her, as I am sitting here with this laptop I swear I have never seen my wife boss before she came walking into that restaurant.

And there is a lot more about my self that I don't understand. If I say something bad about someone, it will only take two days for someone to say something bad about me, If I laugh at or about someone the same thing will happen to me. To start off, March 2007, I told a member in a forum his domain name is not good and he is trying to fool people with faulty page rank, and the next day a member says I am trying to fool and rub people buy trying to sell them my domain name, Is this what they called KARMA?

I save the best for last, One day I was talking to my wife on the phone and she was hundreds of miles away and for about two seconds I saw her in the room where she was, can somebody say a prayer for me please? Its like if I am going down the crazy road.

OK! That's it I will post some more of my stories in a next post because I know Psychic-Experiences members is here when I need help.


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AniokNitya (guest)
9 years ago (2014-08-08)
Your abilities are very powerful indeed. I have had many experiences while sleeping as a child. I remember seeing everything that was going on around my house and outside while I was asleep. This is called partially projecting being able to go or see different locations without full astral projection. Hahaah your aunt must have been shocked.

Yo seem to have the gift of premonition being able to see or feel when something is going to happen. There are different levels of this and to me everyone has this gift but many people don't follow their intuition or gut feeling, for us who are more in tuned in your case you are able to pick up on it so much that it affects you much more than it would someone thinking oh just a random thought. We like to teach people use their abilities in a way that they have the full extent of it but its is controlled to the point it doesn't overwhelm them. For people with children with these abilities should indulge it but also teach them to understand what it is because knowing is half of controlling.

The phone number incident reminds me of a different version of telepathy that allows us to see peoples memories and pick information rite off of their minds with out effort. As people speak about something or tries to remember thing they may forget because the way memories work they don't get prioritized they just randomly take spots which causes forgetfulness so by your mom remembering that the number was on a paper you picked up on it and got the number from that memory.Is't instant and this gift is very helpful on missions you can stand in the middle of a room and collect information.

You have not lost your gifts, I have seen this before. Sometimes within ones self thing happen and we accept it as a definite, and the more it happens the more we accept it as normal pattern. Now when something like that happens and the pattern is broken it causes a type of shock that makes us ask "why didn't it work" and if we continue to put our energy to the thought of being broken or can't work anymore it can cause us mental barriers. It is important to accept that things don't always go the way we thing it would with spirituality, reason being we are not fully spiritual beings and because of our practicalities we can sometimes have hiccups. Now when you acknowledge that any mental barriers that is there will fade and once you realize you didn't lose your gift once it will spike back up. I hope this help you and other. I know the feeling and I assure you you are fine:)
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-07)
you're already tapped into it. As you make yourself more receptive to receiving this psychic energy, more of it will come to you. You cannot force it. Relax, use your gift to help others and your gift will increase.

Love and Light
lost999 (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-05)
revsilverson thanks for the info, Everything I experience does just happen on its own I have no control over it and its like if this gift is under its own control, I try many times to see if I tap into this git to make it a part of my life.

But its just not working out for me, I am 100% sure I can make things happen in the future if I only learn how to tap into this gift, If anyone here knows what I have to or can do to tap into this gift please let me know.
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-05)
you have very powerful psychic gifts. The story about your aunt eating your cake was very funny to read! You are not crazy you have the ability to know the future (premonitions) and the ability to project yourself (your spirit) into another place. Like when you saw your wife many miles away. I can sometimes see the people on this site and where they live.
I don't use the word karma because I don't believe in reincarnation but I do use the words "what goes around comes around" meaning if we do something negative to someone else, it will come back to us. When you have a negative attitude negative things will happen to you or others around you and when you have a positive attitude- good things happen! I try very very hard not to get angry but I am only human and it happens sometimes but it reminds me I am here, now, to heal others and make their lives better. With more experience you will most likely come to enjoy your gifts. But try and be sensible- our gifts do scare other people sometimes. Use your gifts to help others. That's the best advice I can give you.

Love and Light

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